The question of ‘Is Kratom an opioid?’ has been troubling Kratom enthusiasts worldwide. Ever since news began to pop up about FDA’s stance to enlist Kratom as Schedule-I, the same category as some of the opioids, various Kratom buyers became unsure about this all-natural botanical herb.

For those who don’t know, opioids are substances that are found naturally in the opium poppy or are derived synthetically from it. These synthetic opioids include heroin and prescription narcotics like oxycodone and hydrocodone. Since the information available on the topic of ‘Is Kratom an opiate?’ varies, we – at Buy Kratom Bulk USA – took it upon ourselves to apprise our customers regarding the truth behind Kratom. While it’s established that opioids can be harmful, is it fair to put Kratom in the same category as them? Keep reading to find out!

The Truth About Kratom: Is It An Opioid?

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First things first, Kratom is NOT an opioid! So if you’re a Kratom customer who was worried about Kratom falling into that category, you no longer have to be worried. This famous herb is actually obtained from the Mitragyna speciosa trees that grow naturally in the Southeast Asian regions.

Kratom has existed for centuries in Southeast Asia; however, the Western world discovered this botanical herb in 1836. Since its discovery, various studies have been conducted on Kratom. Experts have found that the Kratom leaf changes color as it matures, and these colors have different properties!

The three primary Kratom colors are:

Furthermore, studies have also shown that the Kratom trees growing in different areas of the Southeast Asian region have peculiar properties as well! This is because of slight differences in the growing conditions of these regions, and because of these differences, customers can find a variety of Kratom strains.

What Gives Kratom Special Properties? is kratom an opioid kratom for sale

As mentioned above, Kratom of different colors and regions has varying properties. For those who are wondering, ‘Whether Kratom is an opioid?’ knowing what gives Creatum (yet another name by which kratom is referred to) these unique properties are just as important as anything else!

Countless articles on the web will answer ‘Is Kratom an opioid?’ by pointing to Kratom’s ingredients and saying yes it is! However, these articles are from a time when these ingredients were not as well researched as they are today, or the articles were simply written by people who wanted to ruin Kratom’s reputation. The truth is Kratom has several ingredients but none of them are opioids!

Studies have shown that there exist up to 25 different alkaloids inside the Kratom leaf. While these alkaloids are responsible for Kratom’s properties, people who are worried about ‘Is Kratom an opiate?’ can rest in peace as these alkaloids do not fall in the same category! The primary alkaloids responsible for Kratom’s properties are known as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Why Do People Think Kratom Is An Opioid?

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So, if Kratom isn’t an opioid, how did this debate begin in the first place? This story’s origin goes back to the days when Kratom has just started gaining prominence in the US.

Some vendors took advantage of the unclear Kratom legal status, and since Kratom was not regulated, they began to supply low-quality Kratom for sale. Some of the Kratom being provided was even infected with salmonella or just very old and harmful. When reports of these infected and old Kratom products began to pop up, many assumed that Kratom itself was responsible instead of the quality of the Kratom concerned. As a result, people began to assume that the answer to ‘Is Kratom an opiate?’ was yes!

Some scientists further backed up these claims by pointing out that some active alkaloids in Kratom react with the same receptors in the brain that opioids react with. However, other scientists joined the discussion and cleared the confusion by stating that just because Kratom’s alkaloids react with the same receptors, it does not mean that Kratom is an opioid.

Need for Kratom Regulation

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This whole debate on ‘Is Kratom an opiate or opioid?’ points to one thing: the need for Kratom regulation and authentic Kratom information! If both these things existed, customers who buy Kratom would have little to no problems when searching for their preferred Kratom variety.

If Kratom were regulated, faulty vendors wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the five million-plus customers who buy Kratom regularly! Customers will no longer worry if the Kratom they’re buying is filled with additives or as pure and organic as the vendor claims. Furthermore, more studies on Kratom will provide in-depth knowledge of the mysterious Kratom herb to help humans understand it better. If a Kratom ban is enforced and Kratom gets listed as a Schedule 1 substance, its reputation will suffer a lot! In this scenario, the world could be robbed of this all-natural botanical herb. Passionate Kratom supporters would certainly not want such a thing to happen!

Where to Buy Authentic Kratom

Now that you don’t have to worry about ‘Is Kratom belongs to an opioid?’, why not buy some of the best Kratom available in the market? As mentioned before, some vendors provide faulty Kratom products, and this makes it highly important for customers to be aware of reliable Kratom providers.

This is where we at Buy Kratom Bulk USA come in! When you buy your Kratom from us, you can be sure that it is pure, organic Kratom sourced directly from Southeast Asian regions. Our farmers in those areas are experts at harvesting Kratom, and because of this, we provide some of the best Kratom capsules and powders in the market. Don’t believe us? Give our Kratom a buy and see for yourself!

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