Green Bali Capsules

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Green Bali is typically recognized from a particular tinge of Green in the veins through its leaves, indicative of Kratom leaves in the early stages of their life-cycle. This strain of kratom is also renowned to be amongst the purest breeds of Mitragyna Speciosa.



Green Bali Kratom Capsules

To any kratom enthusiast, two aspects matter the most in their Kratom; high quality and purity. The Green Bali Kratom capsules offer both. This strain of Kratom is also popularly known to be amongst  the purest breeds of Mitragyna Speciosa. Specifically talking about The Green Bali Kratom or simply The Green Bali, this variety is recognized from a particular tinge of Green in its veins that it has, very typical to the Kratom leaves in the early stage of life-cycle.

The Green Bali is one of those Kratom strains which is widely popular and easily accessible as well. However, an interesting point to note here is that it doesn’t really grow in Bali region in Indonesia. It actually comes from the dense forests of Sumatra and Borneo, before being sent to Bali for dispatch. Hence the name.

Much like Maeng Da Kratom, the Green Bali has substantially high levels of alkaloids. This along with accessibility and affordability, makes the Green Bali among the most favorite strains of Kratom out there.

So what are we offering? We bring the Green Bali Kratom powder in its freshest form to US before encapsulating and dispatching to your home through fastest possible means. Thus, ensuring highest standards of quality, purity and authenticity which is hard to get in today’s saturated (mostly fake) Kratom market.

At, we provide our valued customers with premium Green Veined Bali Blast Kratom Capsules having superior, quality tested Kratom. Every batch is checked and tested to ensure purity, consistent quality, and freshness.
We recommend you not to lose your money on fake counterfeit Kratom at other places. Why go for substandard products when the best is only a click away?

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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa


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