General Nutrition Center, abbreviated as GNC, is a US-based multinational retail company that sells nutrition and health-related products such as supplements, herbs, energy products, vitamins, and minerals. As per 2018 stats, it had close to 17000 employees working in 8,400 stores out of which 6,200 stores were located in the US. As a popular retailer that sells a variety of products including herbal ones, people often ask us this question: “can you buy kratom at GNC?”

In this brief article, we will not only answer the question “can you buy kratom at GNC” but we will also tell if there are any better alternatives to buy kratom. This kratom blog series is also aimed to increase the general knowledge of the masses about kratom. So let’s find out if the GNC offers any kratom for sale.

Can You Buy Kratom at GNC?

Can you buy kratom at GNC

The short answer is: No. You cannot buy kratom at GNC because they don’t keep it on their inventory. There are multiple big and small reasons for it and we will discuss them a bit later in the article. But this is also a fact that there are more than five million regular kratom buyers in the US alone, all of them buying their preferred kratom strains recurrently. And this demand is increasing with each passing day. GNC probably wouldn’t mind getting a big chunk of the profit-pie. So what are the reasons because of which you cannot buy Kratom at GNC?

Kratom is Legal But Misunderstood

People ask “can you buy kratom at GNC?” and are surprised to find that they cannot. This is because kratom is highly misunderstood. Some people that don’t know enough about this completely natural herb thing of kratom as some artificial synthetic substance. Instead, kratom is 100% natural as it is obtained from Mitragyna Speciosa trees that grow in Southeast Asian regions.

Can you buy kratom at GNC

Despite this, there are common misunderstandings about kratom since FDA tried to put a ban on kratom in US. They argued that a ban on kratom is necessary as they considered it to be belonging to the same category as schedule-I drugs. The drive to put a ban on kratom remained unsuccessful and it is still legal to sell, purchase, and possess kratom products in the US except for a few states and counties. GNC simply wants to avoid any potential lawsuits resulting from selling kratom products to their customers. To know more about it, you can read our article about Kratom ban in the US.

Perceived Risk Associated With Future of Kratom

GNC is a big corporate firm that has thousands of retail stores in the US and worldwide. They perceive kratom as being uncertain in terms of its future legal status. Therefore, to avoid bearing the costs of managing their inventory and wasting kratom worth millions of dollars in the supply chain, they have decided not to keep it.

So, with regard to your question “can you buy kratom at GNC”, the answer is “no, you cannot”. However, we will give you the best alternative method to buy kratom.

Kratom for Sale Online

In today’s world, it is most advisable and safest to buy kratom online. A good quality kratom brand offers all the kratom strains including kratom capsules and kratom powder. Buy Kratom Bulk USA is your trusted kratom brand that has all the kratom strains available in each kratom color variation.

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