Whether you want to buy Kratom online or from a local vendor, quality is always a concern. That’s why a lot of people wonder if they can grow Kratom themselves? Is Kratom safe to garden with?

Kratom enthusiasts would obviously like to dabble into Kratom gardening. But, some things are better left to the experts. Growing Kratom is not child’s play, and you’ll soon find out why. Let’s discuss it in detail and find the answer to, is Kratom really safe if you want to grow it in your garden?

Where Does Kratom Grow? kratom is safe for me

Kratom grows mainly in Southeast Asia. Some prominent source countries being Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Even in those countries, it’s not every farmer who can cultivate high-quality Kratom.

For centuries, locals have been growing Kratom in the region, learning about different Kratom strains, and introducing them to the rest of the world. With time, these farmers have become extremely expert in the matter, and it’s hard to match their skill level.

Moreover, a lot more goes into making the Kratom powder that you buy from a store. For example, after harvesting, the leaves are usually ground in huge industrial grinders.

Since there is a broader market for powder, most of the Kratom is sold as a powder. However, some of the powder from the ground leaves is encapsulated into Kratom capsules.

Recently, Kratom capsules have become very popular due to their ease of storage and transport. While you have to be extremely careful about carrying powder, capsules are relatively easier to store, even in confined spaces.

Is Kratom Really Safe to Garden With?

Enough with the basics? Let’s explore the answer to the actual topic.

Conditions for Kratom Growth how to use kratom

Origin isn’t the only issue for people who want to garden with Kratom. The biggest obstacle in this regard is the lack of proper growing conditions for the plant. Regardless of the type, every plant needs specific moisture, soil, heat, and light conditions.

In the absence of these conditions, a plant may not grow at all. Even if it does grow, it may do so at a stunted rate with low yield.

Since Kratom grows in Southeast Asia, the region’s temperature is suitable for the plant. The weather in Kratom’s origin countries is warm and humid – perfect for Kratom growth. Also, the soil has the right water and mineral content.

Before you consider kratom gardening, you have to think if you can provide the plant its required conditions. Unfortunately, in the US, it’s not possible.

Even if you create an artificial environment in your backyard, using advanced gardening methods, you won’t be able to provide Kratom its natural habitat. Along with being extremely expensive, this method of Kratom gardening will give poor results.

Growing Different Strains kratom usage

Another concern for aspiring Kratom gardeners is that growing different strains require a certain skill and expertise level. In its earlier stages, the Kratom plant yields Green vein Kratom.

As it matures to mid-youth, farmers harvest the leaves to form white vein Kratom. Finally, when the plant is the oldest, its leaves are harvested to make red vein Kratom.

You can also learn about the different types of Kratom in one of our recent posts.

When you grow Kratom away from its native land, a lot can go wrong. What if the conditions aren’t suitable enough for Kratom to reach full height and maturity? Also, the lack of proper growing conditions can lower the alkaloid concentration of the plant.

More importantly, you’re not an expert Kratom farmer. Therefore, you wouldn’t know when to harvest a certain strain. As a result, your final product – powder or leaves – will not be as good as the one you buy from a store.

Can You Garden Kratom in the US? kratom is safe for me to use

Millions of Kratom enthusiasts buy the plant annually in the US. That makes one wonder, why don’t these people grow Kratom in their backyard? Because it’s not that easy.

Kratom legality in the US differs across states. Thus, it may not be legal in your state to carry or store Kratom. Even if you want to grow Kratom, make sure to check the Kratom legality map beforehand.

An Alternative to Kratom Gardening

Now you know how hard it is to grow Kratom in the US. Well, how else can you acquire it then? The easiest route to getting Kratom is through online vendors. They have a wide range of Kratom colors, from green to yellow vein Kratom. 

Also, if you place a bigger order or buy wholesale Kratom kilo, you’ll surely get free shipping and a discount on your order. On the contrary, most local vendors do not offer such perks as they’re operating on a smaller scale.

Final Words

As Kratom enthusiasts, we share your sentiment of wanting to garden with Kratom. It’s a great way to save on Kratom. However, in this guide, we discussed in detail: is Kratom safe to garden with?

By now, you should know that it’s best to leave Kratom cultivation and processing to the pros. You can also visit our Kratom blog to learn more about this unique herb.

is kratom safe for use

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