There is no doubt Kratom products, such as White Sumatra Kratom and many other strains, are getting popular all over the US. According some conservative estimates, there are more than five million kratom buyers in the country. If you look back (provided most people had no clue about Kratom just a decade ago), the growth is exponential.

To cater to this amazing growth, more and more online stores now sell an exclusive range of Kratom products, one of which is White Sumatra Kratom.

So what is White Sumatra? Is it a good Kratom variety? Why white? And not green or red? From where is it sourced?

Do you have all these questions? If yes, this article will provide all the answers you’re looking for. We understand that deciding between hundreds of options when it comes to Kratom is not easy, so it is just right to learn about each strain variety before buying one.

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What is Sumatra Kratom?

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Sumatra is one of the most popular Kratom strains in the world, and for all the right reasons. As the name reflects, it grows in Sumatra Island, one of the largest islands in Indonesia, and home to some of the oldest rainforests in the world.

Sumatra Kratom grows naturally in Sumatra jungles and rainforests, some of which are 140 million years old. Yes, you read it right – 140 million years old.

Even though it is a natural part of Sumatra jungles, the demand for Sumatra Kratom gives birth to thousands of farms. As Indonesia exports 95% of all the Kratom that is exported to the world, the high demand gave rise to thousands of Kratom farms all across the Indonesian islands.

Fortunately, the rising trend helped slow down the pace of deforestation in Indonesia, and in some places, even reversing the trend. The point is, when you buy Kratom, you are actually contributing to the environment.

You can also learn more about Kratom effects on environment in one of our previous blog posts.

Back to the strain we are talking about, Sumatra Kratom is mostly available in red vein variation, and also called Red Sumatra. However, there are also green and white variations available, even though less popular variations.

Just like other popular Kratom strains, the Sumatra strain also contains several alkaloids that include Mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, Mitraphylline, Raubasine, and Corynantheidine (Rauhimebine).

As the red Sumatra contains a very high ratio of active alkaloids, those who are looking for a more balanced ratio between alkaloids and flavonoids prefer White Sumatra Kratom.

White Sumatra Kratom

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By now, you may already have an idea that each Kratom strain is available in three or even more vein colors. However, the natural and basic colors are Green, White, and Red.

The Green vein color is when the leaves are the youngest, and veins that run through the leaf are green in color. As the age of the leaf is comparatively less, the ratio of alkaloids is also low.

Next comes the white vein variation, which is an older leaf than the green vein but still younger than the red variation. This strain variation offers a higher concentration of alkaloids compared to green vein strain.

The last one is red, which is the oldest and nutrition-filled leaves. As the island of Sumatra is known for nutrition-rich soil and perfect tropical conditions, the red vein is the most common variation found for Sumatra Kratom.

However, White Sumatra Kratom is also getting popular, as it offers a unique balance between alkaloids and flavonoids.

Where to Buy White Sumatra Kratom?

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White Sumatra Kratom is rare, as Red Sumatra is the most popular variety. It is difficult to find White Sumatra Kratom in your local stores, but you can find this variation on some online stores like Buy Kratom Bulk USA.

You can find White Sumatra in Kratom capsules as well as Kratom powder form, but in some cases, you can also find Kratom extracts and liquid Kratom.

The point is, the best place to buy Kratom when it comes to White Sumatra is online stores.

Final Words

To be honest, White Sumatra Kratom is still new to the market, and not as popular as Red Sumatra. However, the strain variation is getting popular among Kratom enthusiasts who are into white vein strains.

As it comes mostly from deep Sumatran jungles, you can expect a very rich concentration of nutrition and alkaloids. This is why Sumatra Kratom is among the most popular strains, like Red Bali and Maeng Da Kratom. To learn about other popular variations of Kratom strains, check out more posts on our Kratom blog.

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