Super Green Elephant Capsules

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The Super Elephant Kratom is, for a long time now, one of the most “in-demand” kratom products we have in our inventory. But the fact that we are proud of is that we have consistently maintained the quality of this kratom product despite the spike in its demand. 



Super Elephant Kratom Capsules

The Super Elephant Kratom comes from Kratom trees which are known to have unusually larger leaves, as compared to those of any other Kratom variety.  Actually about 5 to 10 times bigger, which gives this strain its rather interesting name: Super Elephant Kratom. The name caught up as some say that the leaves look like a miniature version of Elephant ears.

When it comes to the quality of Kratom, it is all about the leaves. As the size of the Super Elephant Kratom leaf is larger than average, resultantly it has more concentrations of the key alkaloids. Two of the main Alkaloids comprising about 80% of the total by volume are Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine.

The core characteristics of the Super Elephant Kratom powder has made it an extremely popular strain presently in the US Kratom market. Despite it being grown in abundant quantities in the Southeast Asian regions, the demands are typically outweighing the supplies. Today, most of the Super Elephant Kratom products being sold by online sellers are either not “pure”, or in some cases, not Elephant at all. This sorry state of affairs is a result of the sharp spike in demand for this strain over the past few years. Since the demand is high, and supply is limited, some vendors have been dodgy with their customers about the quality of the kratom they sell.

We, at, are proud of the fact that our Kratom extract is of the best quality and highest standards. No pesticides are used on the trees or leaves. The grinding and packaging processes are carried out with utmost care of hygiene and cleanliness. The encapsulation procedure follows all the best safety and health standards to make sure that our customers are best served in every way.

Place your orders with us and get Super Elephant Kratom Capsules in regular or bulk quantities and benefit from our competitive prices.

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