Bali Kratom is one of the most popular strains on Buy Kratom Bulk USA. To cater to the demand, the Kratom strain is available in different colors and product forms.

Although the name doesn’t sound too strange as most Kratom strain names represent the region where they are grown, it’s actually quite deceiving. Don’t worry, though. We’re only talking about the name.

Bali Kratom grows in the Sumatran and Bornean forest, but the strain got its name from the region (Bali) where it’s been exported from. Grown in Sumatra, the Kratom powder is shipped to the world via Bali port. As this particular strain grows in high rainfall regions, there are different colors on offerings.

You can get Bali Kratom leaves in all the major colors – Red, Green, Yellow, White, etc. Moreover, these leaves have a high concentration of alkaloids. However, slight variation in concentration level attributes to different Kratom colors.

On Buy Kratom Bulk USA, this particular strain is available in four Kratom colors, including green vein, gold vein, red vein, and white vein. That’s good news for Bali Kratom users who like to experiment with different Kratom colors.

Making it more interesting, you can buy Bali Kratom in two variants, i.e., powdered form and capsule form. Precisely, you have eight options to get the right amount of Bali Kratom. Rest assured, Bulk Kratom Bulk USA delivers thoroughly tested products to local and international customers.

Our products are not only high quality but also come at a reasonable price. What’s more, you get your Kratom powder or capsules delivered within a day if you live inside the US.

Let’s dig deeper into each, so you can decide which one you should choose.

Bali Kratom Powder at Buy Kratom Bulk USA

Before moving on with Bali Kratom Powder variants, it’s important to understand how each of the products is distinguished. Firstly, the color of each Kratom powder is different, but it tells more than just the appearance of the powder.

Each color has its own unique features and characteristics, owing to the concentration levels of alkaloids on the Kratom leaves. We’ll discuss it further in the below sections. But before anything, make sure you’re buying from a trusted Kratom store, such as Buy Kratom Bulk USA.

Make sure that the powder or capsule has undergone rigorous testing and declared safe for use.

Red Bali Kratom Powder

Red Bali Kratom powder, like other variants of the Bali Kratom group, is high on demand because of year-round supplies. The red color vein indicates these Kratom leaves have reached their peak size and have the perfect mix of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine in them.

These mature Kratom leaves have a low level of impurities. Hence their powdery form maintains the exact alkaloid concentration.

Buy Kratom Bulk USA always relies on trusted suppliers to import Red Bali Kratom. Each batch is tested and approved on set standards before being delivered to the customers.

Red Bali Kratom Powder is available at a reasonable price of $10 for 100 grams. But if you want to buy more, you’ll be in for a discount. For example, 500 grams is available for just $75. Moreover, wholesalers can buy up to 5kg of Red Bali Kratom for $650.

Gold Bali Kratom Powder

Gold Bali Kratom is the most delicate vein that requires special skills from the experienced Kratom growers. While there is no synthetic process involved, the red leaves require some human intervention to provide the precise amount of sunlight. This process is applied to the Red Bali Kratom leaf.

Red Kratom leaves are exposed to sunlight for extended periods, in cycles. This cyclic exposure results in chemical changes owing to the change in alkaloids’ concentration levels—eventually, the red color changes to gold.

Being one of the best Kratom vendors 2020, we stock a sufficient amount of Bali gold powder to cater to high demands. Moreover, at Buy Kratom Bulk USA, you can buy Gold Bali Kratom powder with utmost satisfaction.

Not only do you get a reasonable price – 500 grams at $60 – but also lab-tested products. Plus, we offer same-day shipping to local buyers.

Green Bali Kratom Powder

Extracted from prominent Green Bali Kratom leaves, this powder is suitable for beginners and first-timers. The green Kratom leaves exhibit high levels of the purest alkaloids, mainly Mitragynine.

After harvesting, the leaves are exposed to sunlight for a limited time period only to see off the moisture content; hence, the final product comes out as dark green powder.

We import this product from trusted Kratom producers in Sumatra and Borneo. On top of that, we ensure consistency; each batch of powder is tested on our set standards. Finally, after packing the powder in pre-tested wrapping, we deliver it at your doorstep.

