“Is kratom legal in Arizona?” Before we answer let us briefly tell you what is kratom. Kratom is a botanical herb that is sourced from trees native to Southeast Asian regions called Mitragyna Speciosa. These trees have been well-known to the native population for centuries at least. Kratom has remained an integral part of the daily lives of native tribesmen for most of their known history. Their festivals and gatherings were incomplete without it. All the while, kratom remained unbeknownst to the outside world. There have been few recorded interactions of the Westerners with kratom in the 19th century but that remained purely for scientific purposes. Commercially, the West came to know about kratom en masse after the Vietnam war when the returning soldiers came back with stories and samples of kratom. Since then, the popularity has grown unprecedentedly, especially in the last 10 years. Unfortunately, the rising popularity also caught the negative attention of a few governmental agencies including the FDA and DEA. Kratom remains legal in the US barring a few states. But is kratom legal in Arizona? In this article, we’ll tell you just that.

Is Kratom Legal in Arizona?

Is kratom legal in arizona

Yes, kratom is legal in Arizona. However, in 2014, a bill was presented in the Arizona Senate that intended to ban kratom. The bill was countered by a petition by the supporters of kratom but it was not able to get a lot of votes. The Senate of Arizona had argued in the bill that the Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are two compounds that needed to be added in the list of synthetic substances for subsequent ban. Whereas, it is established that kratom is 100% natural and pure – manufactured without any synthetic or artificial additives. The bill was later withdrawn before being presented in the Senate of Arizona. However, you will find many of the kratom enthusiasts still asking others: “is kratom legal in Arizona?”. The answer is “yes”.

Kratom Consumer Protection Act

An Act was passed later in 2019 in which the sales, production, distribution, and labeling of the kratom products were to be regulated by the State. Again, after passing of this act, many of the Arizonians started asking each other “is kratom legal in Arizona?” Yes, even after the passing of this act, kratom is legal in Arizona. However, it can now only be sold to individuals who are above 18 years of age.

Where to Buy Kratom in Arizona Legally?

Is kratom legal in arizona

Following are the two sources from where to buy kratom in Arizona:

  • Herbal stores, head shops, and some retail stores. Most of them are in and around Phoenix. If you want to buy kratom in Arizona from these shops, double check their authenticity and quality.
  • If you buy kratom online in Arizona, a good kratom brand like Buy Kratom Bulk USA is guaranteed to send you all kinds of kratom strains and kratom color varieties at the best price. This is our recommended method to buy kratom in Arizona.

Consequences of a Kratom Ban

Is a kratom ban any good for our society? What would be the financial effects of such a kratom ban on the direct and indirect jobs? And would a comprehensive kratom ban leave people at a higher risk of starting with illegal drugs? Perhaps, all of these questions need to be answered unequivocally before the government decides to make such a move. We have written all about it in our informative article titled “Kratom ban in the US”.

To read more of such articles that talk about kratom and kratom products, visit out lively kratom blog section.


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