Even though most Americans can easily buy Kratom online or from local head shops and smoke shops, Kratom is still illegal to buy in a few states. There is also a constant legal argument between state agencies like DEA or FDA and NGOs like the American Kratom Association. If you are concerned about local Kratom law and want to know more about it, this article will cover all the latest FDA Kratom updates.

Keep in mind, Kratom is only illegal in six states in America, and only 18 countries in the world. Out of these 18 countries, some are going through discussions to legalize Kratom, like Thailand, where Kratom has been banned since 1979.

However, in the US, federal agencies like DEA and FDA are looking to ban Kratom for the last few years, even without any hard evidence against Kratom’s ill effects. As there is no scientific evidence that can put Kratom in a bad light, the herb is legal in almost 90% of the world.

Why is FDA after Kratom?

FDA ban on kratom update

At this point, you must be wondering, why does the FDA want to ban Kratom? Well, both FDA and DEA have concerns about the two core Kratom ingredients, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-HMG). However, both of these ingredients occur naturally in the leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree – without any synthetic additives.

In 2016, the Drug Regulatory Agency (DEA) announced that it would soon add Kratom to Schedule 1 substances, like opioids. However, they had to revert the decision after strong resistance by Kratom enthusiasts, NGOs, and other people.

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Similarly, FDA also showed a similar intent back in 2017 but again reverted after facing strong opposition. However, both federal agencies are still after Kratom, with an intent to ban Kratom at the federal level.

The agencies so far successfully convinced six states to ban Kratom, while in other states, associations like the American Kratom Association were successful in blocking all such moves, at least so far. The states where Kratom is illegal include Wisconsin, Arkansas, Alabama, Vermont, Indiana, and Rhode Island.

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FDA Ban On Kratom 2020 Updates

fda and kratom ban update 2020

It looks like the FDA has increased its efforts to ban Kratom in the US in 2020, as American Kratom Association reported an increase in the agency’s activity to ban Kratom in the US.

Even though the FDA first announced its intent to ban Kratom back in October 2017, it faced strong resistance. There is a visible expansion in both FDA and DEA, pushing their efforts to ban Kratom in more states.

In some cases, rip-off online vendors also added to the problem, as some even started selling Kratom as the Covid-19 treatment.

However, the good news is, many states are discussing and approving the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) to make sure the product remains of high quality and to stop adulteration. The act ensures buyers only get high-quality Kratom products.

As FDA mostly has an authority on food and dietary supplement, which Kratom is not, they are now trying to move forward with a theory that Kratom capsules make it a dietary supplement. Most Kratom enthusiasts and organizations like AKA dismiss this claim as nonsense.

Where to Buy Kratom in the US?

fda ban on kratom

All in all, the FDA ban on kratom is still not in place in most parts of the United States, so you can still easily buy Kratom in the country. If you want to buy Kratom, the best option is to order from reputable online vendors, like Buy Kratom Bulk USA.

As there are hundreds of online Kratom vendors, the prices are low to remain in the competition. In addition, you can find a better variety in terms of Kratom strains compared to your local head shop or gas station.

Similarly, there is also a better variation of products that include Kratom Powder, Kratom capsules, Kratom extracts, liquid Kratom, and more.

You can just order from your couch and get the Kratom products delivered to your doorstep. Simple and easy!

Final Words

We are sure you are now all updated about the latest FDA Kratom ban updates. Even though there are constant efforts from FDA and DEA to list Kratom as a schedule-I substance, thanks to the Kratom supporters, pro-kratom social activists, and organizations like the American Kratom Association, Kratom is still legal to buy and carry in most parts of the US.

In case you want to learn more about the Kratom, legal news, or different Kratom related products, you will always find our Kratom blog helpful. You can also check out one of our related posts on the National Kratom Ban Update.

kratom ban update 2020


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