Bulk Kratom Buy USA offers Green Bali Kratom Powder at a reasonable rate. The more you buy, the better it is. While 100 grams of powder are available for $20, you can buy 500 grams for just $75.

White Bali Kratom Powder

White Bali Kratom powder is extracted from the Bali Kratom leaves. These leaves have white veins indicating that they’re quite young. White color indicates that the Kratom leaves used in the process have been harvested young.

White-colored Kratom leaves possess the highest amount of alkaloids. Also, there is a probability that these leaves haven’t seen any rain since birth.

Sumatran and Bornean forests experience sufficient rainfall every year, so you need experience and agility to nip off select batches of leaves that are still young and growing, and haven’t received raindrops on their surface.

The white Bali Kratom powder is meant for beginners, and Bulk Kratom Buy USA has got bulk Kratom for sale. The rates are highly competitive, as well. You can buy the lowest quantity for just $20 and the highest (5kg) for just $650.

On purchases crossing $150, we offer a free shipping facility, but only to local US-based buyers.

Bali Kratom Capsules at Buy Kratom Bulk USA

Kratom Capsules are meant for those Kratom enthusiasts who are not into Kratom powder. It’s obviously the same thing with added convenience. If you’re concerned about quality, don’t worry.

Not only do we lab-test each batch, but the ingredients used for encapsulation are also tested, making sure they are the best that you can get.

These capsules are safe, portable, and easy to carry. You can buy 500 capsules (250 grams) for just $60, but if you want more, you’ll be in for more discount.

Red Bali Kratom Capsules

Red Bali Capsules possess Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine as main ingredients. These capsules deliver calculated concentration levels of alkaloids, unlike the powder form. Moreover, there is less chance of impurities mixing up with the powder.

Gold Bali Kratom Capsules

Gold Bali Kratom Capsules contain Gold Kratom powder in them. If you’re keen about getting the right amounts of alkaloids, then capsules are better than the powder form.

The ingredients of these capsules undergo rigorous testing before being transported to customers. Plus, they’re easier to carry over long distances and maintain their purest form over time.

Also, Gold Bali is a very rare strain and difficult to find on other stores in the US.

White Bali Capsules

Most of the newcomers and beginners opt for White Bali Capsules as the concentration level of alkaloids in White Kratom is comparatively less than Red or Gold Bali Kratom. Furthermore, the capsule shell contains pre-tested ingredients.

Therefore, the entire capsule is safe. White Bali Kratom Capsules are high on demand, and Buy Kratom Bulk USA takes pride in delivering the product the same day.

Green Bali Kratom Capsules

Green Bali Capsules comprises harmless shells, while the Kratom ingredients contain the purest form of alkaloids. These capsules are popular among new buyers. Furthermore, they’re easier to carry along as compared to the powder form.

Why Buy from Buy Kratom Bulk USA?

Bali Kratom is high on demand, and Buy Kratom Bulk USA is actively catering to the needs of our customers. This means Kratom users have been quite satisfied with our products and customer services.

We offer a wide range of Kratom strains, colors, powders, and capsules, but that doesn’t make us trustworthy. But what makes us reliable is our keen eye on quality.

At Buy Kratom Bulk USA, we ensure the safe delivery of lab-tested products. On top of that, we ensure consistency in quality, and more importantly, the results you want. In addition, our Kratom blog acts as a top resource for learning about Kratom.


  • Red Bali Kratom

    Bali is one of those strains of Kratom which are always high in demand. And within the Bali strain, it is the Red Bali that is a particular favorite of our customers. Our Red Bali is 100% pure and sourced directly from the local growers in Bali, Indonesia..

  • Red Bali Capsules

    The Red Bali Kratom leaves have almost 30 alkaloids existing within them. This particular variety of the Kratom tree grows rapidly and gives out larger than average leaves as compared to other varieties. 

  • Gold Bali Kratom Capsules

    The Gold color on the Bali Kratom comes when the regular Kratom is very carefully, and in a calculated manner exposed to sunlight altering the photosynthesis process. The strain then adopts a prominent Yellowish-Golden shade, more aptly known as Gold Bali Kratom

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