Kratom is best fresh, but some methods can be done to extend the shelf life of kratom products. When storing kratom, you want to ensure it is in a sealed, airtight container where it is protected from light and moisture. The question is often raised about how and where you can store kratom. While some are content with using a pantry or food storage, it is always asked if you can freeze kratom. This guide will go over the best methods to extend the freshness and use of kratom. 

Can You Freeze Kratom

Buy What You Need- Don’t Freeze

At Buy Kratom Bulk USA, we provide a variety of sizes for kratom including bulk sizes. While it may be tempting to buy the larger sizes to save. However, we don’t recommend freezing kratom. Kratom has a stable shelf life of 1-3 months depending on how it was stored. Kratom is made of intact alkaloids within the leaves. The alkaloids are active and provide the kratom leaves with their potency. When the kratom ages, the alkaloids begin to naturally break down and it loses its potency. When the kratom is frozen, it can cause the plant cells to break down, also known as lysis. 

In addition to the possibility of losing potency from breaking down the alkaloids, freezing kratom can introduce moisture into the kratom powder. When there is moisture in the powder, it can begin to mold. While this won’t occur while it is in the freezer, it will start when you thaw it out and try to use the product. Kratom that is molded is not safe for use and should be discarded. 

How To Extend Shelf Life

If you are looking to extend the shelf life of your kratom, you can do so without freezing it. Kratom can last in your kitchen cupboard for 1-3 months if stored properly early on. To keep kratom fresh for longer, you should store the kratom in an airtight, sealed container. Using a glass or plastic sealed container that is labeled with the purchase date and strain, then you can protect the kratom from the air and moisture that will allow it to keep longer. 

When storing kratom, it is also important to store the kratom where it isn’t in direct sunlight and is protected. Light causes the kratom powder to undergo alkaloid changes which can cause the powder to lose potency. Storing the kratom in a cool, dark place like a cupboard or pantry will allow it to be stored for a longer period.

Do Nots For Kratom Storage

We’ve talked a lot about how-tos for kratom storage. There are some important considerations when storing kratom that you must watch for. 

  • Kratom should ALWAYS be labeled. When in doubt, proceed with caution or throw it out. 
  • Kratom should NEVER come into contact with moisture as this can cause mold. 
  • Kratom should not be stored in direct sunlight. 
  • Kratom should not be stored where there are extreme temperature variations (like outside or under your stove in the warming drawer). 
  • Kratom should remain in sealed containers. The air causes the kratom to “go stale” and lose freshness. 

Freezing Kratom

Buy Kratom Bulk highly recommends buying only as much kratom as you need to use in a one to three-month period. This lets you have the freshest kratom and prevents you from wasting products. If you want to store kratom, we do recommend storing it in an airtight, labeled container in a cool and dark place. This can allow you to keep kratom for up to three months and still maintain freshness. If you insist on freezing kratom, it should be in vacuum-sealed bags that are labeled and carefully monitored to keep the seal intact. Freezing kratom can extend its life from six months to a year if stored properly. 

Buy Kratom Bulk offers kratom in a variety of sizes that lets you purchase the right amount of kratom for your needs. If you need a larger bulk size or something smaller, you can order the right amount and keep yourself stocked without wasting product. 

Does Kratom Show Up On Drug Tests?

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