Super Green Elephant Capsules


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Super Green Elephant Kratom Capsules

For those who seek the most unique and potent kratom strains, the Super Green Elephant may be a great option for you. Using a blend of kratom strains and only the largest of kratom leaves, this strain is known for not only being potent but also a popular choice. 

Super Green Elephant Kratom- Strain Overview

The Super Green Elephant Kratom is unlike most other strains on the market. Whereas most kratom strains get their names from where they are grown and the vein of kratom used, the Super Green Elephant is slightly different. This particular strain uses a blend of green-veined kratom and other vein colors. This blend makes the kratom “super” and increases the potency. This strain contains higher than average, for a green strain, of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These are the alkaloids that make kratom products so popular. 

What is Super Green Elephant Kratom?

Super Green Elephant kratom is a blended kratom of green-veined kratom with other strains. This makes the kratom have a higher potency, and thus the prefix super. As the name suggests, it uses a green-veined kratom. These leaves are picked when the vein down the middle of the leaves are a green color, indicating they are in the middle of their growing cycle. Once the leaves reach the midpoint in their growing, the largest leaves are used for elephant kratom. The strain names come from the larger leaves that are used to make these kratom products. The larger leaves contain higher amounts of alkaloids and contribute to its name. 

The Super Green Elephant kratom is grown across Southeast Asia. Unlike other kratom strains which are harvested from a specific region and give it their name, the Super Green Elephant can be grown across tropical climates and gets its name from the type of leaves used, the blended kratom, and the green-veined kratom.

Why Purchase from Buy Kratom Bulk USA?

Buy Kratom Bulk USA is pleased to only provide our customers with 100% pure kratom products. Through strict quality control and in-house testing, we ensure that our products are free of pesticides, contaminants, and other chemical additives. 

When you are choosing a kratom vendor, you want to ensure that you trust your vendor to have tested and fresh products. Having products that are tested ensures that you are only getting pure kratom products without additives. Rather than use preservatives, we provide fresh products for our customers.

Buying Super Green Elephant Kratom Capsules

Purchasing from Buy Kratom Bulk USA allows you to take advantage of our in-bulk pricing. We can pass savings in decreased shipping costs through less frequent and larger order sizes. This helps you to have a product on hand, requires less ordering, and run out of kratom less. For those that are looking to try a new strain or pick a variety, you can also purchase in smaller individual sizes. 

We offer our Super Green Elephant kratom capsules in 250, 500, 750, 1000 count 1-gram capsules.

Similar Strains

Super Green Malay

For those that enjoy the super strains of kratom, the Super Green Malay is another type of kratom that you may enjoy. It features the same blended type of kratom as the Super Green Elephant and the same green-veined kratom. This particular strain originates from Malaysia and is a popular choice for kratom users. 

Super Green Indo 

Another popular super strain of kratom is the Super Green Indo. This strain features a blend of green-veined kratom and comes from Indonesia. It offers many of the same features as the Super Green Elephant with distinct qualities that come from being grown in Indonesia such as unique flavonoids. 

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