As kratom becomes more and more popular in the USA, it’s no surprise that so many eager entrepreneurs have started businesses to sell the herb. Now that kratom is more widely available, kratom enthusiasts are faced with a choice—they want to find out about the best places to buy kratom, the best kratom brands, and the top kratom vendors. If you’re looking to buy kratom, you have every right to be picky—not all kratom vendors are equal in terms of quality, customer service, transparency, and reputation.

Although Earth Kratom is a relatively new kratom vendor, the company has gained a lot of attention. Since it’s always good to research kratom vendors before you buy, you might want to know, is Earth Kratom good? Here’s our vendor review of Earth Kratom; the pros, the cons, and how it compares to the best kratom vendors.

This Earth Kratom Review is based on information that we have acquired through the brand’s official website and authentic customer reviews on the internet.

What is Earth Kratom? The Company at a Glance

Earth Kratom is a rather new kratom brand with an impressive range of products. Despite being launched quite recently (in 2017), Earth Kratom has already established itself as a recognizable name amongst kratom enthusiasts.

When a new kratom vendor appears, it’s important to research the company’s history. Like the CBD industry, the kratom market has grown rapidly due to entrepreneurial interests—as opportunists, many of these new vendors don’t have the same knowledge or quality standards as well-established vendors.

That being said, Earth Kratom is not entirely new to the kratom industry. The brand is an offshoot of MBBR Distribution, a company based in Myrtle Beach that has offered kratom for sale since 1999.

When Earth Kratom launched, its parent company MBBR Distribution pursued an aggressive advertising campaign to raise awareness for their new kratom brand. The campaign appears to have been successful—shortly after its launch, Earth Kratom gained name recognition with kratom buyers across the nation.

The primary buyer base for Earth Kratom is wholesale clients. This is why you can readily find the brand’s products in headshops and smokeshops. While many Kratom enthusiasts try to avoid buying headshop kratom brands, not all retail kratom suppliers provide low-quality or overpriced products. Is that be the case for Earth Kratom? Let’s examine the evidence, starting with their products and prices.

What Products Does Earth Kratom Offer?

Earth Kratom review

After a few hours looking at the brand’s official website, we’ve come up with a list of its types of kratom products for sale. You can buy kratom in an impressive assortment of product lines that include:

  • Kratom powder
  • Kratom capsules
  • Kratom liquid extracts
    • Kratom Beyond Extract Liquid (16ml bottle)
    • Bali Kratom Extract Liquid (12ml bottle, 10-pack 12ml)
    • Kratom Extract Liquid (12ml)

They also deal in a wide range of kratom strains that include:

  • Maeng Da Kratom (Red, White, and Green)
  • Trainwreck Kratom Blend
  • Red Hulu Kratom
  • Green Hulu kratom
  • Red Bali Kratom
  • White Borneo Kratom
  • Green Borneo Kratom
  • Green Vietnam Kratom
  • Green Malay Kratom

Note: As a new buyer, it is important to remember that different kratom strains strain has unique alkaloid profiles. Before buying, doing some research will help you in making an informed decision.

For kratom enthusiasts and store owners who are willing to buy kratom bulk, Earth Kratom offers bulk kratom to individual buyers as well as wholesale kratom for kratom retailers and small businesses. According to their website, Earth Kratom offers the following benefits with their wholesale kratom: high margin pricing, promotional material for your store, and fast shipping.

To test their packaging during our Earth Kratom review, we ordered one back of the 100g Red Bali Kratom Powder and the 150ct Red Bali Kratom Capsules. Both of these cost us $34.99 each. The products arrived in decent and safe packaging. With that, both the packs were fully airtight (which we believe is critical for maintaining the freshness and quality).

For customers who have inquiries or concerns, the brand also offers very proactive customer support via email and phone. Though, the customer support staff is only available from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm (EST) during working days.

Earth Kratom Price Review

Earth Kratom review kratom

Compared to other newer kratom vendors, Earth Kratom sells cheaper kratom powders than many other online kratom stores. For instance, 30 g of Red Bali Kratom Powder by Earth Kratom costs only $12.99 whereas a 100 g pack costs $34.99. The 1 kg pack tops at $129.99, a decent price for such a high amount of kratom.

Their capsules, however, are slightly more expensive. A pack of 1 kg Red Bali Kratom Capsules costs $199.99 which is 70$ higher than kratom powder of the same weight. In comparison, if you were to buy kratom capsules online at Buy Kratom Bulk USA, our 1kg Red Bali Kratom Capsules for sale cost $195 which is $4.99 lesser than Erath Kratom.

Because many kratom brands charge up to $25 for 30 grams, their prices are within a reasonable range.

What Do the Customers Say?

If you look up Earth Kratom Review on the internet, you will come across several forums where customers have readily expressed their views. While there are a few complaints about Earth Kratom’s prices, customers seem to have mixed views about this brand. 

The first thing that some customers worry about is that Earth Kratom’s Bali was called out by the FDA in 2018 for the kratom salmonella outbreak. Since 2018, there haven’t been any reported problems with any of their products, so it could have been a one-time issue.

Although Earth Kratom’s prices are low, some customer reviews cite the brand as overpriced for the product quality. ly disappointed” by Earth Kratom. One Redditor said that buying from Earth kratom is convenient, but that the quality can be hit or miss. Other reviews are skeptical about Earth Kratom’s quality given its low prices and general lack of information on its website.

Some reviewers said that Earth Kratom’s liquid kratom was good, although Earth Kratom doesn’t list the strength ratio of its extracts. In general, buyers tend to be satisfied with the quality of their capsules, but regret that the price is so high for them.

The Bottom Line

Wrapping up our Earth Kratom Review, we would say that the brand is probably a good choice, but it is not one of the best places to buy kratom. It seems that buyer reception, in general, is lukewarm—Earth Kratom has an impressive variety of strains at affordable prices, but the quality isn’t amazing. 

Since it is a relatively new brand, we can only expect Earth Kratom to adapt to buyer reviews and further and improve its quality control in the upcoming years. We would like to see Earth Kratom offer more information on their company, products, processes, and community involvement. They could benefit from an educational blog to fight kratom misinformation.

If you are planning to buy kratom wholesale for higher quality kratom at low prices, here at Buy Kratom Bulk USA, our company is known for its fresh kratom and dedication to informing the public on kratom. Our consistent quality comes from our close relationship with our direct kratom source—the farmers in Southeast Asia who harvest kratom. This allows us to be completely transparent about our kratom alkaloids and the age of our products.

For more kratom reviews, and information on where can I buy kratom near me?—check out our kratom blog section. In our blog, we review the best kratom brands, the most overrated places to buy kratom, in-depth information on what is kratom, and more interesting kratom facts.

I began writing kratom articles due to my interests in science, philosophy, and health—and my dedication to fighting misinformation. My writing process involves reading and citing kratom studies, following the latest kratom news and policies, and questioning bias. I am a proponent of public health, freedom of speech, and science-based decision-making.


I began writing kratom articles due to my interests in science, philosophy, and health—and my dedication to fighting misinformation. My writing process involves reading and citing kratom studies, following the latest kratom news and policies, and questioning bias. I am a proponent of public health, freedom of speech, and science-based decision-making.


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