When it comes to Kratom, people are often confused when carrying it. The reason? Because the laws related to Kratom are not the same across the states in the US, as well as in the world. Kratom is illegal in six states in the US, and 18 countries in the world. So, how to take Kratom into another country, and if it is really safe, is a valid question.

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It is really important to learn how to carry Kratom along when you are planning for a trip, no wonder within the US, or traveling to another country. You don’t want to run into any legal troubles, and that too in another country, right?

To be honest, there is no clear federal law about how to carry Kratom within or outside the country, which only adds to the confusion.

To keep your travel safe with your favorite Katom strain, keep reading.

Legal Status of Kratom Around the World

How to take kratom powder and capsules

To start with, you first need to understand if Kratom is banned in some countries and if it is illegal, where exactly?

Let’s start with the United States. There is no federal-level ban on Kratom, but some states banned Kratom, along with a few counties and cities in other states (one such example is Denver). This makes it confusing for people who want to know how to carry Kratom from one state to another.

In the United States, Kratom is illegal in Indiana, Alabama, Wisconsin, Vermont, Arkansas, and Rhode Island. Looks scary for those who want to carry Kratom when traveling, right?

However, here is the interesting part. As Kratom is legal under federal law, you can take Kratom from one state to another when flying, but not to those states where it is banned. If you are moving around with Kratom in possession, no matter the type, like Kratom capsules or Kratom powder, in a state where it is banned, or even in a county or city where it is illegal, you can face legal action if caught.

One more thing, Kratom laws are also changing fast. While the FDA and DEA want the herb banned, NGOs like the American Kratom Association (AKA) are putting efforts to keep Kratom legal and to reverse decisions where it is banned. You can check out our blog post on the National Kratom Ban Update for the latest information.

Also, if you are just traveling through a state where it is illegal, from one state to another where it is legal, we advise not to carry Kratom along. Instead, you can just order online from authentic stores like Buy Bulk Kratom USA that can deliver to your destination within 24 hours. Don’t take a risk, play safe.

How to Take Kratom into Another Country

Let’s move onto the next section, what about when you want to move out of the country with Kratom. Well, for this, you first need to read about the laws related to the country you are traveling, and even if there is a stopover in any country.

You can learn more about the subject in one of our previous posts, is Kratom illegal. However, here is a quick checklist. Kratom is illegal in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, Japan, Israel, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

If you are traveling to any of these countries, you can’t carry Kratom with you. If you’re traveling to any other country, you can. However, even in that case, we recommend asking the customs about how to carry Kratom into that particular country. As Kratom’s legal status in some countries is still not clear, it is better to practice caution.

Can I Carry Kratom to Mexico?

How to carry kratom to Mexico

One of the most common questions by American Kratom enthusiasts is how to carry Kratom into Mexico. Well, the answer is simple – you can take Kratom to Mexico without any issue as Kratom is legal.

What about the reverse? How to bring Kratom from Mexico back into the US? As long as you are not entering into a state where Kratom is banned, you are fine and can carry it to the United States.

Final Words

We hope now you have a clear answer about taking Kratom into another country. It all depends on the country or state you are traveling to. If you’re traveling to a country where Kratom is legal, you can carry it along without any issue.

On the other hand, if Kratom is illegal in the country, you can’t carry it along. In the US, instead of traveling around with Kratom, buy Kratom online as it is a safer option, and often very quick. In case you want to learn more about Kratom and all the legal fuss around it, give our Kratom blog a read. Happy traveling!

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