In most of the states in the US, Kratom is available for unrestricted sale, except to people that are less than a certain age. That too varies from state to state. So, if you are a resident of Alabama, you might ask, is kratom legal in Alabama?

When it comes to Alabama, the trends and laws are quite different in comparison to other regions. As a result of this, many kratom enthusiasts remain confused about its legal status in this state.

The simplest answer to your question about Kratom’s legality in Alabama would be, no! Kratom is not legal in the state of Alabama, even though many other states allow the sale and purchase of this herb.

So, why does Alabama restrict the sale and purchase of Kratom? What does the future hold for Kratom in Alabama, and are there any bills pending that may add some relaxation in the local laws? In this article, we will answer all these questions for you.

Is Kratom Legal in Alabama in 2021?

Kratom's Legality in Alabama US

Before 2014, the sale and purchase of Kratom capsules (and other products) were allowed in Alabama. However, this changed after that when the Senate proposed the very first bill to restrict the trade of kratom.

Of course, such a bill was not wholeheartedly welcomed by everyone. In 2016 when the DEA shows its intent of placing a nationwide kratom ban, there was a severe backlash from Kratom enthusiasts.

Even in the state of Alabama, kratom enthusiasts did everything that they could to reverse the intent. Of course, the DEA later withdrew the intent and the Kratom trade started booming again in many states.

But while Kratom was benefiting the US economy in other states, Alabama Senate decided to put a ban on Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine. Since these two components are a major part of Kratom, it automatically meant that Kratom would be restricted too.

So even though Kratom itself is not restricted in Alabama, it contains a major portion of two restricted components.

Kratom enthusiasts are still trying to lift these restrictions. In this regard, two petitions in 2016 and 2017, have not had much luck. So, in simple terms, Kratom is currently not legal in 2021. However, chances are that the efforts being made by kratom enthusiasts may at least yield some results.

Buying Kratom in Alabama

Well, since Kratom is not allowed for sale and purchase in Alabama, there is no way you can legally obtain it in this state. This also means that trying to obtain this herb through any unfair means can result in heavy fines and legal penalties that you would want to avoid.

Furthermore, the law does not allow you to take kratom strains along with you to Alabama. So, if you are arriving from another state where the sale/purchase of Kratom is allowed, make sure that you are not bringing along kratom or its other derivatives in any form.

Kratom in the Other States

Is Kratom Legal in Alabama 2021

Alabama is not the only state where Kratom is currently restricted for sale. There are 5 other states that completely restrict the possession, sale, and purchase of Kratom. These include Arkansas, Rhode Island, Indiana, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

Along with that, in other states, Kratom may have restrictions in certain jurisdictions and not in the entire state. Take the example of California, for instance, Here, Kratom is allowed for sale, purchase, and possession throughout the state except in San Diego. This is the only city in California where you cannot buy or sell kratom.

Similarly, you can buy or sell Kratom in all the cities in Florida except Sarasota County. Similarly, in other states also, similar rules may apply.

So, before traveling with Mitragyna Speciosa to another city or state, we suggest you thoroughly check the local laws and other rules. This can help you stay away from any possible trouble with the law enforcement agencies.

Where to Buy Kratom in Regions Where It is Legal?

Kratom's Legal status in Alabama kratom legality

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