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White Elephant is a unique strain that offers balance support. While it is not as potent as green or red vein kratom, it offers subtle support that is welcome by all types of users. Whether you are new to kratom or have been an avid user, you will want to check out White Elephant Kratom.

White Elephant Kratom: Strain Overview

White Elephant Kratom is harvested from the largest leaves on the tree. This makes the final product robust in alkaloids and is one of the main reasons it is so popular. The leaves mimic those of an elephant and that is how this strain gained its name. You will find that White Elephant is grown in different regions of Southeast Asia. The large droopy leaves are easily spotted even by those who are not familiar with kratom.

White Elephant Kratom: What Is It?

White Elephant Kratom originates from the Sumatra Islands, which is part of Indonesia. The forest in this area has mineral-rich soil, which provides the nutrients that are needed to create robust kratom strains. White Elephant is not offered by all vendors. You will find it here at Buy Kratom Bulk USA in both capsules and powder form.

Kratom strains typically gain their name according to the region they originate from and their vein color. In this case, White Elephant is created from white-vein kratom but is named according to the appearance of the leaves.

White vein kratom is harvested early in its lifecycle. This gives the kratom more subtle support versus green and red vein kratom. It all depends on what you are looking for, but white vein kratom is preferred by many. It will possess different alkaloids than the other vein color varieties.

Why Buy Kratom from Buy Kratom Bulk USA?

At Buy Kratom Bulk USA we take care to ensure all of our products meet the strict guidelines set by the American Kratom Association. This ensures that you are getting a product that is potent and free of impurities.

All of our kratom products are sourced responsibly. We have close relationships with our farmers and know that they only offer the highest quality kratom. You will find our website stocked with popular strains, as well as some unique blends that you may not be familiar with.

In addition, we strive to give the best support in the industry. This allows us to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with the products that they are receiving. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Options to Buy White Elephant Kratom Capsules

We offer bulk discounts for those who are looking to buy a large quantity. You also have the option to buy a small amount. Our capsules are offered in 250-grams, 500-grams, 750-grams, and 1000-grams. If you have a buying need that exceeds this amount, contact us! Each capsule is created using a 00-size shell and contains 1-gram of powder.

Strains Similar to White Elephant Kratom

Perhaps you are looking to change things up. If so, we have some strains that are similar to White Elephant that you may want to consider.

White Horn Kratom

White Horn is somewhat rare, so you may not find it offered by all vendors. White Horn contains a similar alkaloid profile and is robust in its offerings. However, it has the subtle support that many users are looking for.

White Sumatra Kratom

White Sumatra is grown in the same region as White Elephant. This gives the two strains similar chemical properties. It contains all the characteristics that are noted in white vein varieties.

White Borneo Kratom

White Borneo is also similar to the chemical makeup of White Elephant. It may even be considered milder, which means it’s great for those who are just beginning with kratom.

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