For those who are fans of Joe Rogan and are exploring kratom or are interested in his opinions, then we will help walk you through one of his recent podcasts. Regular listeners know that Joe isn’t shy about saying what he thinks and provides insight into the kratom craze that has hit the local area.

Joe Rogan and Kratom

Please note that this article does not express the opinions of Buy Kratom Bulk USA and we are not endorsing Joe Rogan. This article is meant to be informative and factual based on his recent podcast. 

So What Is Kratom?

Kratom comes from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree. This tree is a distant relative to the coffee tree and is native to Southeast Asia. The leaves from this tree can be harvested in three distinct phases when the vein down the middle of the leaves is either white, green, or red. 

The different stages have varying levels of alkaloids, which provide the kratom with its potency. The primary alkaloids within the kratom leaves are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine which make kratom products so popular. 

Kratom leaves are dried after harvest and can be fermented as well to increase potency. These leaves are then ground into fine powders which can be used as-is or transferred into capsules for the kratom users. You can read more about the different veins of kratom, strains, harvest locations, and general information on our blog. 

Is Kratom Legal?

On the federal level, kratom is legal in the United States. There is no legislation that restricts its use, sale, or possession on a federal level. However, as there is no federal guidance, then the states are allowed to make their legislation on kratom. 

Most states do not have age restrictions in place. There are often store regulations that limit the sale of kratom products to adults over the age of 18. Kratom is illegal in the following states where it is considered a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance (making it illegal to purchase or possess):

  • Indiana
  • Wisconsin
  • Alabama
  • Vermont
  • New Hampshire
  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee

In addition to these states, there are certain cities of countries that have made it illegal as well. It is very important as a consumer to know where it is and isn’t illegal to possess. You should be very aware of the laws in your area and when you travel be mindful of the laws of that area. 

Joe’s Thoughts

While the federal government failed to make kratom a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance, Joe agrees that it should not be in this classification. By placing it into this category, the herb becomes completely illegal for recreational, research, and educational use. In order to better understand the effects of kratom and how it works, there needs to be further studies and research conducted. 

Joe’s Opinions On The Dangers Or Lack Of Kratom

Joe has been very outspoken about his thoughts on the dangers of kratom. He believes there need to be more studies conducted on the herb to better understand how it works. The strong opposition to the herb does not provide credible scientific sources as to what or why they believe the herb to be unsafe for use. Joe strongly believes that with more research, the kratom community can make their own educated opinions based on the facts. 

Joe also claims that those that have the strongest opposition are supported by or have connections to the big pharma companies. The FDA and DEA have not confirmed or commented further on these accusations but are not willing to provide guidance or governance in the kratom industry at this time. 

Joe Rogan and Kratom Summary

Joe seems to be a fan of the Southeast Asian herb which many in the kratom community have a strong affection for. He believes there needs to be more time and money invested into researching the herbs and their risks and benefits to better understand the impact that it has. With all the facts in place, consumers can then make educated decisions for themselves about their products. 

While Joe took the stage to speak on behalf of kratom, you can become involved with your local lawmakers to state your opinions and thoughts, contribute to research funds and stay up to date on the latest kratom information through trusted sources. You’ll want to stay informed of the changing laws in the areas so that you keep yourself protected while you enjoy your kratom products.

Does Kratom Show Up On Drug Tests?

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