Looking to buy Kratom? Why not buy only from the best sources? In this article, we will explore the options you can use to buy Kratom in the US, and most importantly, who sells the best Kratom.

Even when there are a few legal constraints in North America when it comes to the Kratom herb, it is easily available. You can not only buy it from your local stores but can also find hundreds of online options.

Simply put, there are so many options that sometimes it is hard to decide who sells the best Kratom. If you are also confused, there is no need to be. This article will explain the best options, so keep reading.

Kratom Availability: From Southeast Asia to America who sells the best kratom at best price

Almost all Kratom available in the North American market is imported from Southeast Asia. The major explorer is Indonesia, which exports 95% of all the Kratom produced in the world. On the other hand, the US is the largest importer, making up to one-third of all the imports from Southeast Asia.

Even when Kratom grows in almost all Southeast Asian countries, most of the popular Kratom strains like Bali Kratom, Maeng Da Kratom, Indo Kratom, Sumatra Kratom, and Borneo Kratom come from Indonesia. The bulk of the Kratom you can find in the US is imported from Indonesia as well.

Other Kratom strains like Malaysian Kratom or Malay Kratom, Thai Kratom, and Vietnam Kratom come from other countries (you may already have an idea about the country of origin from the names of these strains).

The point is, when you buy Kratom in the US, you are buying imported products from Southeast Asia. Now, this is a long journey, with Kratom products sourced from Indonesian villages or deep rainforests, converted into different forms like Kratom powders, capsules, liquid Kratom, extracts, and then sent to the US.

As there is a long chain of transfers from one hand to another, it is really important to understand who sells the best Kratom before buying one.

Local Stores who sells the best kratom online near me

When the Kratom lands on US soil, it makes its way to different local stores that include vape stores, head shops, liquor stores, and even your local gas stations. You can find mostly branded products there, like OPMS Kratom and Kratom Kaps.

Now when the local store sounds great, you just have to drive to the store and pick the product up, but there are some drawbacks as well. In fact, some serious drawbacks.

First, Kratom is not the only product these stores sell. This means Kratom is not a priority. As Kratom strains and vein colors are very diverse, and you need to learn about all the strain types and product categories, most of these stores have no clue what they are selling.

Second, there is a limited range available on these stores, as they mostly sell branded Kratom products. The most popular one is OMPS that sells only 3 to 4 Kratom strains out of more than two dozen available today.

The Rise of Online Kratom Stores best kratom

What is your second option to buy Kratom if the herb is not available at local stores? Yes, you guess it right – online Kratom vendors. And guess what, these are much better options than your local stores. We will explain in a bit – why?

Probably a decade ago, there were only a couple of online stores that were selling Kratom. Today, there are hundreds. This was the natural response to the rising Kratom demand in the US as well as the rise of technology.

As most of these online stores sell only Kratom, they are kind of experts. For example, on stores like Buy Kratom Bulk USA, you can not only find an exclusive variety of strains in Kratom capsules and powder form but can also read about each product in detail.

Also, as the competition among online vendors is getting tougher and tougher, most of the top stores import Kratom directly to keep prices low. You can also find fresh products on these stores, with a variety that is hard to find in your local store.

For us, it is a much better option to buy Kratom online. Some stores even offer same-day delivery.

Who Sells the Best Kratom?

So what is the ultimate answer? Well, online stores are, no doubt, a clear winner here. They sell only Kratom, so their prime focus is to sell premium Kratom products to customers.

Most online stores also offer low prices, special discounts, and make sure they offer similar or even more strains than their competitors to keep in the competition.

Final Words

We are sure now you have a perfect idea of who sells the best Kratom. It is best to buy Kratom from online stores. If you are new to Kratom, don’t forget to learn more about Kratom, strains, and other related products on our Kratom blog.

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