How to Make Kratom Incense

Can you really make incense from Kratom?
If you like the scent of incense, then you should know about the possibility to make Kratom incense. This magnificent product has been popular in many cultures as super aromatherapy substance. Ancient civilizations used incense for various treatments and religious purposes. Today, we can use incense in the same way, but we can also make some experiments and get kratom incense. If you are interested in this, follow some steps, and you will have your own incense.

Scents for Kratom incense
The first step in kratom incense production includes opting for appropriate scent. If you wonder what the best herb for kratom combination is, then we can recommend lavender, cedar or sandalwood. In order to make incense, you will need about 1-2 spoons of these ingredients along with kratom.

Measure the ingredients
If you want the perfect combination, then you should measure the substances. Make notes about amounts as you will always need the right quantity of spices and water. As soon as you measure them, mix all ingredients and let them stay for a few hours.

Choosing the right market
If you want to have a perfect burning incense, then you need a right makko. Makko is responsible for the quality of the incense flame. You should start with lower doses to make the proper product. The recommended amount of makko is 10-25 % for spices and 40-80 % for resins.

The rest of the process
The final steps in the preparation include adding water in the whole texture. In this way, you will get perfectly shaped, moldable incense. For the finish, you have to knead the texture which reminds of dough. This will last several minutes, and you will be ready for finalization. Roll the small pieces of incense in the sticks and dry them during the day. You should rotate them regularly to quicken the drying process. After five days of drying, you will have perfectly prepared kratom incense ready for use.

The required products
After we have explained the necessary steps in incense production, we will make a list of ingredients. It includes: herbs (dried wood like sandalwood, lemongrass or lavender), makoo, warmed water, bamboo stick and wax paper for the drying process. Make sure you have all the ingredients, and then you only have to follow previous steps to get perfect kratom incense.

Sandalwood kratom incense recipe
If you want to follow some recipes, we can recommend one of them. This is the basic recipe for sandalwood incense which is the typical ingredient for this purpose. For this recipe, you need sandalwood powder, makko powder as well as kratom leaf powder. Mix all the ingredients and add water to get dough. Knead it and form structures to get incensed. Leave it to stay and add resins to make it better.

As you could see, the preparation process is not easy, but you can easily perform it. It is better to make your kratom incense than buying some prepared sorts. Your homemade incense will be natural with no additives and burn much cleaner.

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