Private Forest Green (Special Reserve) Capsules


These capsules are filled with exclusive Kratom product that is made by the farmers who tend to the olden trees and their leaves, constantly clearing the unwanted obstructions to light and air, ensuring perfect conditions for the trees to give out their best.

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The kratom community is flooded with options when it comes to kratom and different strains. With such a wide variety, it can make it hard to find the kratom that is above the rest. The Private Forest Green (Special Reserve) Kratom Capsules are a strain of kratom that is made especially for those that are seeking a premium, top-of-the-line, and unique strain of kratom. 

The Private Forest Green (Special Reserve) is a strain that is allowed to grow more naturally than other strains because it lacks commercial methods which would increase crop yield. This strain is grown in carefully controlled private forests where the surrounding trees are pruned to prevent their branches from blocking the sunlight and is managed by only the most senior and expert farmers. These extra steps of care create a superior strain of kratom that is unlike any other on the market. 

Private Forest Green (Special Reserve) Kratom- Strain Overview

This particular strain is grown in a private forest in Kalimantan in Southeast Asia. This particular forest has been set aside to allow the kratom trees a more natural environment to grow where the commercial methods employed that would promote more kratom leaves produced or daily intervention in the trees is absent. 

The climate of Kalimantan provides the kratom trees with a humid climate with frequent rainfall. The moist climate with the warmer weather offers the ideal environment for the kratom trees to grow and thrive. In the private forest, the trees receive extra levels of care which allow the superior kratom strain to be produced. These trees are watered by hand in the event there is a dry spell to ensure the soil remains moist. These trees also receive maximum sunlight by ridding surrounding trees in the forest regions of the branches which would obscure the sunlight. Farmers observe the trees and only begin harvesting after the trees have reached peak maturity rather than the leaves themselves. Because of all the additional steps, the kratom trees in this area produced kratom leaves that are superior in quality. 

The Private Forest Green (Special Reserve) is made from green-veined kratom leaves. These leaves are in the middle of their maturity process and are picked once the vein has shifted from the whitish coloration. This vein color is considered a median between white and red, offering a balanced and robust content of alkaloids. Kratom leaves contain over 20 active alkaloids, with the two in highest concentration being mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. The concentration of the alkaloids provides kratom with its potency, therefore the median concentration of the alkaloids provides a medium potency compared to the white and red-veined leaves.   

After the leaves have reached their green-veined status of maturity, they are harvested by hand, washed with fresh water, and taken indoors. Here the leaves are placed onto drying racks in a controlled environment where they are protected from sunlight or temperature variations that would alter the alkaloid profile in the leaves. Once the leaves are dried, they are closely inspected and then placed into airtight, sealed containers to be sent to our facilities for testing and processing. 

What is Private Forest Green (Special Reserve) Kratom?

The Private Forest Green (Special Reserve) Kratom is made from green-veined kratom leaves that are grown in a private forest in the Kalimantan region. This region often creates kratom that is flavorful and robust, but after the additional steps from the private forest are added, the strain is of premium quality. The strain provides a balanced alkaloid profile while also providing a median potency when compared to white or red-veined kratom strains. 

Why Purchase from Buy Kratom Bulk USA?

Buy Kratom Bulk USA works directly with the farmers who tend the private forest in the Kalimantan region. We are proud to provide a strain that is 100% pure, safe, and fresh to our community. When we receive the leaves at our facilities, we test and inspect each to ensure they weren’t exposed to any external contaminants, or added chemicals, and are free of pesticides and any harmful bacteria. This leaves our customers with authentic kratom that is safe. 

Buy Kratom Bulk is one of the industry leaders in the kratom world because of our strict quality control measures, the constant improvements we make to our facilities, and our excellent customer service. We offer a 30-day return policy where we accept unused kratom in the original packaging and work with you to make it right. 

Buying Private Forest Green (Special Reserve)

Private Forest Green (Special Reserve) is a specialty strain that requires skilled farmers, longer growing periods, and access to the private forest. Buy Kratom Bulk can provide this strain in a variety of sizes, including bulk, through our close working relationships with the local farmers. We provide the Private Forest Green (Special Reserve) in a variety of sizes to allow you to choose what works best for you and your kratom needs. Our bulk sizes offer additional savings are you receive a discounted rate, reduced shipping and handling costs (through larger, less frequent orders), and our loyalty rewards program. 

We offer our Private Forest Green (Special Reserve) Kratom Capsules in 250 gram (500 capsules), 500 gram (1000 capsules), 750 gram (1500 capsules), and 1000 gram (2000 capsules). Each of our capsules contains an exact amount of kratom powder to take away the need to measure out powders while providing you with the convenience and ease of use for your products. 

Similar Strains

The Private Forest Green (Special Reserve) is a unique strain of kratom that is unlike any other strain available. This premium strain and quality provide an experience that can’t be replicated through other strains. Other strains provide an enjoyable experience if you liked the Private Forest Green (Special Reserve) which you may also like. 

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Green Horn Kratom offers a unique and diverse strain of kratom that uses leaves with a distinct morphology and alkaloid content to provide you with an enjoyable and potent strain of kratom. This strain is grown across Southeast Asia but the leaves can only be harvested from kratom trees that have fully matured with the tips of the leaves curling in, creating the horn shape. 

Private Reserve Red Maeng Da

The Private Reserve Red Maeng Da is a premium strain of kratom that utilizes our popular strain of Maeng Da along with the specialized grafting techniques and experience from the most senior farmers. This strain provides a potent red-veined kratom that is grown across Southeast Asia and is known to have higher levels of potency than other red-veined kratom strains. 

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