Green Asia Kratom

Green Asia Kratom

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This is a very rare unique strain and often imitated. We provide you the best Green Asia Kratom powder to our valued customers for the most authentic Green Asia Kratom.


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Green Asia Kratom Powder

Green Asia Kratom, is a highly sought-after strain of the Kratom family. Perhaps one of the most popular, if not the most popular strain in the Green-veined Kratom category. This famous strain is grown and harvested in the wild mountains of Ketapang region on the island of Borneo. Only the expert farmers harvest the Green-veined leaves and carefully select the best of them to take to the drying process.

The Green Asia leaves in order to be converted into powder have to be dried first. The moisture in them has to be reduced to a certain acceptable level so that they can be kept fresh for extremely long periods of time. Most kratom enthusiasts do not realize but the drying process is just as critical as the harvesting process. This is because the excess or dearth of sun exposure can have a negative impact on the alkaloid structure of the molecules which in turn can affect the quality and properties of the Kratom. Nothing escapes the keen senses of connoisseurs.

The Green Asia Kratom is a popular choice with everyone but it is particularly favorite with the new kratom-ers. The characteristic properties of the Green Asia Kratom powder make it a preferred option for the new customers.

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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa


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