If you are researching on the topic ‘What is Kraton’, then you have come to the right place. Kraton is an herb that has gained immense popularity in both the US market and worldwide. Many people are still trying to understand this new phenomenon and are falling behind the experts in the Kraton field.

The scientific name given to this herb is ‘Mitragyna speciosa’; however, it is commonly known as Kraton throughout the world. In some Asian countries, Kraton can go by the name of Thang, Ketum, Maeng Da, Thom, and Biak-biak. Keep reading to learn more about the mysteries behind what is Kraton.

Where Does Kraton Come From?

Before we talk about the secrets behind what is Kraton, it is essential to discuss where it is obtained from. Kraton is found in the Kratom tree. The active ingredient in Kraton, mitragynine, is present in the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree. This tree is commonly found in South-Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, etc. It belongs to the same family as the coffee tree, and in structure, it is a mix between a plant and a tree. Usually, the Kraton tree averages a height of 25 meters or 80 feet. The diameter of the trunk can grow up to 3 feet, which is less than average if you compare it to the width of other tree trunks. However, the leaves present on the Kraton tree are larger than typical tree leaves and are ovate-acuminate in shape.

The leaves of the Kraton tree have always been popular in South Asia and have recently gained popularity in Europe and the US. The Kraton tree was discovered when the Dutch colonized South Asian countries like Indonesia. The herb was first named Stephegyne speciosa in 1839 and was later renamed to Mitragyna speciosa in 1859. Most of the best quality Kraton for sale is sourced from the South Asian regions where farmers have been dealing with Kraton for centuries.  If you want to know more, here is our detailed blog on all the different types of kraton.

How is Kraton Harvested?

To be an expert on what is Kraton, you need to grasp the process behind its extraction. The farmers in South Asia are very skilled in the art of harvesting Kraton, which is why the best quality Kraton comes from those regions. In the first stage of harvesting, the farmers check the leaves’ maturity and pluck the ones they think are of optimal age. These leaves are then washed and dried to remove any dirt, dust, or debris that could alter the quality of the Kraton. After this, the leaves are separated based on their vein color and used to create different Kraton products.

Usually, most leaves are dried either under the sun or in warehouses, after which they are grounded and turned into Kraton powder. This powder can then also be sold as Kraton capsules. At Buy Bulk Kratom USA, we provide both these versions of Kraton. If you want to know more, here is our detailed blog explaining what is kratom powder.

Different Colors of Kraton

kraton for sale

Many Kraton enthusiasts are unaware that the colors attributed to Kraton only exist in the leaves’ veins. As the leaf grows and becomes mature, the colors in the veins begin to change. The youngest ones are known as Green-vein Kraton, after which they transform into White-vein Kraton, and finally, Red-vein Kraton. The different colors have different alkaloid concentrations, which is why the choice often comes down to the individual’s preference. To provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of what is Kraton, here is a brief description of the different vein colors present in the Kraton leaf:

  • Green-vein Kraton – Since they are harvested at the earliest stage of maturity, they also have the lowest alkaloid concentration as compared with the other colors. People who are new to the Kraton world are recommended Green-vein Kraton strains. Kraton strains in this category include Green Maeng Da Kraton, Green Horn Kraton, etc.
  • White-vein Kraton – They are considered the middle child in the Kraton family, as they come after the green-vein leaves and before the red-vein leaves in maturity. Since they are in the middle, White-vein Kraton leaves also possess the most balanced alkaloid concentration levels, making them optimum for most Kraton enthusiasts.
  • Red-vein Kraton – These are at the final stage of maturity in the Kraton leaf lifecycle and thus have the highest alkaloid concentration in the batch. Red-veined Kraton is recommended for Kraton experts who have dealt with a wide range of Kraton strains previously.

However, these three colors leave the buyer with a decision to make as they are left wondering which is the best kraton strain. Well, there is no single answer to that. While many Kraton connoisseurs in the world think that Red-vein Kraton is the best because of its high alkaloid concentration, others point out that White-vein Kraton has been the ideal color for them. In truth, because of the different numbers of strains in each color, it is hard to pinpoint one color as the best. The Kraton color with the most sales, however, is the White-vein Kraton, and that is because its balanced alkaloid concentration suits most Kraton enthusiasts in the world. Apart from these three, a few more colors of Kraton can be formed in the processing phase, but little to no information exists about them. These colors include, but are not limited to, Gold-vein Kraton and Yellow-vein Kraton.

Most Famous Kraton Strains buy kraton online

To truly understand all the fuss behind what is Kraton, it is essential to know all the famous Kraton strains available in the market. Since the Kraton tree is grown in different countries in the South Asian region, the properties and features of the different strains of Kraton can vary vastly. Because of this, they are given different names, and some of the most popular available Kraton strains are:

  • Bali Kraton – The Bali Kraton strain is one of the most popular strains available in the Kraton industry. This strain is known to originate in the Sumatra and Borneo region of Indonesia. It is called Bali Kraton because the Bali port is used to export it to other areas. It is available in all the different vein colors.
  • Maeng Da KratonMaeng Da Kraton strain is popular because of its resistance against exposure because of which it maintains its quality for a more extended period. It is primarily grown in Thailand; however, some varieties of it are produced in Malaysia and Indonesia. Maeng Da is available in all different Kraton vein colors.
  • Malay Kraton – It is available in all the different colors, with the most popular being the Green Malay Kraton. This is because it can survive against exposure to impurities and moisture for a longer time. It is the prime ingredient in Kraton tea.
  • Indo Kraton – It is another common strain found in Indonesia and is also available in all the vein colors.
  • Thai Kraton – As the name reflects, this strain is grown in the region of Thailand. It is available in all the different vein colors, and the properties of each color are different, making them all worth buying for any Kraton enthusiast.
  • Borneo Kraton – This strain originates from Borneo, which is the largest island in Asia. This island is divided between Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. It is available in all different color varieties and is often a favorite for many Kraton buyers.

The Quality of Kraton in the Market

To become an expert in the field of what is Kraton, you must be aware of the quality of Kraton available in today’s market. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t easy to find and buy Kraton of good quality. Many vendors add filler ingredients to their product to make it seem like they have a high alkaloid concentration, which is not usually the case. These filler ingredients can be dangerous, so it is essential to get your Kraton from top-quality vendors.

Furthermore, the Kraton quality may also be substandard if it is not obtained from the experts down in South Asia. Surprisingly, many vendors either don’t get their Kraton from South Asia or don’t provide any information on where they have obtained their Kraton, making it very shady for any buyer.

Another thing that significantly affects the quality of the Kraton being sold is the harvesting procedures that it goes through. Your vendor has to make sure that they are getting their Kraton from farmers who are experts in harvesting Kraton. This is because these experts spare no expense in ensuring that the Kraton they are harvesting is top quality and goes through all the procedures required for it to be pure, organic and authentic kraton.

Best Kraton Available Right Here!

After reading this article, you now possess more information on what is Kraton than most Kraton enthusiasts. It is vital to remember that the key to finding the best Kraton available is in finding trustworthy vendors. We not only do we have a direct link to farmers in South Asia, but one of our biggest priorities is providing top-notch Kraton to our customers. Through our kraton for sale, we believe in keeping our customers satisfied as that is the only real way to boost sales of any product. Make sure to read through our Kraton blogs to learn more about other trustworthy vendors, as well as more information on Kraton and its different types!


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