Kratom Ban in The US

Since the rise in popularity of Kratom in the US – owing to the numerous properties of its many strains – the kratom has been getting the negative attention of Big Pharma and those with vested interests at the position of power. This article, we will highlight the frantic efforts by them to impose a complete kratom ban. Who are the people behind it and why are they trying their level best to ban kratom?  To make things clear for the readers, we will also scrutinize the reasons that are attributed to this widely misunderstood botanical herb and the wrong comparisons that are made with other items.

We’ll also mention the valiant efforts by the united and dedicated kratom community in the US to preserve their right to freedom. A kratom ban would be a direct assault on their constitutional right. Their selfless efforts and the successes that they have achieved so far against the powerful lobby are worth a mention. So this article is all about them.

Let us start by tackling all the misunderstandings regarding Kratom.

Misunderstandings That Provide Impetus to a Potential Kratom Ban

It is unfortunate that even today, few people have gross misconceptions about what kratom is. Their misinterpretations and wrong notions regarding this naturally occurring botanical herb have resulted in rise of such a situation. This situation is exploited by the powerful lobby with vested interests  for their own financial and political benefit. Thus, trying to propose a complete kratom ban in the US.

To better understand this, it is pertinent to have a quick overview of what kratom is actually.

Clarifying the Misunderstandings About Kratom

Kratom is a botanical herb that is obtained from the leaves of a tropical tree called Mitragyna Speciosa. This tree, more commonly known as the Kratom tree, is found abundantly all over Southeast Asian regions. Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Papua New Guinea, and Vietnam – all these Southeast Asian countries have the kratom trees growing commonly in their territories. Their local populace, for centuries, had considered the kratom as a central part of their daily lives. Their cultural, social, religious, and communal festivities were considered incomplete without kratom. These natives, many centuries ago, had discovered the technique to extract kratom from the kratom leaves. They did it much earlier than the colonizing Westerners showed up on their lands and started taking interest in it.

All Natural Extraction Process

The extraction process used by the native Southeast Asians was theoretically simple. The kratom leaves, when of the right age, were harvested by the expert harvesters having a keen eye to identify the best quality kratom leaves. After harvesting the kratom leaves, the harvesters would dry them in the sunlight for a few days before grinding them manually into kratom powder. As evident, the process is 100% natural, with 100% natural ingredients. There was nothing unnatural about it then as there is nothing unnatural about kratom now. A kratom ban, for this reason, looks utterly senseless to all those who understand this herb even the slightest.

Now let us have a look at what the statics say about kratom in the US.

Statistical Data About Kratom in The US

Based on a survey that was conducted in 2016 sponsored by AKA (American Kratom Association), the following statistics were revealed:

  • There are about five million regular buyers of kratom in the US (a number that has most likely increased considerably today).
  • 98% of people who buy kratom do not consider it to be harmful or dangerous.
  • 95% of those who buy kratom believe that imposing a kratom ban would be overall harmful to the society.
  • 66% believed that they may end up with something else that is neither legal nor safe if the lawmakers impose a total kratom ban.
  • The data was collected from a sample of 6150 regular kratom buyers

Analyzing the Statistical Data on Kratom

If we analyze the data objectively, it is revealed that there is a huge kratom community in the US that regularly buys kratom in one form or another. The data also reveals that the overwhelming majority of these people believe kratom to be harmless and a kratom ban would do much more damage to the society as it will close all the legal ways for kratom enthusiasts to buy kratom. This might give way to illegal activities concerning kratom. All the while encouraging criminals to benefit from the situation and depriving the government of an important source of revenues.

Efforts to Place a Complete Kratom Ban

Ignoring all the above stated facts, few government regulatory bodies have been trying to ban kratom in the US. So far, they have not been able to impose a complete kratom ban, however, they certainly intend to do so.

Why? Perhaps Big Pharma and their sympathetic lawmakers would be better suited to answer this question.

In the past, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) has unsuccessfully tried to impose a complete kratom ban by attempting to get it enlisted in the category of harmful items. This effort was vehemently opposed by the members of civil society and a few unprejudiced Congressmen. Today, following US States have placed a kratom ban in its all forms Arkansas, Alabama, Indiana, Vermont Wisconsin.

Should There Be a Complete Kratom Ban?

The misunderstandings and wrong concepts regarding kratom have given rise to the discussion on print, electronic, and social media regarding a complete kratom ban in the US. The Kratom buyers maintain a stance that there should not be any ban on kratom in the US. They have solid reasons for it. Some of those are mentioned henceforth:

  • A lot of people prefer natural herbs. No government authority or a regulatory should have any right to deny them their basic right by imposing a ban on kratom.
  • By imposing a ban on kratom, the kratom buying and selling activity risks going underground. It is very likely that due to this kratom ban, the illegal kratom business activities will start flourishing. These criminals would benefit more from the imposed ban on kratom. This would give rise to crime rates and law-breaking incidents on the streets.
  • The government, as of now, earns a lot of revenues through taxes on imports and sales of kratom products like kratom powders and kratom capsules. If a kratom ban is imposed, the government will deprive itself of an important source of revenue for itself that contributes positively to the US Gross National Product every year.
  • There are thousands of direct and hundreds of thousands of indirect jobs that are connected with the kratom businesses in the US. A ban on kratom would drastically increase joblessness, making a bad situation worse for the people as well as the government.
  • Many studies and researches are currently underway on various aspects related to Kratom. A kratom ban would deny the scientists the opportunity to study the kratom outside the laboratory and making important conclusions about it. These experiments and studies are crucial in developing our understanding of kratom.

Future Prospects of a Kratom Ban

Many Kratom activists and good kratom brands with a sense of social responsibility have taken it upon themselves. They are spreading awareness about kratom and also resisting the kratom ban. They have been successful in stopping the Big Pharma and the powerful lobby from imposing a ban on kratom. At least till now. However, the fight is long and still ongoing.

How to Go About it?

To start with, there needs to be a better understanding developed among the masses as well as the government regarding kratom. There is an urgent need for deeper research into this wonderful product. The government, instead of just trying to place a ban on kratom, should fund the researches and studies about kratom so that its mysteries can be understood more by those who deny it.

There is a need for a consensus between the concerns of the millions of kratom enthusiasts and the government. Let us suppose that a ban on kratom is imposed unilaterally without listening to the kratom enthusiasts. This might result in a rise in negative sentiments in the people. The voice of the people must be heard, that is how the democracies work.

A kratom ban will never serve its intended purpose. Instead, the government must formulate a truly effective strategy that is devised by taking all the stakeholders on board. The kratom community in the US stands united, ready to defend the rights granted to the people by the Constitution. Instead of serving the financial interests of the Big Pharma, the lawmakers must care for the demands of the people who have voted for them.

At Buy Kratom Bulk USA, we stand for the right of all Americans to exercise their right to freedom. Our great country was founded on the principles of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. We must resist all such inimical forces who intend to deprive us of the basic rights that are granted to us by the constitution and for which our forefathers gave their lives. We request you to join us in preserving our right to protect kratom and resist the powerful in imposing a kratom ban.



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