With such a wide variety on the kratom market, you’ve probably come across the OPMS brand and wondered what they are and the differences between their products. This guide will help to provide clarity on the differences between the OPMS Black vs Gold vs Silver Products so you can be more informed and know if these are the best products for you. 

OPMS Black vs Gold vs Silver

What is OPMS?

Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions (OPMS) is a kratom vendor that was one of the first and major players in the kratom markets. They began in 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia where they opened a brick-and-mortar store while beginning to imprint their large online presence. This company provides kratom products for retail locations like head shops, smoke shops, and even some convenience stores.

One of the hallmarks of OPMS products is their guarded extraction process which they describe as “high pressure/cold water” and provide few details on.  They are known for producing kratom which has high potency but often comes with a higher price tag. You’ll be paying for the brand in addition to the added costs from their protected techniques and further studies on extraction. 

OPMS Silver

OPMS offers their first variety of kratom as their Silver collection. They offer these products in powders or extracts for you to choose from. The OPMS Silver is available in the following strains: 

OPMS Silver products are made using 1x the extract of the dried, crushed kratom leaves. The 1x means that the alkaloid concentration is comparable to the strain in any powdered form yet in capsules. The capsules are available in a wide variety of sizes depending on if you order directly through OPMS or through a vendor they partner with. 

Watch out for fakes!

There are known to be many copycats for OPMS products, so they provide a three-leaf print on all their products to separate them from fraudulent counterparts. The Silver capsules currently have 3 golden leaves displayed on the front of the capsules.

Capsules vs Extracts

The Gold and Black collections of OPMS products are available in either capsules or extracts. You should have an understanding of some of the main differences between the methods.  

  • Capsules contain a loose powder that is packed and sealed. This powder is made from dried and crushed kratom leaves before being placed into a gelatin capsule. Capsules contain a precise amount of kratom powder in the contained medium and can then be taken on the go. 
  • Extracts are a more potent, liquid form that is made using an extraction process (which OPMS does not disclose- but similar vendors use extended fermentation or boiling). While these are also portable, the liquid is super-concentrated and the amounts used vary. 

It is a personal preference as to which method you use your kratom products.


OPMS Gold Kratom is one of the most popular products that OPMS provides. Unlike the Silver line, these products are provided as kratom blends rather than individual strains. The OPMS Gold utilizes a similar high pressure/cold water extraction technique to obtain the kratom powders and extracts, so they still offer the potency that OPMS products are known for. 

Unlike OPMS Silver, OPMS Gold lacks the 1x designation on their products. The Gold is known for being a higher potency level than the silver but does not provide a numerical designation as to how much more potent it is. 

The final hallmark for OPMS is the size selection. You can only find OPMS Gold capsules in sizes of 2, 3, and 5 capsules. They alternatively offer the OPMS Gold in a liquid form as well. 

Watch out for fakes!

The OPMS Gold, being one of the most popular varieties is also one of the most faked. Their current OPMS Gold capsules are printed with a three-leaf logo that is similar to the silver but is purple. 

OPMS Black

OPMS Black is the premium product line that OPMS offers. This particular blend boasts the highest alkaloid content, and therefore potency when compared to the Gold or Silver lines. Like the OPMS Gold, OPMS Black is a blended kratom strain. This means that the capsules do not contain a singular strain of kratom but a variety that they do not disclose on their website. 

The OPMS Black is provided in capsules or as an extract. The capsules are only available in 2, 3, or 5 count packages. Similar to the OPMS Gold, the OPMS Black lacks a 1x or similar designation to the kratom like their Silver line does. 

Watch out for fakes!

OPMS Black is only offered in extract or the smaller capsule sizes. All the OPMS products are stamped with their three-leaf logo. For the OPMS Black, the logo should appear as a light grey color. 

Silver vs Gold vs Black

When trying to choose which of these products to try, is a personal decision. Each line has its benefits. Some kratom users enjoy the specific strain selection and bulk sizing that the Silver collection offers. The Gold line comes with a reputation and robust blend of kratom. Finally, the Blackline has a premium status that packs potency. The important thing to look out for is to ensure you are aware of the products you are getting, who you are getting them from (especially since these are frequently faked), and that you get the right product for you.

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