Called by many different names locally and even around the world, one of them being Creatum – the famous botanical herb is known for its unique characteristic properties. What really makes it stand out though is the fact that it naturally comes in not one but so many varieties. In this blog, we will talk at length about what this herb is and discuss its variations.

We will also touch upon the legal status of Creatum (Mitragyna Speciosa) in the US. Explaining what all the friction is about between its supporters and the FDA.

Manufacturing Creatum

Before proceed further to discuss the legal status of this herb in the US, let us have a look at the manufacturing process of Creatum herb. Creatum for sale


The manufacturing process is a rather lengthy one. It starts in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia – where it naturally grows – where the native Creatum farmers source it from jungles and also from private farms. A Creatum tree is worth as much as its age.

You must be answering why is that so!

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Well, to explain this phenomenon, it is important to understand that the quality is gauged by its alkaloid concentration. And the richness in alkaloids in the Creatum leaf is directly proportional to the age of the tree.

This is the reason why the farmers treat all the most mature Creatum trees as their prized possession. The product sourced from these trees is priced higher than average – for the exact same reason.

Separating the Leaves Based on Their Vein Colors

Creatum vein colors

Back to the manufacturing process; the next step involves separating all the harvested Creatum leaves based on their vein colors.

Wondering what is the vein color? Well, most of the leaves found in the Earth-flora have a central vein running through them that is responsible for providing food and nutrients to the leaf. The same is the case with Creatum leaf. But what separates them from other leaves is the fact that the color of these veins changes with the age of the leaf, corresponding to the increase in alkaloid concentrations.

As the leaves are young, having the least levels of alkaloids, the veins are of Green color. After several weeks, as the leaves gather more and more precious nutrients and increase their alkaloid concentrations, the vein color changes to White.

As a final show of brilliance, when the leaves are fully mature and have the highest concentrations of alkaloids, the veins turn Red!

If you want to know more, here are our blogs about Red vein Creatum, White vein Creatum, and Green vein Creatum.

Drying – With or Without Sunshine

dry leaves

After the Creatum leaves have been separated from each other based on their vein colors, they are left to dry out in the open or under the shade (depending upon the method preferred by the manufacturer). Both methods have their own peculiarities. The drying process takes up to several days, depending upon different climatic factors, but at the end of this process the leaves lose almost 95% of their water content, leaving dried brittle leaves behind that are easily broken. That is exactly how they want them to be because the next step involves crushing.


crushed leaf

This last process involves crushing the dried leaves into a fine powder. This powdered form is the final product – and all other forms are further developed from it. Besides being the most famous of all products, it is also the most versatile one as it comes with the freedom for its buyers.

Once the Creatum powder is ready, it is packed and shipped to importers around the world where it is branded and sold in the local markets.

Unprecedented Rise in the Popularity of Creatum

Creatum capsules

In the past decade or two, the world at large and the US, in particular, have witnessed an unprecedented rise in popularity. Coupled with the increase in popularity, the trend of growing Creatum instead of environmentally unfriendly palm trees in the Southeast Asian countries – the overall availability has risen all around the world.

Good news for the Creatum buyers? Yes. However, like all stories, this one is not without an antagonist. Which in this case, is the Big Pharma and some governmental agencies who have taken upon themselves to get this natural herb banned in the US.

And they have made several attempts so far, albeit unsuccessfully.

Creatum Legal Status in the US

is creatum legal

It is absolutely legal to manufacture, process, carry, buy, and sell Creatum in the US federally. However, some of the states have imposed a ban on sale owing to some misconceptions about this organic herb.

While some of these states have a complete ban, several others have imposed restrictions or limitations on the sale and purchase of Creatum.

While, as a supporter, we continue to write and raise our voice against this or any future ban. We also urge all supporters to respect the law and refrain from violating or disrespecting any local or federal laws. As far as our efforts are concerned, we will continue to put forth our argument that it is a completely natural herb and it should be declared legal across the US. We have written an informative blog on DEA Creatum ban update.

If you want to read more, here is our article on the Creatum legal status in the US.

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