It’s easier to buy Kratom, but getting a free deal isn’t. Getting a free Kratom sample pack requires you to conduct in-depth research on the Kratom strain on offer. You can’t just go for a random free Kratom sample, can you? You need to weigh the opportunities against potential threats.

So this post is all about knowing whether the free Kratom powder or capsule pack is worth going for. Let’s get started!

Do Free Kratom Samples Make Sense?

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To find the right answer to this question, let’s quickly refresh your memory regarding Kratom’s basics. This will help you identify if the free Kratom sample pack makes sense to you or not.

Here’s the Refresher

Kratom is a herb grown in Southeast Asia. It is found in abundance in the tropical forest of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, Papua Guinea, and Vietnam. This means that Kratom should be imported to the country where it sells. The Kratom vendor should have a proper import license for this purpose.

While importing Kratom, the Kratom vendor must follow all the standard operating procedures to ensure Kratom’s best quality. Moreover, the vendor should be registered and aware of the local laws.

For example, Kratom is legal in a majority of the US states, but that doesn’t make it a free commodity. So, the vendor should ensure that the free Kratom sample offer is legitimate for all the buyers.

This also applies to the local distributor. But that’s not it; there’s more to make it a safe deal.

If you’re getting the offer from any random distributor, you cannot determine whether the product is safe to use. What should you do then? That’s simple!

Let’s break it into steps.

Compliance with the State Law

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Make sure you’re above 18 years of age to buy, sell, or carry Kratom or Kratom-related products. Kratom powder, capsules, or extracts are Kratom products not meant for people below 18 years.

The Packaging

Is the free Kratom sample pack you’re getting has every information necessary to read before you try it? If you can find the following information on the product’s label, then it’s one step close to being safe:

  • Details of the ingredients used in the manufacturing of the Kratom product
  • Percentage of every component present in the product
  • If it’s a capsule, the shell should have no side effects
  • Possible side effects, if any, of using the product
  • Amount of alkaloids per serving
  • How much to consume – spoon count or capsule count – in a single serving

Often, Kratom stores don’t take extra precaution to examine all the packs. Therefore, as a buyer, you need to critically evaluate the package and see whether it’s worth going for or not.

Health Safety

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Kratom requires a suitable climate, but sometimes growers tend to spray pesticides to ensure consistent growth. The pesticides may dwell with the native alkaloids and, eventually, harm you. This is why authentic Kratom vendors make sure Kratom leaves or powders are safe. For this purpose, they hire third-party labs to test Kratom batches before stocking them.

So, always validate the product’s authenticity, especially the free Kratom sample, ensuring that it’s not harmful. Always ask for third-party reports or check for the same on the vendor’s website.

Some vendors don’t publish reports fearing misuse, but they offer 24/7 customer support. So, the best way to validate the free Kratom samples pack is to contact the company’s representative and ask for the lab reports.

Product Reviews

If the free Kratom sample offers something you’ve not bought before, the best way to learn about it is by going through product reviews. The same goes for the new online vendor – they should be authentic, have good reviews about their products, and their customer service as well.


how to get free kratom free sample

You don’t often get a free Kratom sample pack in local stores unless you get super-lucky. But even if you do get lucky, you don’t get all the precautionary information about the product.

On the other hand, online Kratom vendors and stores tend to lure customers with discounts, and special deals, such as the free kratom sample. But you won’t get it free of cost as you’ll be spending on shipping.

So, if the free-deal ticks all the boxes, all you need to consider is whether you’re ready to pay the shipping charges or not, the decision is yours!


If you haven’t tried a free Kratom sample before, you’ll surely get confused about whether to buy it or not. With the helpful information supplied above, you can easily identify its nature.

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