Kats Botanicals is often cited as one of the best kratom vendors of all time. You often see it listed along with other top kratom vendors like Golden Monk and Kraken Kratom. Although these online lists of “the best places to buy kratom” can be helpful, it’s always good to do some more research before purchasing kratom from the #1 vendor on the list.

So, is Kats Botanicals any good? Does Kats Botanicals have the best kratom for the price? What makes Kats Botanicals special?

We’ll answer all of these questions and more in our Kats Botanicals review. Keep reading for a closer inspection into the company’s website, reputation, quality control, customer reviews, available products, and more.

In this Kats Botanical Kratom review, we will discuss a vendor that has received praise from Kratom enthusiasts all over the world.

What is Kats Botanicals? The Company at a Glance

Founded in 2016, Kats Botanicals is a kratom vendor headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Ever since then, their popularity has soared, making them one of the most recognized kratom vendors online. Their “About Us” page is very thorough, highlighting their desire to provide high-quality botanicals to satisfy customers.

From the start, I’ve always believed that we’d only be successful if our customers were successful in living better lives. That belief stands today, and it’s fundamental to everything we do. – Justin Kats, Founder and CEO

They claim to prioritize safety and transparency, and they always strive to put the customer first. We really like seeing this in a company that sells an unregulated botanical. As the effort to regulate kratom continues, there are still some sketchy vendors out there on the kratom market—yet Kats Botanicals feels like a comfortable refuge. Their website makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside, which is something we really needed after feeling pretty unwelcome reviewing other kratom vendor websites (ahem, see our Krave Kratom review).

Kats Botanicals has also taken the highly important step to follow FDA guidelines for selling kratom, an unapproved botanical. Often, kratom vendors get shut down for making claims about the benefits of kratom. Kats Botanicals does not make the mistake of marketing kratom as therapeutic. Although customers may ask things like “what’s the best kratom strain,” a vendor legally cannot market any kratom as having medical benefits. If a vendor slips up and makes a medical claim or sells kratom as a dietary supplement, they can soon find themselves in trouble with the FDA.

It is thus of the utmost importance for the future of kratom that places that sell kratom follow the laws and be honest with customers. Kats Botanicals seems to understand this, stating that their values of integrity and safety are what make them stand out against the competitors.

Quality of Kratom at Kats Botanicals

Kats Botanical review

As you’ve probably guessed, one major thing that sets Kats Botanical Kratom apart from all the other kratom vendors is definitely their ethical policies. They strive for total customer transparency—they want their customers to be aware of the quality of the product they are purchasing without any doubts as to what’s in it.

The quality of Kats Botanicals is evidenced by the following:

  1. Kats Botanicals kratom is a member of the American Kratom Association and strictly follows its ‘Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This program ensures that their kratom goes through several lab tests and quality checks before it is ready for sale.
  2. Kats Botanicals kratom undergoes heat pasteurization.
  3. Kat Botanicals kratom undergoes small-batch lab testing.
  4. Kats Botanicals provides kratom lab reports for the customers.
  5. Kats Botanicals sustainably sources its kratom directly from farms in Southeast Asia, in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Myanmar.

Kats Botanicals provides a myriad of useful information on their kratom tab. They discuss the process of harvesting kratom, drying kratom leaves, lab testing, and more. They have an educational blog post with informative articles—including one that’s similar to our post Kratom Strains: Myths vs Facts.

So far, everything is looking good. But what products do they offer?

Variety of Kratom Products at Kats BotanicalsKats Botanical kratom for sale

Kats Botanicals offers a decent variety of different kratom strains for sale. They also sell a variety of other herbs, such as Ashwagandha, Elderberry, Moringa, Shilajit, Turmeric, and Valerian Root. You can even buy herbal products for dogs on their website!

Furthermore, their customer service team is willing to help customers find the best kratom strains for their preferences.

Kats Botanicals offers both popular kratom strains for sale, as well as kratom strain specialty blends.

