Kratom is currently a hot topic in the mainstream media, so it’s natural for people to be interested in learning more about the herb. Sourced mainly from Southeast Asia, Kratom products such as Green Indo Kratom have become a common product in the US and other parts of the world.

Since it’s considerably new, most people don’t know much about Kratom. Lucky for you, we’ll discuss a brief history of the Kratom herb and focus on different Kratom strains, particularly Green Indo Kratom, in this article.

In case you are wondering what in Indo Kratom, you can read a detailed guide on the parent strain on our blog.

History of Kratom buy indo kratom online

Like most other herbs, Kratom also comes from Southeast Asia, where people have been familiar with it for centuries.

The herb is derived from the leaves of a tree called Mitragyna speciosa. Growing in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia, this tree is popular for the powder extracted from its leaves.

The locals have been cultivating Kratom for decades, but it was only recently that Kratom became popular in the global market. Due to its increasing fame, the herb’s export has increased as well. The US alone imports one-third of the total Kratom exports from Southeast Asia.

Kratom Colors

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When you buy Kratom, you’ll notice that the herb is divided by colors and strains. Kratom colors refer to the vein color in the leaves that change with the leaves’ age.

When the Kratom tree is young, the leaves are green, and this is where green vein Kratom is extracted from. Thus, Green Indo Kratom comes from immature Kratom trees.

With age, the color changes from green to white, and the alkaloid concentration increases. In the later life stages, the leaves change color again and turn red.

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Before going into more detail about the strain, let’s talk about the name. The first part of the strain’s name ‘Green’ refers to the color of the leaves. As for the second part, ‘Indo,’ it is an ode to the source country, i.e., Indonesia.

Although green vein Kratom is grown in several countries, it’s most often sourced from Indonesia. The reason for this is the lack of export restrictions on Kratom in the country.

So, what sets green Indo Kratom apart from other strains? Mostly, it’s the phytochemical properties of the strain. Kratom contains alkaloids that are responsible for the herb’s characteristics.

Depending on the leaf color and the plant’s maturity, the alkaloid content differs. Thus, the chemical composition of the Kratom leaves gives rise to a diverse range of strains.

As mentioned above, green vein Kratom comes from the youngest leaves. Thus, the alkaloid concentration is lesser as compared to more mature leaves. In simple words, green vein color offers a better balance between alkaloids and flavonoids.

Buying Green Indo Kratom 

When you’re buying Green Indo Kratom, you have to consider two things mainly. Which seller are you going to buy from? In which form do you want the strain?

Capsules or Powder?

First off, you have to decide if you want to buy Kratom powder or Kratom capsules. If you’re going to make tea, you should buy a few ounces of Green Indo Kratom powder. Another benefit of purchasing powder is that you get higher quality and alkaloid concentration.

However, you must store the powder in an airtight container or be at risk of contamination. It’s better to put your whole supply in a big container or let it remain in the resealable bag it came in. Only take out the amount that you need at the moment to prevent air or dust contamination.

Your second option is to buy Green Indo capsules that are better if you’re traveling. They have a covering that protects them from airborne contaminants. Also, you can easily store capsules in your purse or luggage.

Online or Local? green indo

Secondly, you must decide whether you want to buy Green Indo Kratom online or from local sellers. Since the strain is fairly popular, you’ll find it at most local smoke shops and bars. However, if you want to buy in bulk, head to the online stores.

If you intend to buy Kratom capsules or would like to get a beginner’s sample before purchasing a large amount of Green Indo Kratom, shop from online sellers like Buy Kratom Bulk USA.

While local sellers are easily accessible, online vendors offer better quality and customer service.

If you’re having a hard time selecting a seller, get help from reviews. Read Yelp reviews to determine local sellers’ credibility. Likewise, vendor reviews can give you an idea about an online store’s service.

Final Verdict

Towards the end, we’d say that choose the sellers wisely when you’re buying Kratom. Since most sellers stock Green Indo Kratom, you won’t have any trouble finding it online or in local vape shops. Plus, you can find the strain in the form of capsules too.

However, you must consider the vendor quality, customer service, reputation, and reviews before placing an order. To learn about other Kratom strains, you can always find useful guides on our Kratom blog.

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