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Red Dragon happens to be one of the most potent strains on the market. It is rare, which means that you will not find it offered by all kratom vendors. We offer Red Dragon in both capsules and powder. This allows you to choose a product that best fits your needs. 

Red Dragon Kratom: Strain Overview

Grown in Thailand, Red Dragon is a delicacy. Why is this? This strain is only grown on one plantation, which means that it is not readily available for all vendors to purchase. At Buy Kratom Bulk USA we have close relationships with our farmers giving us access to rare finds such as Red Dragon Kratom. 

Red Dragon Kratom: What Is It?

As we have already mentioned above, Red Dragon is extremely rare. Given that it is only grown on one local farm in Thailand, access is not offered to all vendors. This strain is created using the most mature leaves. This allows the strain to have a very robust alkaloid profile. 

The soil in the area in which Red Dragon is grown is very rich in minerals. It gives this strain of kratom its uniqueness and allows for it to stand out among other red vein varieties. With a rich alkaloid profile, this strain is best suited for avid users.

Why Buy From Buy Kratom Bulk USA?

Buy Kratom Bulk USA offers all the best strains. We have a large product line that we are continuously growing. As new strains come to market, we ensure that you have access to them here. 

Not only are we continuing to increase the products that we offer, but we also have some of the best customer service around. No matter what the issue may be, we encourage you to reach out to us.

All of our products are tested to ensure quality and purity. This means that you have access to the best kratom that the industry has to offer.

How to Buy Red Dragon Kratom Capsules

Buy Kratom Bulk USA offers Red Dragon in capsules and powders. You have the choice to buy a little or a lot. Just know that we do give bulk pricing on larger orders. We offer 100-grams up to 1000-grams. Contact us if you have wholesale needs or wish to buy in bigger bulk than 1000-grams.  

Similar Strains to Red Dragon Kratom

Red Dragon may be rare but some strains possess similar characteristics. Below we have listed a few for you to checkout. 

Red Thai

Red Thai happens to be grown in the same region as Red Dragon. This means that both strains will be similar in their alkaloid profiles. Red vein kratom possesses the highest alkaloid content, as it is created using the most mature leaves. 

Red Bali

One of our most treasured strains is Red Bali. This strain is very popular for its robust alkaloids. If you are an avid kratom user you may want to check out this strain. 

Red Maeng Da

Red Maeng Da is unique as it is created using a grafting technique. Its uniqueness mimics that of Red Dragon. Both are made using red-vein kratom. If potency matters to you, you will want to try Red Maeng Da. 

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