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Green Dragon offers users a unique blend of green-veined kratom strains grown across Southeast Asia. This particular strain is made by blending several green-veined kratom strains to create a higher potency product. 

Green Dragon Kratom- Strain Overview

Green Dragon Kratom is unlike many other strains of kratom as it doesn’t contain a singular strain of kratom. This strain uses a blend of green-veined kratom leaves that are harvested across the tropical regions of Southeast Asia and mixed. This creates a powder that has more alkaloids. Whereas many kratom strains get their name from the vein of kratom used and where it is harvested, this kratom blend is named because of its high potency. This powder is known for being an olive-green color and has mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine contained within. 

What is Green Dragon Kratom?

Green Dragon Kratom is made from green-veined kratom. These leaves are harvested during the middle of their lifecycle and have developed a stable alkaloid content. The content is higher than that of the white-veined kratom but less than that of the red-veined kratom. Once the leaves are harvested, they are washed, dried, and shipped to the U.S. for processing. We take the leaves and crush them into a fine powder and then carefully blend the different strains. The powder can then be sold as is or placed into capsules for ease of use and convenience. Unlike other kratom strains, Green Dragon Kratom is made from different strains and gets its name from the potency of the product. 

Why Purchase from Buy Kratom Bulk USA?

Kratom vendors should be someone that you trust; who is knowledgeable about their products. Products you receive should be well tested, safe, and pure kratom. Buy Kratom Bulk USA is proud to have kratom products that are 100% pure kratom without chemical additives and contaminants. We strive to provide fresh products and do not need preservatives. Our facilities use strict quality control to make sure that you’re happy with the products you receive and Best Management Practices to improve ourselves. 

Buying Green Dragon Kratom Capsules

Green Dragon kratom can be difficult to find as it is a specialty, blended product. Buy Kratom Bulk USA has developed long-standing relationships with local farmers and keeps this strain in stock. As our name states, you can get our kratom products in bulk sizes. This equals a lower price for the products, less shipping and handling costs and you can keep your products on hand without needing frequent orders. We also offer our kratom products in smaller, more individual sizes if you are looking to try a new strain or get a variety of products. 

We offer our Green Dragon Kratom in 250, 500, 750, 1000 count 1-gram capsules. 


Kratom capsules offer a convenient, on-the-go method for your kratom product. Each kratom capsule, size 00 contains 1 gram of kratom powder. This takes away the need to measure out products and allows for ease of use. 

Similar Strains

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Green Maeng Da is a popular kratom strain. Its name translates from Thai as “pimp grade” which is based on its potency. It uses a green-veined kratom leaf and a specialized grafting technique to increase potency. Maeng Da is one of the most popular strains of kratom and is well-loved by the community. 

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Green Horned Kratom is known for being a highly potent strain of kratom. These kratom leaves are allowed to grow for extended periods, changing the morphology of the leaves and creating the horned shape. This makes the alkaloid content higher in the leaves as they have been left to mature for longer. 

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