There are dozens of kratom varieties available in the market. While some of these are pure kratom strains, others are blends that farmers and manufacturers have created with experimentation. Among these, the Red Horn Kratom has always stood out for several reasons. For most people, this is a fancy kratom variety because it is relatively rare. Hence, it is not as avidly available as other more common varieties such as Red Vein Thai Kratom.

Despite being relatively rare, this unique kratom variety is available in bulk at ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’. So, if you are planning to buy kratom, you might want to consider this option.

In this Red Horn kratom guide, we discover this variety’s origins followed by its unique qualities. Lastly, we discuss the best source where you can buy red horn kratom from.

What is Red Horn Kratom?

Red Kratom for sale

Red Horn Kratom is simply a variety of Kratom, which is a herb belonging to the coffee family. This herb comes from certain Southeast Asian countries. However, not all types of kratom are grown alike. Rather, there are several subtle differences between each type, owing to the difference in growth conditions, geographic location, and quality of seeds, farming care, and a lot more. 

As for Red Horn Kratom, this variety comes from the Borneo, Thailand. Due to the distinct environmental conditions that this region offers, it is hard to replicate the growth of Horn Kratom elsewhere.

While some farmers have successfully replicated its growth in other regions of Thailand, the authentic kratom of the Horn variety comes from Borneo alone.

Red Horn Kratom is distinguished by a horn-like structure along the edges of the kratom leaf. This difference in structure is believed to be a result of a slight mutation in the kratom plant.

With that, experts believe that the differences are not just limited to the physical appearance, but that the mutation also alters its alkaloid composition. Perhaps¸ that is what makes this kratom variety truly unique.

Is it Readily Available?

Red Horn capsules

The thing about Red Horn Kratom is that its supply is far lower in comparison to its demand. The reason for this is quite self-evident. Since Horn Kratom is avidly grown in Borneo only, its production is quite low.

However, some high-end stores such as ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’ import Red Horn Kratom from some exclusive farms in Borneo. This is one of the reasons why connoisseurs of this variety regularly purchase kratom from ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’.

Overall though, due to the less supply, veteran enthusiasts of this variety often go one step ahead to obtain it. Hence, many people are willing to pay a higher price for it.

Different Forms Of Red Horn Kratom

Kratom Red Horn powder

Now, you might be wondering, what forms is Red Horn Kratom available in. Well, this kratom variety is most commonly available in the form of kratom capsules and powders. Some specific stores also sell liquid kratom extracted from this variety.

However, for kratom extract, it usually does not matter which variety it is extracted from since extracts are an isolate of the alkaloids. And the same alkaloids are present in all Mitragyna Speciosa leaves albeit in different compositions. These alkaloids include Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine.

So, is Red Horn Kratom Worth it?

With great certainty, we say that Yes, Red Horn Kratom is worth your money. This variety has a very distinct set of qualities that you will not find in any other strain. Also, it is considered to be a luxury by many kratom enthusiasts.

Alternatives for Red Horn Kratom

Since Red Horn Kratom usually has a very controlled supply, chances are that it may not always be available at your local head shops. This is why we suggest you buy from stores such as ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’ that sell kratom wholesale in bulk quantities. Such stores often have a never-ending supply of all kratom strains.

Nevertheless, many kratom enthusiasts consider Red Maeng Da Kratom, Red Dragon Kratom, Red Vietnam Kratom, and Red Borneo Kratom to be decent alternatives. So, if you don’t find red horn kratom for sale, consider these alternative options.

‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’ has a large variety of the best kratom capsules and powders available at a competitive price. All of this kratom comes from high-quality farms that employ safe practices with great quality control.

So, don’t wait anymore and place your order for Red Horn Kratom today to get it delivered quickly, right at your doorstep.

To learn more about different kratom varieties, feel free to check out the various posts on our kratom blog.

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