If you seek premium Kratom strains, it’s necessary to find a reputed dealer you can trust. One of the most popular choices has been Kraken Kratom, a relatively new supplier in the Kratom industry.

Kraken Kratom is getting a lot of attention from Kratom enthusiasts in the US due to its neat website, exciting offers, and incredible prices. Kratom capsules are one of the most sought after products in their line of Kratom products.

However, what you see on the surface level is not the true reflection of quality. So, we will be reviewing Kraken Kratom capsules to see if they are worth the hype.

Kraken Kratom Capsules

kraken kratom capsules for sale

Kraken Kratom offers a wide range of Kratom strains with different vein colors. Their Kratom powders also come in capsules, which are among their best selling products. They can be a good alternative for those who are not fond of Kratom powder or extracts.

Kraken Kratom best Kratom capsule varieties are all-natural and vegan. The brand claims that these capsules contain purified water and natural vegetable cellulose. They are free from gelatin, wheat, animal by-products, or preservatives, making them Kosher and Halal certified.

You can buy premade capsules or get the empty capsules in different sizes to fill them up yourself using Kratom powder. The empty capsules give you the liberty to customize the capsules from their capacity to the powder blend inside them.

These capsules are a popular choice among many customers.

Kraken Kratom also offers tea capsules loaded with refined Kratom extracts to step up the usual extracts.

Capsule Varieties

Currently, Kraken Kratom has 11 Kratom products in their filled capsule line, including the widely popular: kraken kratom capsules

Apart from the plain leaf Kratom capsules, they also offer kratom tablets. Unlike the typical capsules, these tablets do not have an external coating. Instead, the kratom powder itself is used to create a solid form.

The tea capsules are a new addition in the capsule line up, and they are available in limited supply. These select varieties of capsules and tablets include:

  • Kraken Gold tea tablets
  • Kraken Platinum tea capsules
  • Kraken Gold tea capsules
  • Ultra-Enhanced Indo tea capsules

Their Ultra-Enhanced Indo tea capsules are the top favorite with the broad spectrum of naturally occurring alkaloids.

Another interesting product in the list is the Kraken Gold tea tablets that contain refined Gold 45% mitragynine extract.

Capsule Pricing

Kraken Kratom offers low pricing, exciting deals, and free shipping that make it desirable among its customers. The brand comes out with exclusive discounts on its products each week.

Kraken Kratom also provides sample packs for new customers. It is quite an affordable option in the market today.

The company retails Bali, Maeng Da, Red and White Kratom capsules in the following quantities: kraken kratom price

  • 28g
  • 56g
  • 112g

The 28g package retails for as low as $15.45 while the 112g can be as high as $79.97, depending on the strain.

The Kraken Kratom tea capsules and tablets come in five, ten, and twenty counts. They start from as low as $19.95.

Kraken Kratom Capsules at Wholesale

If you want to order Kratom in bulk, the brand sells its products at wholesale rates too. It is a perfect option for retailers and those who are regular buyers.

You can create a wholesale account on the Kraken Kratom website and access their wholesale Kratom products.

Kraken Kratom Discount Coupons 

The company frequently offers Kratom capsules coupons to its customers. You can quickly become a priority member by signing up on their website. Then, you will receive their special discount codes, promos, and other exclusive deals.

Kraken Kratom rewards loyalty through its reward system. On every purchase, you get points that can be collected and redeemed to buy Kratom products.

Kraken Kratom Customer Reviews

kraken review online

Overall, the customers are quite impressed with Kraken Kratom’s customer service. We came across reviews such as “best customer service ever and top quality products”.

Based on our detailed analysis, Kraken Kratom has been a reliable brand for many. It offers fast shipping, excellent customer service, and reasonable prices.

One thing that bugged us was that some reviews mentioned the price variations of Kraken Kratom products. The retail stores and other websites are reselling their products at higher prices.

Although Kraken is not to be blamed for this, it is better to purchase their products from the official website and reliable sellers only.

Final Words

Overall, Kraken Kratom is a brand you can trust in the ever-growing Kratom industry. You can get good quality capsules delivered to your doorstep in no time.

The company maintains its customer base by frequently offering discounts and promos on their already reasonably priced products. The free shipping by the brand is a big highlight that has attracted many customers. To learn more, you can also read our Kratom blog.

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