While there are many places to buy kratom, finding a vendor that sells the best kratom capsules, kratom powder, and kratom extracts aren’t so straightforward. Every kratom vendor touts itself as being high-quality—how can you know for certain where to buy the best kratom?

Many people looking to buy cheap kratom that’s also good buy kratom wholesale in bulk online, but since there are many places to buy cheap kratom, how can you know if it’s not only affordable but quality kratom?

To help you narrow down your search, let’s take a look at one of the more popular places to buy kratom for low prices—Herbal RVA Speciosa. In our Herbal RVA Speciosa review, we’ll look at their website and company reputation, varieties of kratom for sale, quality, prices, and customer reviews. Is Herbal RVA kratom good? How does Herbal RVA Speciosa compare to the top kratom vendors? Let’s get rolling.

What is Herbal RVA? The Company at a Glance Herbal RVA Speciosa kratom brand review

The first thing we looked at in our review of Herbal RVA Speciosa is the kratom vendor’s company origins, background, and website appearance.

Before we even opened the kratom seller’s website, the first thing we noticed was how bad they look in Google’s search results. Their website name pops up, and underneath it says, “No information is available for this page.” Now, this looks sketchy, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that Herbal RVA kratom is bad. They simply may not have a dedicated website design team.

The rest of their website could also use some work. It’s really basic and not formatted that well. More importantly, their website doesn’t supply any information on their company. Looking elsewhere, we discovered that Herbal RVA Speciosa is based in Mechanicsville, Virginia, among the Chikominy swamps. Herbal RVA was established in 2016, which is promising.

Given their close connection to nature, it’s no surprise that Herbal RVA also offers other herbal products for sale, including herbal tea like matcha, homemade herbal soap, and scented candles. They do not list kratom for sale anywhere unless you type “speciosa” (the second part of the kratom tree’s scientific name) into the search bar.

We’re not sure why Herbal RVA chose to hide their kratom products, and this doesn’t help kratom overcome its image, but the reason for this could again come down to poor web management. After searching for “speciosa,” you find Herbal RVA’s selection of kratom capsules and extract kratom capsules for sale.

During this Herbal RVA Speciosa Review, we came across the information that the brand also offers 24-hour delivery on orders within the US, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee. Other than that, there is nothing impressive about the online store. At least, their website design is too basic, with hardly any information about the company or even their products.

Who Are Herbal RVA Speciosa?

Well, all we know is that the brand is based in Mechanicsville, VA, but other than that, there is not much information about their origins.

During this Herbal RVA Speciosa Review, we came across the information that the brand also offers 24 hours delivery within the US, as well as a 30-days money-back guarantee. Other than that, there is nothing impressive about the online store. At least, their website design is too basic, with hardly any information about the company or even their products.

Types of Kratom for Sale at Herbal RVA Speciosa

Herbal RVA Speciosa has gained a following for its wide number of kratom strains for sale. While they offer 22 different kratom strains for sale in powder form, they’re not easy to find. You can easily find their kratom capsules for sale, but to find their kratom powder strains, you need to select “Four-Way Split” to buy 1 kilo of kratom powder in your choice of four kratom strains.

Herbal RVA Speciosa’s kratom products for sale include the following:

  • Green Maeng Da Kratom Capsules
  • Red Maeng Da Kratom Capsules
  • White Maeng Da Kratom Capsules
  • Kratom Extract Capsules
  • Four-way split kratom variety powder

The only option to buy kratom powder requires customers to pick four different bags of kratom, adding up to a kilo. That being said, they offer many kratom strain varieties to choose from. Some of their types of kratom strains for sale (which they call “herbal tea” rather than “kratom”) include:

  • Super Green kratom (but they call kratom “herbal tea,”)
  • Premium Maeng Da kratom
  • Red Hulu kratom
  • Red Borneo kratom
  • Yellow Maeng Da kratom
  • Gold Bali kratom

Herbal RVA offers a unique selection of kratom strains that are harder to find elsewhere, including:

  • Red Stem and Vein kratom
  • Super Green #2 kratom
  • Red Ketapang kratom
  • Yellow Jongkong kratom
  • Royal Bentuangie kratom.

They even offer crushed kratom leaves for sale: Green Crushed Herbal Tea and Red Crushed Herbal Tea.

Herbal RVA also focuses on its other herbal products and herbal teas for sale, including turmeric tea, matcha tea, organic herbal candles, moringa, ginger powder, moringa, and other herbal incense powders. They don’t offer a wide variety of herbal products for sale, but if they’re high quality, they may wish to specialize.

It looks like they keep changing their product lines. Maybe in a few weeks or months, they may offer more kratom quantity options for sale. Until then, if you want to buy more than one kilo of kratom at a time, or buy kratom powder in a variety of quantities, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

What About Herbal RVA Speciosa Prices?

The average cost of one kilo of kratom (1,000g) is $140–$170. So Herbal RVA Speciosa is a highly competitive place to buy cheap kratom online.

