Green Sumatra Capsules


The Green vein leaves of Sumatra Kratom are still young when they are harvested to be dried and crushed. The alkaloid concentration is not as much as its white and red counterparts, but it has its own charisma.

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Green Sumatra Kratom Capsules

Green Sumatra kratom capsules offer kratom users a stable alkaloid profile with the distinct flavonoids that are from the Sumatra region. The Green Sumatra is a well-known and loved strain for new and returning users. 

Green Sumatra Kratom- Strain Overview

Green Sumatra kratom is a strain that is made using green-veined kratom from the Sumatra region. It offers users a balanced alkaloid profile. This strain contains a diverse alkaloid content including mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine which are the components that give kratom products their popularity. The Green Sumatra offers users a pleasant strain with great traits from the Sumatra region combined with a robust green-veined kratom. 

What is Green Sumatra Kratom?

Green Sumatra kratom is made using green-veined kratom leaves. These leaves are harvested in the middle of the leaf’s life cycle. The vein down the middle of the leaf will transform from white to a green color and this is when farmers know the leaves are ready to be harvested.

The alkaloids at this point are more developed than the white-veined kratom. These leaves are harvested in tropical Sumatra, an island in Indonesia. The climate here features frequent rainfall, diverse tropical surroundings, and warm weather.

This lets the trees thrive in their natural lands while farmers tend to the groves of trees. The Sumatra region offers a unique balance of flavonoids for the trees and passes them along to the kratom users.

Why Purchase From Us?

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Buying Green Sumatra Kratom 

When you purchase from Buy Kratom Bulk, you can take advantage of our bulk pricing. This saves you money on the products, the shipping, and handling and allows you to place less frequent orders. You won’t run out of products or have to order as often. You save money and have your products on hand. We offer our kratom products in larger bulk sizes and smaller individual sizes so that you can choose which works best for you. Whether you are stocking up on a favorite or trying something new, we can help you. We offer our Green Sumatra Indo capsules in 250, 500, 750, and 1000 count bags.

Kratom Capsules

Green Sumatra capsules offer kratom in a portable, on-the-go form without the need to measure out the powder. Each size 00 capsule offers 1 gram of kratom powder. 

Similar Strains

Below we have listed out some strains the you may be interested in if you are a fan of Green Sumatra.

Sumatra Kratom 

The Sumatra kratom comes in all three colors. The White Sumatra uses a white-veined kratom from the region so you will have a lower alkaloid content but it will possess all the favorite traits from the Sumatra region that you love. Red Sumatra is created from red-veined kratom leaves that are left until peak maturity, and has a very robust alkaloid profile.  

Green Borneo Kratom

The island of Borneo is a close neighbor to Sumatra. This region has its flavor profile for kratom products and is known to be enjoyable. The Green Borneo also uses the green-veined kratom and allows you to try something similar to the Green Sumatra. 

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