buy kratom at Walmart Walmart is a mystifying store where you can buy a fishing pole, cheeseburger onion rings, bentonite clay masks, bottled deer scent, firearms, and dog nail polish—but not CDs with explicit content.

Given the eclectic mix of things for sale at Walmart, this begs the question, “Can you buy kratom at Wal-Mart?

If you’re looking to buy “kratom near me,” you may or may not know what stores sell kratom locally. Since some gas stations sell kratom, it makes you wonder if kratom is available at Walmart. To answer your most pressing questions, here’s our guide to buying kratom at Walmart.

No, You Can’t Buy Kratom at Walmart

Even though kratom is legal in all but 6 US states, you cannot find kratom for sale at any Walmart—not even in states where kratom is legal and regulated by the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. Similarly, you cannot buy kratom on Amazon, Costco, Walgreens, or Target.

You may one day be able to find a kratom calendar or a kratom book for sale at Walmart. But if you’re looking to buy kratom capsules or kratom powder, Walmart simply won’t have it.

If you are set on finding shops that sell kratom locally, just look up “kratom near me” to get a list of options where you can buy kratom. Not all of these stores will provide the best kratom—most of the time, headshop kratom and other retail kratom stores offer low-quality, over-priced kratom for sale.

So, why doesn’t Walmart sell kratom, and where is the best place to buy kratom?

Why Doesn’t Walmart Sell Kratom?

No one reason can fully explain why Walmart doesn’t have kratom for sale. Similar to the answers as to why you can’t buy kratom at GNC, here are some of the factors that likely explain Walmart’s decision not to sell kratom:

Kratom is Not FDA-Approved

Although some states have regulated kratom according to the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, kratom is not regulated on a federal level. The FDA does not approve of kratom—in fact, it has made numerous attempts throughout the years to ban kratom or get kratom off the market. Although kratom was almost banned in 2016, the DEA made a groundbreaking call to reverse the decision to schedule kratom after receiving backlash from public testimonies and from researchers.

Kratom advocates want to get kratom approved by the FDA to provide quality control measures. Without FDA approval, the kratom market has suffered from fraudulent vendors, as well as adulteration and salmonella contamination. The FDA does not allow kratom vendors to make any health claims about kratom, and it discourages Americans from “mis-using” the herb to treat pain. Instead, the FDA recommends that the public avoid unregulated botanicals like kratom, and opt instead for FDA-approved drugs for treating pain or opioid addiction.

Major Credit Card Processing Companies Don’t Accept Kratom Transactions

Tons of people pay for their Walmart purchases with a credit or debit card. While plenty of businesses can easily find credit card payment processors, this is not the case for kratom companies. Even if a business sells lab-tested, 100% pure herbal Mitragyna speciosa in a state where kratom is legal, they may face difficulties finding a payment processing company to take credit card payments for kratom.

This might sound wrong, and it reminds many people of Operation Choke Point, a US government initiative in which the Department of Justice would investigate banks and informally discourage them from working with certain “undesirable” businesses. Although the initiative—which was met with public criticism—officially ended in 2018, many businesses that were previously affected by it (such as kratom vendors, firearms dealers, fireworks shops, and charities) still find themselves restricted by payment processing companies, such as Stripe.

So, if Walmart were to start selling kratom products, it might struggle to find a reliable and legal way to process payments for kratom purchases. For a corporation like Walmart, T1 payments that accept kratom sales would only create more risks.

Kratom Suffers from Misinformation and a Negative Media Image

If you’re a kratom enthusiast, this is something you know well. Although some researchers—such as scientists studying kratom at the University of Rochester and the University of Florida—hope that the findings in their studies will “poke holes in kratom’s bad rap,” there are plenty of people on the other side who prefer to warn the public about kratom.

The lack of research on kratom has even led some kratom advocates and kratom vendors to spread false information about the herb. Thus, kratom’s image is tarnished from multiple angles when people don’t look to scientific evidence.

Walmart makes a lot of money. They have a lot of regular customers. By selling kratom, Walmart could lose some fans. Even if it might gain customers for selling kratom, who knows how its image might be tarnished in the corporate world of power ties and influences.

If Not Walmart, Where Can You Buy Kratom?

buy kratom at Walmart

Sadly, it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to buy kratom at Walmart anytime soon. As of 2021, we’re not sure you can buy any uncensored CDs there either. As a matter of fact, Walmart won’t even sell a Cheryl Crow album that she refused to change the lyrics to. Walmart also refuses to sell a 1988 Prince Album because they don’t like the cover.

Here at Buy Kratom Bulk USA, we’re not too peeved about Walmart not selling kratom. It’s unlikely that Walmart would sell kratom that has been lab-tested and sourced directly from farmers in Indonesia. We, on the other hand, are a reputable online bulk kratom vendor that specializes in the sales of high-quality kratom powders and kratom capsules, featuring the best kratom strain blends.

If you want to buy some of the best kratom for the best prices, check out our kratom powders for sale and kratom capsules for sale—all available in a variety of different kratom strains.

If you’re new to buying bulk kratom, check out our article on The Benefits of Buying Wholesale Kratom in our educational kratom blog.

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