The average cost of kratom capsules is  $30–$40 for 15 capsules. At Herbal RVA, you can buy kratom capsules for way cheaper: it will only cost you $19 to buy 100 kratom capsules.

Lastly, Herbal RVA’s kratom extract capsules for sale are also pretty cheap. You can buy kratom extract capsules in a 3-count for $10. Although this is a lot for only three capsules, it’s way better than prices we’ve seen in other kratom vendor reviews (we found in our review of Royal Kratom kratom that a 3-count of their Black Diamond kratom capsules cost $83.95!).

If you look at the vendor’s prices for their other herbal products, they’re also pretty affordable. You can buy incense powder (3oz) for only $9, which is really cheap.

RVA Kratom Shipping Policies

rva kratom

One thing that surprised us is that no shipping policies have been mentioned on the RVA Kratom website. Though, based on every RVA Kratom review on the internet, shipping can take 10+ days in some instances. In case you have ordered a proprietary strain, shipping can further be delayed to 15 days (this depends on the availability of the strain).

This delay in shipping may not be a deal-breaker. But it can certainly be a problem in case you are looking for urgent deliveries. Luckily, kratom for sale at many well-reputed stores such as ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’ is delivered rather quickly.

Feedback About Herbal RVA Speciosa

During this Herbal RVA Speciosa Review, we concluded that the average feedback about the brand is average. Also, the feedback is not easy to find, which means they are not popular among the Kratom community. Their confusing and sketchy-looking website might be the cause for this.

Despite their hard-to-find kratom for sale online, Herbal RVA has a strong media presence on Facebook and Instagram. The company has a sizable following on social media and online kratom forums.

On the Kratom Reddit forum, kratom enthusiasts generally have good reviews of Herbal RVA Speciosa. Some members said that Herbal RVA sells some of the best unique kratom strains. Many consider Herbal RVA’s best kratom strain to be Royal Bentuangie. Others stand by their popular kratom strains, such as the company’s Green Maeng Da kratom, which they say is great quality kratom for a cheap price.

So, in spite of having website troubles, it appears that you can buy good cheap kratom from Herbal RVA. They even offer rare kratom strains for sale that you may struggle to find elsewhere, similar to our in-house kratom strains for sale.

How to Contact Herbal RVA Speciosa

In case you want to contact the company, you can use their email, phone, or mailing address. As mentioned earlier, there is not much info available about their Kratom products. So it might be best to contact their support to learn more about the availability of kratom in their store.

If you want to give it a try, here are more details:


Phone contact: 804-543-9461

Mailing address: Jonathan Fisher

PO Box 2011

Mechanicsville VA 23116

We haven’t contacted them, but we would like to know if Herbal RVA kratom is lab-tested and if they have any on file for customers to access. This would help them gain customer trust, along with changes to their website.

The Final Verdict: Herbal RVA Kratom

Herbal RVA Speciosa seems like a good kratom vendor, so they have no reason to come across as sketchy, and we hope they improve this. Herbal RVA is a vendor that seems committed to providing good herbal products for sale at low prices. Kratom tea, after all, is a form of herbal tea—though their product descriptions are weak, they have knowledge of kratom.

Kratom vendors have to be really careful about the words they use when describing kratom since it’s not approved by the FDA. Maybe Herbal RVA decided to keep it simple to avoid trouble. We can’t blame them, but we’d like to see them start even a small kratom blog (such as our kratom info blog) to provide education on kratom science, news, and other fact-based articles to fight misinformation. We’d also like to see them include kratom lab tests to verify their alkaloid contents, especially in their unique strains.

Considering all the factors that we have discussed in this Herbal RVA Kratom review, we can conclude that this vendor is a good place to buy quality kratom for cheap prices.

If quality is your main priority and not the price, you may want to check out our article that talks about how to buy the best quality kratom.

The Need for Kratom Vendor TransparencyHerbal RVA Speciosa kratom brand review

It’s always disappointing when we find a good kratom vendor online who comes across poorly. We really hope that Herbal RVA fixes their website soon to avoid adding to kratom’s reputation in an unintentionally negative way.

Since kratom isn’t regulated on a national level (although fortunately, some states have passed legislation to regulate kratom for consumer protection), many new kratom stores have popped up, and some places that sell kratom are scams. The worst places to buy kratom mislead customers, sell low-quality kratom, or lack accurate product descriptions.

To learn more about what to look for when deciding where to buy kratom, check out our other kratom brand reviews. It’s a good idea to support the kratom companies that are dedicated to customer transparency, good manufacturing processes, and providing the best kratom at good prices.



I began writing kratom articles due to my interests in science, philosophy, and health—and my dedication to fighting misinformation. My writing process involves reading and citing kratom studies, following the latest kratom news and policies, and questioning bias. I am a proponent of public health, freedom of speech, and science-based decision-making.


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