Owing to its popularity and characteristic properties, Kratom is almost always in the news for one reason or another. Differences in the legal status of Kratom in different states sometimes baffle the Kratom enthusiasts about Kratom purchase and legality and they are left asking “can you still buy kratom?”.

The short answer is Yes. You can buy Kratom online or from local vendors, depending on your personal preference.

As for the laws, they can vary from one state to another. Of course, you must keep up with them, but there’s not much to worry about when it comes to Kratom’s availability.

Let’s discuss the dynamics of buying Kratom online.

Can You Still Get Kratom?

As Kratom experts, we highly recommend you to buy Kratom online as you won’t find the same quality level in local smoke or vape shops. Many local vendors do not exercise proper quality control and sell inferior quality Kratom. A total waste of your money!

In contrast, online sellers like Buy Kratom Bulk USA are the right option to buy Kratom from, considering most of them have strict quality guidelines.

Then again, it’s not all online sellers that are reliable. You have to research and get help from reviews to find the best online seller for your Kratom fix. Here are a few things to consider while narrowing down your online Kratom vendor options:

Fair Trade Practices

Although a vendor not following Fair Trade practices does not directly affect the herb’s quality, it does reflect on the vendors’ professionalism.

If a seller does not comply with the Fair Trade practices, they’re more likely to offer poor service as compared to sellers that import Kratom following ethical guidelines.

Lab Testing

Like any other naturally-sourced product, Kratom can easily get contaminated if it’s not stored, packaged, or handled properly. If a batch of Kratom has been contaminated during import, its quality will decline significantly.

Thus, you should only buy from online stores that lab-test each batch of Kratom for quality.

Free of Additives


With the Kratom sale increasing in the past few years, some vendors are using practices like mixing substandard additives to the herb. While a few vendors do it to meet the rising demand, others simply want to increase their profits.

Opt for sellers that offer additive and filler-free Kratom strains. Of course, it’s hard to find this information on your own or from the vendor’s website.

Ask about the vendor in Kratom community forums. If veterans have had unpleasant experiences with the seller, they’ll inform you about it.

Also, you can read vendor reviews online to learn more about any store or seller.

Well-Ground Kratom Powder

If you intend to make Kratom tea, make sure that the Kratom powder is well-ground. Some vendors do not follow proper processing methods. As a result, the powder does not have refined grains.

The pictures on the vendor’s website can give you a fair idea about the grain size. For more details, read the vendor reviews thoroughly.


Surprisingly, many customers neglect packaging quality when buying Kratom online. For other businesses, the packaging is mostly for branding and keeping the product in a safe container during delivery.

However, when it comes to Kratom, the packaging does more than that. It acts as a storage place for Kratom during and after delivery.

That’s why you should only buy Kratom vein colors or Kratom capsules from sellers that deliver the products in airtight packaging.

When exposed to air, Kratom can go stale and may come in contact with dust and other contaminants in the environment. As a result, the product’s quality and purity are lowered.

Some vendors deliver Kratom powder in resealable bags that come in handy as you don’t have to transfer the powder to another container. Instead, you can keep it in the bag and only retrieve the amount that you need at the time.

Variety of Strains 

After checking the essential quality and storage standards, you can go on to see if the vendor has a wide variety of Kratom strains. Most reputed online vendors have all colors and varieties.

Lastly, when you’ve narrowed down the options to two or three eligible vendors, compare their prices and shipping options. Go for the vendor that has reasonable prices and offers free or same-day shipping.

Final Words

Can you still get Kratom online? Yes, you can. Thanks to the ever-growing online Kratom market, you have tons of options when selecting a vendor.

If Kratom is legal in your state, there’s no reason not to place an order today and get your Kratom stash delivered to your doorstep. Want to learn more? Try our Kratom blog.

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Years of experience in content writing, emphasizing the Kratom Industry has enabled Saad to progress and achieve enviable results.


Years of experience in content writing, emphasizing the Kratom Industry has enabled Saad to progress and achieve enviable results.

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