Kratom is a fascinating herb. After being a popular part of native Southeast Asian traditions and culture for centuries, the herb is now making inroads into the West. Interestingly, there is much more than just buying Kratom powder, Kratom extract, or Kratom capsules for the people new to it. For example, you can even make Kratom soap on incense on your own. To learn more about this, keep reading.

Kratom or Mitragyna speciosa soap is common in Native Southeast Asian countries where Kratom is produced in abundance, like Thailand, Malaysian, and Indonesia. However, if you have Kratom powder with you, you can make your own Kratom soap or incense.

Enough with the basics? Let’s move onto the actual part of making soap and incense from kratom.

Can I Use Kratom in My Soap?

use kratom at home

It may feel a little surprising, but it is a fact that you can use most of the herbs in making your own soap, including Kratom. Many Americans make their own homemade soap. More and more people now prefer to make their own soaps with more awareness about the benefits of organic products and the side effects of chemicals used in soaps available in the market.

And why not? First, it is not that difficult as most of us believe. You can make your own soap in 5 to 6 easy to follow steps, following a simple process. You can find hundreds of blogs as well as YouTube videos that can help.

On top of that, Kratom soap is chemically stable. You can also mix nutritious oils into the ingredients, that can provide a layer of nutrients required by your skin. It is all up to you, and what ingredients are you using with Kratom powder.

Use Kratom to Make Soap

Yes, as Kratom is a herb with active ingredients, you can make your own soap with it, like other herbs. This makes a good option for those who believe in holistic and organic living, and want to make their own products from soaps to shampoo.

If you are wondering is Kratom safe to make soap, you can read our detailed post on the topic.

The herbal soap keeps your skin safe from chemicals and harmful additives present in the commercially available soaps and keeps your skin clean, healthy, and glowing.

Not only that, but when you make your own herbal soap, you can add natural fragrances and other ingredients according to your liking. This way, you can get a product that is customized according to your precise needs.

Looks exciting, right? If you are, let’s move onto more details about using Kratom to make soap.


use kratom powder

To start with, you need a set of ingredients with you. But don’t worry, you can find all the necessary ingredients in the nearby local shop. For Kratom, you can buy your favorite Kratom strain powder from Buy Kratom Bulk USA.

Here is a quick list of ingredients that can help you make at least two large bars of soap or around 5 to 6 small bars. The size of the bar is always up to you.

  • Glycerin soap base: three cups
  • Lemongrass leaves: quarter cup
  • Extra virgin coconut oil/Lemongrass essential oil/Palm oil (whatever you prefer or is readily available): one and a half teaspoon
  • Kratom powder (you can choose any of the Kratom strains available on Buy Kratom Bulk USA): one teaspoon
  • Soap molding trays (you can also use muffin cooking pans)

If you want more than two large bars, you can simply double all these ingredients, and you can make 4, and so on. However, keep in mind, the actual size of the bar depends on the size of the molding tray you have. In most cases, they are available in only small and large bar sizes, so not much confusion there.

Also, this ingredient list is for the Kratom soap recipe we are using in this article. You can find many different lists with an array of ingredients and can come up with your own as well. However, if this is your first time, we recommended stick to the basics.

Once you are comfortable with the entire process and have enough practice, you can customize the ingredient list and can do your own experiments as well. Perhaps, try different Kratom strains with a range of natural fragrances, oils, or other herbs. It is all up to you as long as the chemical balance remains stable.

To put it in simple words, there are probably thousands of different combinations and recipes to make your own Kratom soap. Also depends on if you are using the best Kratom strain.

Use Kratom to Make Soap: Steps to Follow

To start with, you need to mix the lemongrass leaves and Kratom powder into simmering water. Keep infusing the combination gently for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. For this, we prefer you to use a double boiler.

Some of you may be wondering, what to do if we don’t have a double boiler? Don’t worry, there is always a hack for everything. If you don’t have a double boiler, you can instead use two pots, one small and one large.

You can nest the small pot inside the large pot. Make sure the simmering water is only in the large pot, at the bottom. Put the glycerin soap base in the smaller pot and heat it unless it turns into liquid.

Next, add everything into the liquid glycerin soap base, including oils, herbal infusion (Kratom and lemongrass leaves in this case) you just made, and any other herb. For example, you can also add Irish seaweed powder to the mixture for even better results.

When adding everything to the liquid glycerin base, make sure to add the mixture gradually and keep stirring it. This will ensure even distribution of ingredients in the soap. Make sure to not to let ingredients settle in clumps, by spreading them out.

Once you have a perfect and even liquid mixture, pour it into the soap molding trays. If you don’t own one, don’t worry. You can also use cupcake or muffin cooking pans. Let the liquid mixture cool for some time. Once it gets back to the solid-state, you get your soap bar. Easy, isn’t it?

At most, if you follow the entire process without any break, it takes around 40 minutes. Make sure to let the mixture become hard solid before you try to lift the ups from the molding tray. Some people hurry and it falls off or loses its structure. Try to use a non-stick silicone mold, as it makes it easier to lift the soap bars.

In case you don’t have one, use the plastic layer inside your pans. Next, when can you use your Kratom soap? You can use it once it is not hot enough for you. Once it completely cools down, it will be as solid as your normal soap.

Use Kratom to Make Incense

how to use Kratom capsules

For those who are into aromatherapy, making their own Kratom incense can make a lot of sense. As Kratom in the powder form can mix in a lot of solutions, you can also use it to make your own Kratom incense.

The only thing you need is the right and quality products, like authentic and pure Kratom powder. For this, make sure to buy Kratom from only the most trusted online stores and brands. Buy Kratom Bulk USA has some great kratom for sale for this purpose.

Here is a quick method about how to use Kratom to make incense.

Ingredients and Process

To start with, you need Kratom powder along with other herbs of your liking. Some great options are cedar, lavender, sandalwood, and lemongrass. They also mix well with Kratom powder.

Make sure you also have mortar and pestle, as you need to grind your mixture. You also need Makko to burn the incense, as well as wax paper.

Once you have all the ingredients, follow this simple process.

Mix all the herbs with Kratom powder and grind the mixture with the use of mortar and pestle. Once done, let the grounded mixture sit for some time. Add around 20% of Makko to the mixture. That is, the ration of herbs to Makko should be 80:20.

Now, start adding warm water gradually and stir it, unless you get some consistent thickness like that of a play-doh.

Now, take a small chunk and roll it out into a thin layer. Now, wrap it around a stick, preferably a bamboo stick. Now, place the stick on the wax paper you have.

Let the sticks dry for around four to five days. This is it, you have your Kratom incense.

Final Words

We have answered the question, how to use Kratom to make incense as well as soap in this article in detail. We are sure you can now easily make your own following simple to follow steps we have shared. In case you want to learn more about Kratom as well as other Kratom products, you can always visit our Kratom blog and read more.

Fell free to let us know in the comments how it all went for you? How was the final product? What was your experience with your first Kratom soap? And above all, which Kratom strain did you use? We are waiting.


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