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The house special blend consists of select Green Maeng Da powders.

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Kratom lovers often search for their favorite kratom strain by looking for the best and most popular. Buy Kratom Bulk has answered the call and taken staff and fan favorites to make our House Special kratom capsules. Using a Green Maeng Da powder, we can provide a well-loved strain to our customers.

House Special Kratom- Strain Overview

Our house special consists of one of the most popular and best-selling strains of kratom: Maeng Da. We use our Green Maeng Da powder to make our House Special Capsules. This strain is known to be especially potent because of the specialized grafting techniques used to create the powder. It has higher than average concentrations of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine than other green-veined kratom strains. This makes it highly sought after.

What is House Special Kratom?

Our House Special Kratom uses the best of Green Maeng Da kratom powders. This kratom was originally grown in Thailand and it earned its name. Translated from Thai as “pimp grade” the grafting technique that is used is known to have higher levels of potency. The strain is now grown across Southeast Asia and is named for the technique used to create the strain rather than its origin.

The kratom trees thrive in warm climates where there is frequent rainfall and high humidity. The diverse ecosystem also provides nutrient-rich solid that helps the trees thrive. The vein of kratom used for the House Special is a green-veined kratom. These leaves are harvested halfway through the growing period before they reach peak maturity.

They contain a moderate concentration of alkaloids and robust flavonoids at this point. This makes for a perfect set of leaves for the House Special.

Why Purchase from Buy Kratom Bulk USA?

Buy Kratom Bulk USA proudly provides 100% pure, tested, and fresh kratom products to our customers. We work closely with the farmers who grow our kratom products so that we can have the freshest leaves sent straight to us. Once we receive the leaves, we test them to ensure that they are free of pesticides, contaminants, or any other chemical additives. We get the leaves fresh and don’t add any preservatives. This leaves you with 100% pure kratom that is tested and fresh.

At our facilities, we use Best Management Practices to seek constant improvement in ourselves. We strive to remain one of the industry leaders in kratom and provide excellent customer service. By maintaining strict quality control measures, we keep only the best products for our customers.

Buying House Special

Our House Special Kratom capsules are only available through Buy Kratom Bulk. This strain is selected based on our staff and customers’ favorite. At Buy Kratom Bulk we offer bulk sizing and pricing to our customers. This lets you save not only on the products themselves but through reduced shipping and handling costs that come through less frequent orders. You can then save time and keep your favorites on hand.

You can order a favorite in bulk size or you can select a more individual size if you are looking to try something new. We offer our House Special in 250, 500, 750, 1000 count 1-gram capsules. Our kratom capsules are size 00 and contain exactly 1 gram of kratom powder. This takes away the need for you to measure out powder and lets you take your products with you for your busy lifestyle.

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Maeng Da kratom is one of the best-selling strains on the market. This particular strain gets its name from the specialized grafting technique that is used to make the strain. If you enjoy our house special, you may also like the other veins of the Maeng Da Kratom. Maeng Da kratom comes in all three vein colors: white, green, and red. Each has increasing levels of alkaloid contents as the leaves are left to mature for longer periods of time.

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If you enjoy our House Special, you may also enjoy our signature blend of Lucky 7. Featuring seven of the most popular strains of kratom including the Maeng Da kratoms, all-natural vein colors (white, green, red), and gold kratom, this strain is a well-loved and perfect blend if you are looking for a unique strain to try.

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