One thing that always makes us wonder and appreciate nature is the absolute abundance of life on Earth. Scientists are still not exactly sure but some estimates suggest that there are more than 20 million species of plants and animals that are found on the planet that we call home. Within these species, there are tens and, in some instances, hundreds of subspecies that make this phenomenon all the more interesting. Out of these millions of species, the one we are going to talk about today is Krytom.

What is Krytom

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Krytom herb is extracted from a tropical tree (named Mitragyna Speciosa). This evergreen tree is found all over the Southeast Asian region. Over millions of years, it has evolved to survive, rather one could say thrive, in the hot and humid conditions prevailing in that part of the world. Physically, it is a tall tree towering above most other trees in the region. With roots deep enough under the soil, it has a strong trunk that is able to support a huge canopy up above.

Cultural and Social Importance of Krytom

But all that is not we are most interested in. For it is the leaves of this tree that are of particular interest to the native population – and outside world as well. For at least hundreds of years, the native people have harvested and crushed the leaves to turn them into a powdery form. This powder has held a special place in the local Southeast Asian culture and is extremely popular across the region as well. These native tribesmen have made it a part of their cultural, social, and religious festivities and is considered an inseparable entity because of several characteristic properties.

The rise in Popularity and Commercialization

Krytom largely remained hidden from the eyes of the world outside Southeast Asia. That is until several botanists from Europe (during the colonial age) studied and recorded the plant in scientifically. The first proper introduction of this herb with the Western world came after the US soldiers took some of it with them back to the US. With the rise in popularity and gradual commercialization in the second half of the twentieth century, several brands opened up throughout the US that imported and sold it in a variety of forms. More about it later in the article.

How is Krytom Manufactured?

Krytom is manufactured using a fairly simple process yet it requires no less amount of skill and hard work. For excellent quality, leaves from only the fully mature trees are selected to be harvested. Once the leaves are harvested from the trees, they are piled up and segregated based on different factors such as vein color, quality, size, and freshness. Once segregated, the leaves are spread around in an open and airy area, preferably under the shade, to be dried up. This stage of the process takes up several days as the manufacturers endeavor to take out all possible water content from the leaves – leaving them absolutely dry and ready for next stage.

The next stage in the arduous process is crushing. It is carried out using a mix of modern and traditional methods. Mostly the farmers first crush the dried leaves using a primitive wooden crusher operated manually that hammers down on the dried leaves. Leaving a powder that is not yet too fine to be of export quality. In the second stage, the crushed powder is finely milled using automated high-speed steel crushers that further decrease the grain size to microscopic proportions.

This final product, all-natural and completely organic, is called Krytom powder that is the base of all other forms in which it is sold.

Types of Krytom Products

There are many types of Krytom, so the buyers have a lot of options from which to choose the one that they prefer most. Krytom powder is the most commonly sold form. Then comes the Krytom Capsules. Other forms include liquid krytom, krytom tincture.

Krytom Strains

Perhaps what makes it all the more interesting is the fact that it comes in so many natural variations. Firstly, it comes in many different strains. These Krytom strains are similar to each other but vary every-so-slightly in terms of their alkaloid contents and other variations. Owing to the difference in soil composition and climate of one geographical region to another, over thousands of years, the Krytom tree in different Southeast Asian islands has evolved into multiple subspecies. All of these subspecies have different characteristic properties for which they are known and preferred.

Here are some of the Krytom strains popular world over.

Krytom strains

Krytom Vein Colors

Another interesting variation that this herb comes in is based on the color of the central vein in the Krytom leaf. All Krytom leaves, naturally, have veins that change color with the age of the leaf. When the leaves are young, the veins exhibit a Green color. Indicating that the alkaloid contents are less. As they grow and become more mature, the veins change their color to that of White – indicating that the alkaloid concentrations have increased.

When the leaves are fully mature, the veins exhibit a Red color that shows that the alkaloid concentrations are highest.

If you are interested in knowing more about the color variations, visit our dedicated blog posts about each of the Krytom vein colors.

Krytom vein colors

There is another color variation that does not occur naturally, rather expert farmers have invented it employing a slightly different drying technique. Here is our blog about Yellow Krytom.


There is always so much to write about this famous botanical herb, yet we don’t want to keep our readers overburdened with all the information. But if you want to read more, here is the link to our famous Krytom blog section where you will find tons of related information. Do give it a visit, you will surely find it very interesting.

If you are looking to find Perfect krytom products, then here is the link to our blog about the best Krytom for sale online.

Happy reading!

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