Kratom is perhaps one of the few botanical herbs that have been unnecessarily targeted by government bodies and big corporations for a long time now. These opposing bodies often spread rumors about this naturally grown herb on the internet. Even though Kratom uses no pesticides or harmful fertilizers, these corporations continue with their unwanted propaganda. It’s clear that they don’t want people to buy kratom due to their own jeopardized interests.

Thanks to kratom advocates, the popularity of kratom is still constantly on the rise. These well-read people have managed to give a valid counterargument to every rumor that the opposing bodies tried to spread.

After doing some research on the kratom plant on the internet, we figured out that some people have the wrong impression regarding its growth.

Hence, we at ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’ are writing this guide with the sole intention of clearing all misconceptions regarding Mitragyna Speciosa.

All About Natural Kratom Growth

Kratom uses no pesticides

Despite all concerns about the legality of Kratom by the FDA and DEA, you will be surprised to know that Kratom utilizes no pesticides or harmful fertilizers for growth whatsoever. Rather, high-quality kratom that stores like ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’ import directly from Southeast Asia is grown via all-natural methods.

If grown in a proper tropical environment under the right conditions and rich soil, there is no need for using toxic pesticides or fertilizers. Hence, the kratom that comes from Southeast Asia is grown naturally.

However, even though Southeast Asia provides the right habitat, growing Kratom is not easy. Kratom is considered to be among the hardest to propagate plants. While farmers can use both cuttings and seeds, both of these methods have very low rates of success.

Still, Southeast Asian Kratom needs no pesticides or harmful fertilizers. Rather, the kratom strains in this region are grown in nitrogen-rich soil. Furthermore, most farmers cannot afford to use artificial fertilizers, and hence, only natural methods are employed. 

Typically, Kratom thrives the best between a temperature of 80 to 90 Fahrenheit. With that, the humidity levels in the environment need to be higher than 75% though, 80% humidity is ideal.

As for the soil, it must be acidic with an abundant amount of nitrogen, humic acid, and beneficial mycorrhizal fungi along with microbes. The prime job of mycorrhizal fungi and microbes is to aid the absorption of nutrients whenever they are washed down to the root system after a rain.

Since the Southeast Asian rain forests naturally provide such an ideal environment, Kratom needs no pesticides or harmful fertilizers. And there is no need to use them either way.

Use of Natural Fertilizers for Kratom

use of kratom kratom experience

To meet up with the demand for high-quality kratom, farms in Southeast Asia sometimes use organic fertilizers. These 100% natural fertilizers allow the kratom seeds to grow into a lush-green kratom tree with beautiful kratom leaves. These leaves are then used to create high-end kratom capsules that later get exported to stores such as ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’.

Furthermore, these natural fertilizers are also said to increase the success rate of seeds which otherwise is pretty low. Apart from these organic and natural products, we can say with 100% certainty that our Kratom uses no pesticides or harmful fertilizers.

To grow authentic kratom, farms also add naturally obtained Mycorrhizal Fungi is also used along with organic fertilizers to aid the absorption of nutrients. This fungus develops a symbiote-like relationship with kratom’s seeds, transporting all the essential nutrients to the roots.

Even the water that these farms use is 100% chlorine-free. This is because chlorine-free water further improves the functionality of the natural fungi present in the soil. Hence, resulting in higher quality kratom.

Where to Buy Natural Kratom From?

Kratom Uses

Usually, 100% natural and high-quality kratom is quite expensive. However, ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’ is one of the few stores where you can buy relatively cheap kratom of high quality. Our store imports this kratom directly from some exclusive farms in Southeast Asia. Kratom uses no pesticides or harmful fertilizers in these farms, and hence, the resulting products are 100% natural.

Our extensive range of kratom for sale at an affordable price has helped us in developing a very loyal fanbase. To maintain our high standards, our kratom experts routinely monitor the safety protocols and quality of our kratom product.

With that, we process all orders on all of our smoking kratom deals rather quickly and deliver the products right at your doorstep. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our store and place your orders today!

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