As global awareness about the environment increases, many people prefer buying eco-friendly products or at least try to avoid products that are harmful to the environment. If you are someone who does the same and also wants to buy Kratom, you probably are wondering what does Kratom do to the environment.

Well, in this article, we will answer all your concerns. Is Kratom harmful to the environment? Is it something adding to the deforestation happening in Southeast Asia? Or is Kratom has positive effects on the rainforests and overall environment in the region?

Keep reading, and you will have all your answers.

Kratom and its Role in Southeast Asia

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Kratom is native to Southeast Asia. It is a tropical plant that needs hot and humid conditions, along with nutrient-rich soil, factors that are only unique to Southeast Asia.

As part of native culture for centuries, Kratom has a deep impact on the lives of millions in the region, especially people living in rural areas or near forests. As Kratom is getting more and more popular in the West, there is also a rise in the cultivation of Kratom trees in the region.

Now known as the money tree in the rural areas, Kratom has a pleasant effect on local farmers and the local economy when it comes to money. As the demand in the West, especially in the US rises, more and more money is flowing back to local farmers.

According to some estimates, there are more than five million Kratom enthusiasts in the US, with the US importing a great worth of yearly Kratom now. The most popular products are Kratom powder and Kratom capsules. The rise in demand is making more and more farmers, especially in Indonesia, to switch to Kratom cultivation instead of palm oil.

So what is the effect of kratom on the environment? Is more Kratom plantation a good or the bad news for the environment and the forests?

What Does Kratom Do to the Environment?

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Let us share some facts about the Southeast Asian biodiversity, environment, rainforests, and its global impact.

To start with, tropical forests are important for sustainable life on earth, no matter where you live. Interestingly, the dense rainforests in Southeast Asia make 15% of the total rainforests in the world, even when the region makes 7% of the world in terms of area.

On top of that, the region stocks more than 65% of global carbon and hosts almost 65% of the floral and faunal diversity in the world.

The point is, a positive or negative impact on the Southeast Asian environment has both short and long terms effects all over the globe.

Here is the bad news. Countries like Malaysia and Indonesia are also the major exporter of palm oil. With 44% of the total global exports, Indonesia tops the table while Malaysia ranks second. Both countries earn almost $20 billion from palm oil exports.

However, palm oil cultivation has an adverse effect on the local environment. Millions of hectares of forest were destroyed to make room for palm oil plantation. Fortunately, Kratom has a major impact on reversing the trend.

The first answer to the question of what is the effect of kratom on the environment is it is reversing the effects of deforestation. You must be wondering, how does Kratom do that?

Kratom Effects on Forests 

Kratom grows naturally in Southeast Asia and makes a natural part of local rainforests and jungle. This means when farmers grow Kratom trees, they are actually adding to the local forest area.

Second, unlike palm oil, that requires farmers to cut other trees and forest to make space for palm oil cultivation, Kratom works just fine under other larger trees. As most Kratom strains come from Indonesia, and it makes almost 95% of the total Kratom exports to the world, Kratom plantation has a major effect on both environment and the local economy.

Kratom tree grows naturally, so farmers don’t need artificial fertilizers and chemical sprays, which is the case with palm oil. In addition, Kratom is an average-sized tree with deep roots, while palm oil plants have shallow roots.

This means Kratom trees create a natural shield against soil erosion and flooding. Kratom also contributes to saving the natural habitat of local species, many of which are now at the risk of extinction.

All in all, Kratom’s major effect is the positive impact on deforestation, as it helps add to the forest footprint.

Final Words 

We are sure, you now know the answer to what is the effect of kratom on the local environment in Indonesia. When you are buying Kratom in the US from reputable brands like Buy Kratom Bulk USA, you are not only helping millions of local farmers back in Southeast Asia but also contributing to the positive impact on the environment. Visit our Kratom blog to learn more about Kratom.

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