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Yellow Sunda kratom is a unique and rare strain of kratom that does not occur naturally. This strain is made using specialized drying and fermentation techniques of green and red-veined kratom that is grown in the Southeast Asian region of Sunda. If you are looking for a different and hard-to-get strain of kratom the Yellow Sunda may be a great choice for you.

Yellow Sunda Kratom- Strain Overview

Yellow Sunda is a rare strain of kratom to find as it takes specialized expertise to create. This strain is a blend of red-veined kratom and green-veined kratom leaves which undergo extensive drying and fermentation to increase their alkaloid counts of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. This higher concentration and the unique features originating in the Sunda region make it a unique and potent blended kratom strain.  

What is Yellow Sunda Kratom?

Kratom strains usually get their names from the vein of kratom used and the area where it is grown and harvested. This particular strain comes from the Sunda region. This area encompasses the islands in the Malay Peninsula towards the Asian Mainland and towards New Guinea. The environment here has frequent rainfall with warm weather and high humidity which allow the trees to thrive year-round.

The soils of the area are known to be nutrient and mineral-rich which also aid in allowing the kratom trees to thrive. This particular strain is made using a blend of red and green-veined kratom leaves. The red-veined kratom leaves are placed into bags where they undergo a long fermentation process that slowly increases the alkaloid content in the leaves.

Meanwhile, the green-veined kratom leaves are placed to dry on hangers. As they dry, the leaves change color to a yellow color which gives the kratom its name. The leaves are then crushed into a fine powder and blended to make the Yellow Sunda strain.

Why Purchase from Buy Kratom Bulk USA?

Buy Kratom Bulk USA has worked tirelessly with the local farmers in the area to build trusting relationships and learn from their expertise. In doing this, these experts have perfected their techniques of creating the specialty strains and provided their fresh leaves to us.

When we receive the leaves, we test in-house to ensure they weren’t exposed to contaminants, pesticides, or chemical additives before crushing them into our fine powders and placed in capsules. Our facilities also use Best Management Practices to seek constant improvement and to maintain our strict quality control measures.

Buying Yellow Sunda

Yellow Sunda is a specialty blend of kratom that not all vendors offer. Because of the extended drying times, unique fermentation process, and careful blending, it takes skilled farmers and facilities to create this blend. Since Buy Kratom Bulk works closely with our farmers and has up-to-date facilities, we can keep the strain in stock.

We offer our kratom in bulk sizes to allow you to save money on the products, order larger and less often to save on shipping and handling costs, and ensure you run out of products less. You can also order our kratom in smaller, more personal sizes if you are looking to try a new strain or order a variety of products.

We offer our Yellow Sunda in 250, 500, 750, or 1000 count capsules. Each of our capsules is size 00 and contains 1 gram of kratom powder. This means you don’t have to measure out your kratom products and have the on-the-go ease of taking your products with you.

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