In Asian countries, tea is one of the preferred beverages that people drink in the morning and evening time. With varieties of tea available in the market, tea stands out among most of the tea varieties. The reason being, it has potent and stimulating properties.

People residing in Southeast Asian countries consume tea for many years. They either chew the leaves or brew it into the tea form. This tropical plant belongs to the coffee family is grown in Indonesia, Thailand, Borneo Island, etc. It is available in different strains and a variety of veins like Red, Green, and White. So, tea drinkers can pick any strain to feel elated and consume it according to the provided dosage.

Let us now see various methods to prepare the “perfect cup” of tea.

Ways To Prepare Tea

It is necessary to know the right way to consume in the form of tea for its full effects. Tea is also one of the beneficial and effective ways to consume and great for those who cannot chew leaves or take powder if capsules are not available.

Use The Teapot Method

The tea can be made in a regular teapot just like other varieties of tea by brewing leaves or powder in hot water. It is essential if you are preparing tea in small quantities and not in large batches.

For this method, you need a teapot, leaves or powder of your liking, and a strainer. The tea can be made like:

  • Measure the serving size, as stated in the instructions. Different strains come with distinct serving and dosage instructions.
  • Now, put the in the mesh strainer or the prepared tea bags. The tea bags work great if the is in powder form and mesh strainer if you are brewing leaves.
  • Boil the water in the teapot. Once boiled, take the water from heat and let it cool for a little while.
  • After this, strain the from 5 to 20 minutes into your mug. Add water as you require.

The Pot Method

What if you want to prepare large batches of tea? The Pot Method is an answer to it. You can prepare the pot of tea into the fridge to be used anytime within five days.  Here, you require a container, powder, water, and a strainer. The mesh strainer will work for the leaves, and cheesecloth will work well for the powder. Here, is the process to prepare it:

  • Take the desired amount of water to boil. The amount of water will depend on how much tea you want to make.
  • After this, cool down the water for 3 minutes and add powder or leaves to the water.
  • Now, let this added water to simmer for 20 minutes to prepare tea.
  • Use a mesh strainer to remove the tea leaves and cheesecloth to remove the powder. It will keep the powdery sludge out of your tea.

The Sun Method

With this super simple method, you can prepare small or large batches of tea quickly. Hot water infuses the flavor fast as compared to cold water if you are looking forward to making an Iced Tea. Let’s see how to prepare Sun tea:

  • Add 12 to 15 cups of water to one gallon of glass jug.
  • Seal the powder tea bags according to the required quantity and place them into the jug or put the crushed leaves too.
  • Place the jug in a sunny location for 1 hour and not more than 5 hours. Make sure that your jug is exposed to the sun.
  • You can remove the tea bags from the jug and reseal them to be used again. You can keep for the week in the fridge.

Bonus Tip

Add citrus juice to your tea for a healthy boost. As the tea tastes bitter, so you can use honey, sugar, maple syrup, etc. as an added sweetener.

Tea is known to rejuvenate your senses and provides a stimulating effect. If you are not a fan of chewing leaves, powder, or capsules, then tea is one of the beautiful alternatives to have this herbal drink.


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