Depending on the cultivation, processing, and drying method, the Kratom can be of different colors. Since red vein and green vein Kratom are all the rage, most people don’t know anything about yellow vein Kratom.

However, Kratom enthusiasts are not sure what brings this change in color. Most people believe that it’s a skill that only the local manufacturers and growers know about.

Apparently, when Kratom is harvested at a later time of growth and dried a certain way, it yields yellow vein Kratom. For quite a while, buyers thought that yellow vein Kratom was a white Kratom with a different drying method.

However, now we know that it is an individual variant because it doesn’t resemble white vein Kratom in its characteristics.

Origin of Yellow Kratom yellow vein kratom for sale

Kratom enthusiasts are confused and divided about the origin of yellow vein. Some say that it is formed after the red Kratom is put through a certain drying process. Others believe that it is a blend of white and green vein Kratom.

However, there is no concrete proof of where Kratom comes from. But Kratom buyers say that yellow Kratom has a different set of properties than the other three strains. 

One theory is that Kratom leaves turn yellow when they stay on the tree for too long. The Mitragyna Speciosa’s leaves normally change hue during their lifespan.

When the leaves are left on the tree for an extended period, they develop a yellow hue. That is where yellow Kratom comes from.

Contrary to popular belief, yellow vein Kratom does not come from leaves that have yellow veins. It’s the leaves’ overall surface that turns yellow.

Another theory is that manufacturers blend red, white, and green Kratom. Then, they ferment it, which results in the change of color.

However, the most commonly-accepted theory about the yellow Kratom’s origin is the different drying period and method. Some enthusiasts believe that when red vein Kratom undergoes drying for a long time, it turns yellow.

Others say that when green and white vein Kratom blend and dry for a specific duration, the result is Yellow Kratom.

Even with all these speculations, it’s hard to come to a concrete reason.

After all, these are just theories, and no one knows with full certainty where the yellow vein Kratom actually came from.

The features of the yellow vein Kratom is closer to green vein Kratom than white vein strain. Yellow vein Kratom falls in the same line as green vein strain, with a closer chemical profile.

Overall, it’s not like white vein Kratom nor as the green strain; rather, it’s somewhere in the middle.

Are Yellow Bali and Yellow Indo Kratom the Same? buy yellow vein kratom

The names of these two strains can make you think that they are the same since they come from the same country. However, this isn’t the case.

Both these strains are not the same, but their characteristics are somewhat similar. Yellow Bali is much closer to green Bali Kratom when it comes to overall properties.

Yellow Indo Kratom, on the other hand, has a higher concentration of key alkaloids compared to yellow Bali.

As for the source, both the strains come from Indonesia and are very rich in terms of quality.

Where Can You Buy Yellow Vein Kratom From? buy yellow kratom

Like all other strains of Kratom, you can buy yellow vein Kratom online and from local vendors. If you’re buying it locally, you’re at risk of ending up with poor-quality or expired products. As yellow Kratom is also rare, it is difficult to buy this Kratom strain in local shops.

On the contrary, when you buy Kratom online, you can get different varieties with superior quality.

If you take a particular preference towards Yellow vein kratom, you can even buy it in bulk. Its storage isn’t too tricky, so there’s little hazard of it going to waste due to storage conditions.

However, a common issue that enthusiasts face while buying online is the lack of availability. As most suppliers believe yellow Kratom to be similar to green vein Kratom, they don’t even stock or sell it.

Some suppliers believe that there is something suspicious about the strain’s unknown origin. Thus, they do not stock it due to this ambiguity.

Final Words

Yellow vein kratom, although a rare strain, is slowly becoming popular among Kratom enthusiasts and suppliers. Due to its new-found popularity, Kratom activists are also taking an interest in the strain.

While using this rare strain, you may even develop your theory about its source and origin. Till then, only buy it from trusted suppliers to get the best quality product. To learn more about different Kratom colors, check out our Kratom blog.

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