What is your next step once you decide to buy Kratom? Right, to find a trusted place to make your purchase. So what are your options if you are in the US? Well, here is good news. There are plenty of options to buy Kratom from, one of which is Original Harvest Kratom. The problem is, there are so many options out there that you can’t really test and compare all available options. This is where our Kratom brand reviews come in. We make sure at the end of our reviews; you can make an informed decision about the brand/online option you want to buy your Kratom from. As part of our series of Kratom brand reviews, this time we have done a Review on Original Harvest Kratom for our valued customers.

Original Harvest Kratom Review – All You Need To Know

Our customers had long wanted us to do a review on Original Harvest Kratom. Therefore, without further ado, let’s move onto our in-depth review of Original Harvest Kratom.

Who Are Original Harvest Kratom? Review of Original Harvest Kratom

The brand review tells that this is a popular brand in North America that operates in both US and Canada. They have offices in California, the US, and Ontario, Canada. The brand has two decades of experience working in the North American market, selling trusted herbal products to their customers.

They are known for their final Kratom products as well as raw Mitragyna speciosa (that we will discuss in the products section). They deliver to both US and Canada and allows customers to pay for their orders using multiple payment methods (E-transfers, credit/debit card, Bitcoin, Wire transfer, and payment by mail).

The brand also offers 30-day money-back guarantee on its products and promises same-day delivery.

Kratom Products Offered by Original Harvest Kratom

You can find three product categories on Original Harvest Kratom. These categories include Kratom Powder, Kratom Capsules, and Kratom Leaf.

Let’s start with Kratom powder. The brand offers an impressive range of Kratom powders available in different strains and vein colors. In total, you can choose from 53 different Kratom powders.

Some of their most popular Kratom powders are listed below.

  • Horned Red Vein Kratom Powder
  • Maeng Da Red Vein Kratom Powder
  • Hulu Kapuas White Vein Kratom Powder
  • Bali White Vein Kratom Powder
  • Malaysian White Vein Kratom Powder

The next product category is Kratom capsules. During this review, we found out that you have 53 different variations to choose from.

The third product category on their store is Kratom Leaf that is basically Kratom leaf extracts. Again, you can choose from 50 different strains.

These are good options for those who want to experiment on their own with more raw Kratom. For example, if you want to create your own Kratom powder, you can buy these extracts.

The brand claims all of their Kratom strains are sourced from only the certified Kratom farms in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

What About Original Harvest Kratom Prices?

Well, when it comes to the prices, the brand is super expensive if compared to other popular brands.

Here is an example. One of their popular strains, 8 oz. (226g) of Horn Green Vein Kratom, is offered for USD 117.95. On the other hand, the same Green Horn Kratom strain is priced only USD 75 for even more quantity (250g).

It looks expensive, right?

Similarly, the prices for their leaf extracts and Kratom capsules are also high. For example, a pack of Bali Green Vein Kratom Capsule (100 capsules) is available for $19.95. In addition, the pack of Malaysian Red Vein Kratom Leaf is available for $14.95 (1 oz. pack).

On average, compared with other brands, Original Harvest Kratom is an expensive brand. However, you get your product in well-packed packages.

Online Feedback About Original Harvest Kratom

Well, when it comes to online feedback, it is all good for Original Harvest Kratom. In fact, there is a lot of positive feedback on different forums and online review websites that show it is a popular article for North American customers.

How to Contact Original Harvest Kratom

To contact the support at Original Harvest Kratom, you can either call them or send them a mail to their mailing addresses (the US and Canada). If you want to send an email, you can visit their website and fill the online form on their “contact us” page.

If you want to check out personally, here is their website link. As a more convenient option, you can browse through our in-house kratom strains for a much more comprehensive kratom collection.

Here are more details about their contact information.

Phone contact: 

1-855-550-HERB (4372)

US mailing address:

7095 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 464, Hollywood California, USA 90028

Canada mailing address:

2967 Dundas ST. West, Suite 191, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6P 1Z2

We are sure you now know everything about Original Harvest Kratom after reading this review. If you want to compare the brand with other popular options, you can also learn about other Kratom brands under our Kratom Company Reviews category. Or better still, visit our lively kratom blog section that has a big collection of kratom blogs.Original Harvest Kratom Brand Review



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