Their best-selling kratom products include:

  • Maeng Da Kratom Powder
  • White Elephant Kratom Powder
  • Digital Buddha Kratom Powder (specialty blend)
  • Plantation Maeng Da Kratom Powder
  • Green Bali Kratom Powder
  • Spacebird Kratom Powder (specialty blend)
  • Super Green Kratom Powder
  • “The Wedge” Kratom Powder (specialty blend)

If you’re looking for variety, or you want to try unusual kratom strains, Kats Botanicals has got you covered. We really like their names for their specialty blends, which stand out from the crowd. This company clearly puts effort into its branding and creative edge.

Kats Botanical uses a range of different prices because it has different types of products available. You can buy kratom available for as little as $5 and also for $31, depending on the product you choose. Overall, we found that the prices at Kats Botanical are competitive when compared to the market rate.

Shipping and Customer Service

Kats Botanicals Coupon Codes Discount Codes

Kats Botanical provides free shipping to all its customers, except those residing in Canada. The Kratom is shipped 24-48 hours after the online payment has cleared. Refunds, returns, and cancellations are all handled through the contact form available on their site or email, making customers more likely to trust their product.

In the case of returns and exchanges, it is necessary to return the product within 30 days of purchase. Returns are not accepted if more than 80% of the original product is missing. Furthermore, they have a live chat option available on their website, and a phone number if you need to get in direct contact with them.

Kats Botanicals also has a loyalty rewards program, as well as a “refer a friend” program. These programs allow you to earn points for purchases and redeem them. You can also find Kats Botanicals discount codes online from time to time.

Kats Botanicals Customer Reviews

Is Kats Botanicals legit? Or are they more bark and less bite? One good way to tell if the company is as good as it seems is to look at customer reviews. On Trust Spot, Kats Botanicals has a 4.8/5 star rating, which is pretty good. You can find both customer reviews and product reviews there.

Overall, most of the reviews are positive. One reviewer left an honest review of Kats Botanicals, stating,

“Stellar customer service, truly impressive quality Kratom, and honest in their customer relations/interactions. A slow processing time is this rarely unique companies only flaw in my opinion to date. With that said , they more than make up for it with their VERY reasonable prices, and exquisite customer service.”

Here are some of the other points made in customer reviews, separated into pros and cons:

Pros of Kats Botanicals:

  • Offers significantly more discounts and promotions than Golden Monk
  • Offers debit & prepaid card support
  • Offers ethical supply chain
  • Offers veteran’s discount policies
  • Offers sustainability commitment
  • There are active Kats Botanicals coupon codes

Cons of Kats Botanicals:

  • Does not offer order tracking
  • Does not offer international shipping policies
  • Does not accept cryptocurrency payment

The customer service and the quality control and Kats Botanicals seem to be their biggest selling points. Some customers have been disappointed in their kratom strains for not being particularly strong. That being said, some gas stations and headshops may sell enhanced kratom without labeling it as such, and it’s better to buy kratom that has been lab-tested than to take a gamble on a product because it’s “potent.”

Kats Botanicals: The Final VerdictKats Botanical kratom Review

After writing this Kats Botanical review, we at Buy Kratom Bulk USA can definitely recommend Kats Botanicals as one of the best kratom vendors out there, as they tick all the boxes required to be a brilliant kratom vendor. It’s an especially convenient place to buy kratom if you’re also interested in buying other botanicals or Ayurvedic herbs.

If you’re interested in buying high-quality kratom in bulk from a brand with shared values, you may want to check out our kratom capsules for sale and our kratom powders. To try a new stain, free to check out our in-house kratom blends, even though they don’t have as cool of names as “Spacebird” or “The Wedge.” Kats Botanicals.


I began writing kratom articles due to my interests in science, philosophy, and health—and my dedication to fighting misinformation. My writing process involves reading and citing kratom studies, following the latest kratom news and policies, and questioning bias. I am a proponent of public health, freedom of speech, and science-based decision-making.


I began writing kratom articles due to my interests in science, philosophy, and health—and my dedication to fighting misinformation. My writing process involves reading and citing kratom studies, following the latest kratom news and policies, and questioning bias. I am a proponent of public health, freedom of speech, and science-based decision-making.

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