Before you decide to buy Kratom, you must know a few things about the Kratom cost. What are the average Kratom powder rates in the market? What makes up this cost? Is buying online more expensive than shopping at local Kratom stores?

In this article, we’ll discuss all these things in detail. If you’re a newbie, this information will help you make the right decisions about your Kratom purchases.

How Much Does Kratom Cost? what is cost of kratom

Generally, Kratom doesn’t cost a lot, considering the amount of work that goes into making it available for purchase. Depending on the type of Kratom you’re buying, the prices differ.

For instance, Kratom powder is sold by the ounce or kilogram. Let’s discuss a common strain. You can buy Maeng da Kratom in smaller quantities or place an order for bulk purchases. As the amount increases, the price of Kratom per gram gets lower. Let’s explain how.

For example, if you buy Green Maeng da powder from Buy Kratom Bulk USA, you’ll get 100 grams for $20. Keeping this price in mind, you’d expect 250 grams to cost $50. However, the actual price of 250 grams of Kratom powder is $40.

Likewise, if you consider the 100 grams for $20 price point in mind, you’d think a kratom wholesale kilo pack of Maeng da would cost $200. But the actual cost is just $140.

As you can see, it’s more economical to buy a larger amount. Along with saving money, you also get a large supply of the strain that will last for weeks.

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Cost of Kratom Capsules

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If you buy the same herb in an encapsulated form, you’ll get it at a different price. The price for Kratom capsules is always higher than the powder. It’s due to the various factors that we’ll discuss in the article later.

For now, let’s compare the prices of Green Maeng da capsules with the powder. The lowest order you can place is 500 capsules, containing around 250 grams of powder, for $60.

Compared to 250 grams of Kratom powder, you’re paying $20 extra when you buy Kraytum capsules. Similarly, if you buy 2000 capsules containing a kilogram of Kratom powder, you get it at $195, which is much higher than the $140 you have to pay for the same amount of powder without the capsule shell.

Why would you pay a high Kratom cost for the same amount of powder? That’s because Kratom capsules are convenient to store and carry. If you’ve not stored the Kratom powder well, it will likely go stale or be contaminated.

In contrast, capsules can withstand all sorts of environments and are a much smarter purchase.

What Makes up Kratom Cost?

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Now, let’s talk about the factors that add up to make the Kratom cost. You’ll notice that the prices of Kratom differ from one vendor to another. Why is that? Well, the price depends on plenty of things discussed below:


Firstly, the packaging determines a portion of the Kratom’s cost. Vendors that send their products in airtight packaging are spending more money, so their prices are higher. Compared to that, a vendor who simply packages their products in a paper bag will have lower prices.

It’s better to buy Kratom from vendors who focus on good packaging. Kratom, if not packaged correctly, can quickly lose its alkaloid concentration and quality.

Capsule Shells

As discussed earlier, capsules are slightly more expensive than powder, no matter which Kratom strain or Kratom color you buy. That’s because the vendor also has to add the shell’s price to the final Kratom cost.


Kratom must be stored properly if you want it to retain its properties for a long time. Vendors that have outstanding storage facilities for Kratom charge higher because of this added cost.

It’s better to pay higher for a well-stored powder than get poorly-stored – and most probably low quality – Kratom for a low price.


Lastly, testing costs are also added to the final Kratom price. Vendors that test all their batches for impurities and metal contamination are looking out for your safety. In doing so, they have to spend more on ensuring that the product reaching you is in the best shape.

Online vs. Local: Which is More Expensive?

Some buyers find local shops cheaper than online stores, while others don’t feel a difference between the two. It depends on the vendor you’re buying from and the amount you’ve purchased.

If you want to save on Kratom, you should buy it online, where you’ll get wholesale Kratom with premium quality for low prices.

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Final Words

Now that you have a little idea about Kratom cost, you can go ahead and place your order at Buy Kratom Bulk USA. We ship your orders in 24 hours because no one should have to wait for their Kratom fix. If you want to learn more, you can always find useful articles on our Kratom blog.

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