If you’re in the market for a kratom vendor, you’re likely looking for a trusted vendor with safe products and great reviews. With so many online options, head shops, and even convenience stores, how can you know who is providing high-quality products and being fully transparent with you?

Whole Herbs

Today we’re going to talk about a vendor called Whole Herbs who boast that they are the #1 online kratom shop. With such a bold claim, are they up to the gold standard? Or are they another shop with average products? 

Read on to find out!

Who are Whole Herbs?

Whole Herbs claims to be a large operation with the #1 sold brand in kratom. With such a big claim, they should have a big store? But in reality, they are mostly an online presence with a small brick-and-mortar store based out of Crystal City, Missouri. Their small smoke shop sits on the side of a large highway and seems to blend in with the surrounding food joints. 

Besides the small image on Google, there aren’t a lot of other details about their business. Their site lacks an ‘About Us‘ page to detail how they are, their vision, and any personal details about their business. The most concerning factor is they don’t state where their kratom comes from or who they work with to import their #1 brand. When you explore their webpage, you’ll find a blog that was last updated 2 years ago, some plain stock images, and an underwhelming amount of information about kratom and their own business. 

Are they AKA Accredited? 

The AKA is the American Kratom Association. This agency is a regulatory agency that works in the US to provide standards and guidelines for kratom vendors. Those who are AKA Accredited often are held to a high standard including but not limited to: strict testing, pure kratom, and restricting sales to children to name a few key traits. An AKA Accreditation is a gold standard in the kratom industry, or at least living up to their cornerstones.  

Whole Herbs is not AKA Accredited. They claim to uphold their own quality control measures but aren’t very specific about what that means. If you’re looking for a vendor with a trusted reputation like Buy Kratom Bulk, then you may want to look elsewhere.

Lab testing

Whole Herbs does perform lab testing on its products. They look to make sure that their kratom doesn’t contain chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria, or pesticides. This is an important note since kratom products that you purchase should be 100% pure kratom without any additives. Unfortunately, their lab results aren’t available to the public to confirm this or to see what they test for. 

Other vendors like Buy Kratom Bulk can provide the test results to you to show that they are only providing 100% pure kratom products and exactly what they test for like salmonella, pesticides, e.coli, etc. This is a great distinction to build trust with the customers. 

Whole Herbs Products

Whole Herbs provide its brand of kratom in a few specific strains in either powders or capsules. Despite claiming to have a variety, their website can be difficult to navigate, noting there were only two choices. You can find the kratom strains they keep in stock after selecting powder versus capsules. 

They carry the following strains on their site: 

  • Red Maeng Da
  • Red Bali
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Malay
  • Green Borneo
  • Green Indo
  • Yellow Indo

The limited strain selection is available in either capsules or powders. There isn’t a clear indication of how much kratom is contained in their capsules. 


Their kratom powders come in a variety of sizes to choose from. Their smallest size is 100 grams and will cost between $22.95 and $24.95 depending on the strain you select. They also offer 224 grams, 500 grams, and 1 kg sizes. The 1 kg sizes are $137.95 in price. 

If you are interested in their kratom capsules, the smallest size you can get is 120 capsules and are priced from $25.95 to $27.95 depending on the strain you choose. Their capsules come in packages of 120, 250, 500, 1000, and 1500 counts. The 1500 count packages will set you back $210.95 to $215.95 depending on the strain. 

They claim to offer bulk pricing and deals, but the page is blank with no products available. 

While these prices are okay, it is concerning to not know the amount of kratom in each of the capsules and the lack of larger sizes for their “bulk” distribution options. Moral of the story: if you’re looking to buy in bulk or get bulk prices on smaller sizes, Buy Kratom Bulk is going to be a better vendor for you as far as price per gram. 

To compare: 

Buy Kratom Bulk

  • Red Bali 1 kg = $84.99
  • Red Maeng Da 1 kg = $84.99
  • Green Maeng Da 1 kg = $84.99

Whole Herbs Kratom

  • Red Bali = $137.95
  • Red Maeng Da = $137.95
  • Green Maeng Da 1 kg = $137.95

This is a small comparison of three of the strains offered on both sites. Same strain, same size, but the price difference is major. 

Customer Feedback

When you look on the review page on Google, you’ll note they get a 5-star rating at Whole Herbs. Their 5-star rating comes from the four customers that posted reviews on Google. Their website contains small numbers as well for their product reviews. Three of their five reviews are also noted to be from 2020 with nothing recent on their page. While they all receive 5-star ratings, it adds to concern that there aren’t more positive reviews if they are the #1 kratom brand as they suggest. 

Whole Herb Coupon Codes

Despite searching, there weren’t any coupon codes to be found. Their site doesn’t offer a rewards system for return customers. They claim to have a discount if you sign up for their newsletter, but it doesn’t state the discount you’ll receive or what giving them your personal information entails. Meanwhile, all their products are listed at a “sale” price that doesn’t seem to change, leading it to appear more like a marketing hack to make it look like they are always having some kind of sale or discount on their products. 

If you’re looking to be rewarded for your return business, you may be better else with a vendor that offers points to reward you, discounts through their newsletters, or even holiday sales. The Buy Kratom Bulk point rewards are more appealing than the “sales” going on at Whole Herbs. 

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