2019 was a busy year for Kratom and Kratom enthusiasts, as the herb continued to get popular in North America. However, 2020 is even more happening, with a lot going on related to Kratom in all parts of the world, including legal issues. So what are the Kratom ban 2020 updates? Let’s explore in this article.

Kratom in 2020

kratom ban united states 2020

As a whole, 2020 mostly remained a great year for Kratom due to Kratom’s high demand. According to some estimates, the number of Kratom buyers has exceeded 5 million this year in the US.

The popularity of Kratom in the West was also good news for most Southeast Asian economies, especially Indonesia that now exports Kratom worth more than USD 300 million.

The money flowing to the rural areas of Indonesia and into the hands of underprivileged yet hard-working farmers also have a positive impact on the rural economy, helping millions to get a better lifestyle. In some rural areas in Indonesia, the Kratom tree is now even called a “money tree.”

The economic impact is not the only positive Kratom effect. The Kratom tree is the natural part of Southeast Asian rainforests that are facing rapid deforestation.

However, the rise in demand, and more cultivation, especially farmers switching from palm oil to Kratom, is helping rainforests and jungles grow back.

Keep in mind, Southeast Asia contains around 15% of all rainforest areas in the world, but they are shrinking fast, mostly because of palm oil cultivation (Indonesia is the largest exporter of palm oil in the world, followed by Malaysia). However, Kratom plantation has slowed the rate of deforestation, and in some regions, even reversed it.

Kratom Ban Updates 2020

kratom ban update

Unfortunately, the popularity and positive impact of Kratom (on the economy and environment) in 2020 is not welcomed everywhere, including North America. With the DEA and FDA putting up efforts to ban Kratom in the US, NGOs like the American Kratom Association are doing their best to resist such moves.

At this point, you may be wondering what the current Kratom ban status is in 2020? How many states in the US have banned Kratom? How many countries in the world consider Kratom illegal?

Kratom Ban US Update 2020 KRATOM ban us update

In the US, Kratom is currently banned in 6 different states. These states include Alabama, Indiana, Vermont, Arkansas, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin. Other than these, some cities have also banned Kratom.

You can also learn more about the legal status in your state in one of our recent blog posts, is Kratom legal in my state?

However, FDA is still trying to put a federal level ban on Kratom, as they want to list the core Kratom ingredients, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and mitragynine, as Schedule 1 substances. Even though FDA first proposed this back in October 2017, associations like the American Kratom Association (AKA) successfully resisted the move.

For now, you can easily buy Kratom from local shops as well as from online vendors. You can also find almost all Kratom strains in all popular forms online, including Kratom powder and Kratom capsules.

Kratom Ban Global Update 2020

ban on kratom

Right now, Kratom is illegal in 18 countries. Other than that, there are no legal issues in traveling with Kratom or buying it. However, in some European countries, like Italy and Ireland, there are local (city, town) bans in rare cases.

The positive Kratom ban update 2020 at Global scale is, Kratom is expected to become a legal substance in Thailand in the coming months. Kratom has been banned in Thailand since 1979, but the parliament in Thailand is currently discussing the legalization of Kratom and uplifting the ban.

Simply put, a lot is happening when it comes to Kratom legalization, with states in the US and countries, introducing Kratom related bills, retracting them, and revising them all the time.

The most alarming news for the Kratom community is the talk of the Kratom ban in Indonesia, which is the largest supplier and grower of Kratom. In fact, 95% of all Kratom imported into the US comes from Indonesia.

Final Words

We are sure you now have all the information about the Kratom ban in 2020. However, this is not enough, as a lot is still happening, so the future ahead is still not clear. With the FDA putting more and more efforts to ban Kratom in the US, the legal fight will only get more intense.

However, there is also a positive Kratom ban update 2020 as well, as the Thai parliament is discussing a bill to legalize Kratom in the country. If you want to learn more about Kratom related news, you can always find helpful articles on our Kratom blog.

Kratom ban update


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