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This Kratom strain became the staple of the local tribes who were the masters of the art of growing and harvesting Kratom. Since then up till today, the popularity of this strain has only seen an upward surge.

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Super Indo Kratom Capsules

Kratom products with the title of “super” are known for being more potent than typical kratom strains and are a popular choice for kratom users. These products are made using the largest leaves from the kratom trees and will undergo an extended drying process to increase their potency. The Super Indo undergoes this process and is well received in the kratom community. 

Super Indo- Strain Overview

Super kratom also comes from the Mitragyna speciosa tree like other kratom products. The Super Indo kratom strains are made using the largest leaves from the kratom trees. These leaves are known to have the highest levels of alkaloids present. The higher concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine are the components that make kratom products popular. The leaves of the kratom trees are washed and dried before being sealed in airtight containers and shipped to the US for processing. First, the leaves are tested for purity and then are crushed into a fine powder. The Super Indo is made from a blend of kratom strains to increase its potency. The powders can then be placed into capsules for use. 

What is Super Indo Kratom?

Strain names come from where the kratom is grown and the vein that is used to make the kratom. The “super” of Super Indo indicates that it is a blended strain that has been allowed to dry for longer periods and has an increased potency compared to other strains. The Super Indo is a blended strain and mainly includes green-veined kratom but can also contain red or white-veined. This particular strain of kratom leaves is grown across Indonesia. The tropical climate makes for the ideal growing bed for the kratom trees to flourish and produce large leaves. 

Why Purchase From Us?

Buy Kratom Bulk is an industry leader in the kratom industry. When choosing a kratom vendor you need to feel safe in the products that you are receiving and trust the seller. You should look for a vendor that performs testing. Kratom should be fresh and be 100% pure kratom. While some companies may have chemical additives or preservatives, we would rather provide fresh and authentic kratom products. We perform vigorous in-house testing to ensure there are not any additives, pesticides, or contaminants. 

At our factories, we follow Best Management Practices to strive for continuous improvement and excellent customer service. We want to ensure that you remain happy with our products and are constantly working to better ourselves for our customers.

Buying Super Indo Kratom Capsules

Super Indo Kratom capsules offer kratom powders in a convenient and portable form. There is no need for measuring the powders as each size 00 capsule contains 1 gram of kratom powder. When choosing kratom capsules you have the option to purchase in quantities of 250, 500, 750, or 1000-gram sizes. Buying in bulk allows for saving on shipping and handling costs that are passed down to you. 

Similar Strains

When wanting to explore other kratom options you may consider the strains that we have listed below.

Super Malay

Those that enjoy the Super Indo may also enjoy the Super Malay. Using a similar green-veined kratom and larger leaves, this kratom strain is grown across Malaysia. It is also known for potency as it includes larger leaves and extended drying times. 

Maeng Da

If you enjoy potent strains yet want to try something other than a “super” strain, the Maeng Da is a strain that is known for potency. It translates from Thai as “pimp grade” and is made using a specialized grafting technique. This makes it more potent than normal strains of kratom. It comes in white, green, or red to allow you to choose based on what you are looking for in your kratom products. 

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