If you are a Kratom enthusiast, you must already have an idea that Kratom is not native to the US. You simply can’t grow Kratom in North America due to the specific tropical conditions it needs. If you are new to Kratom, let us break it to you. Almost all available Kratom in the US is imported from Southeast Asia, which results in millions of dollars of yearly Kratom trade from Southeast Asia. This is where a Kratom trading company comes in. find kratom company online

Do you know US imports one-third of the total Kratom produced in the world? According to American Kratom Association, there are more than five million Kratom buyers in the US, a number which is still increasing. There is no doubt that Kratom has become immensely popular in the US in the past few years, and to meet the demands, the Kratom trading company plays a vital role.

When the US is the largest Kratom importer, Indonesia is the largest exporter, with 95% of all Kratom exports from the same country.

Indonesia is also home to the most number of Kratom strains available in the market, named after different regions within Indonesia. These include Bali Kratom, Borneo Kratom, Sumatra Kratom, Kali Kratom, Indo Kratom, and many more.

Many strains that originated from other countries, like Maeng Da Kratom, which was first cultivated in Thailand, are now grown in Indonesia as well. This is why almost every Kratom trading company working in the US has direct links to the Kratom farms in Indonesia.

However, many also import other strains from different countries like Malaysian Kratom, Thai Kratom, and Vietnam Kratom.

What is a Kratom Trading Company?

kratom's trading company in US

Most of the Kratom trading companies in the US are online stores or brands, like Buy Kratom Bulk USA, an online store, and a Kratom trading company, or in other words, Kratom importer.

Kratom trading company mostly imports Kratom from Southeast Asia and makes it available in the US. It can either sell Kratom on its own store and under its own brand name or simply sell wholesale Kratom to other vendors.

In addition, most of the trading companies have direct links to the top farms back in Southeast Asia. They make sure that these farms are also helping local farmers, along with benefits for the environment. The surge in Kratom farms back in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, has a long-lasting impact on the local environment.

The Kratom plantation has stopped fast deforestation in the region, as many farmers are now switching to Kratom cultivation from Palm Oil. As Kratom trees are a natural part of Southeast Asian jungles and rainforest, this new trend is adding back to the lost forest.

Simply put, as there are more and more Kratom trading companies in the US, with a larger trade between North America and Southeast Asia, there is a positive impact on both the local economy and environment.

Buyer’s Options

find kratom trading company

So what is a better option if you want to buy Kratom? Buying from a trading company or other sources?

Well, buying directly from a Kratom trading company makes better sense for many reasons.

First, you are getting genuine products and have access to better variety. For example, at Buy Kratom Source USA, you can have access to 13 imported and different strains of Kratom, all available in multiple vein colors, including few yellow Kratom and gold colors, which are rare.

You can read our in-depth review of Gold Bali Kratom on our blog as well.

Second, importers offer you better prices compared to third-party vendors that buy from the same Kratom trading company, add their profit margin, and then sell to buyers. This makes them expensive. This is why you will find Buy Kratom Bulk USA as an affordable option.

On such options, you also have access to a better product type range, like Kratom capsules, Kratom powder, liquid Kratom, and Kratom extracts.

We are sure you now know the answer to who sells the best Kratom? You can also read our latest blog post on the topic for a more in-depth answer.

Why Kratom Trading Company is Important?

If you want to buy affordable but quality Kratom, a top Kratom trading company is your best bet. You not only find quality Kratom at low prices on such options but also have access to a larger variety compared to third-party vendors.

As these importers import directly from the best farms back in Southeast Asia, you also get genuine products without any tempering. This is it; we are sure you now know all the important information about a Kratom trading company. To read more interesting articles about Kratom, you can always visit our Kratom blog.


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