Kratom NYC: Is it Legal and Where to Buy?

New York is home to millions of people in the US, being the fourth most populous state. Owing to its exciting lifestyle, skyscrapers, and yellow cabs crawling on the city roads in thousands, New York has become a global fascination and home to many ambitious people looking to live the Read more…

Kratom Alabama: Legality, Availability, and Buying

Kratom enthusiasts living in different parts of the US have to keep up with the ever-changing state and federal laws to ensure that they comply. While Kratom organizations are putting their blood and sweat into Kratom legalization (like American Kratom Association), the government is stubborn on the matter. Alabama, the Read more…

FDA Kratom Ban: All the Recent Updates

Even though most Americans can easily buy Kratom online or from local head shops and smoke shops, Kratom is still illegal to buy in a few states. There is also a constant legal argument between state agencies like DEA or FDA and NGOs like the American Kratom Association. If you Read more…

Kratom Ban 2020

2019 was a busy year for Kratom and Kratom enthusiasts, as the herb continued to get popular in North America. However, 2020 is even more happening, with a lot going on related to Kratom in all parts of the world, including legal issues. So what are the Kratom ban 2020 Read more…

Kratom Legality Map

The all-natural Kratom herb has made waves all across the world, but the impact it has had on the US is much greater than anywhere else! Since Kratom’s legal status in the US is a rather complicated matter, we decided that our readers could do with this article on the Read more…

Is Kratom Going To Be Illegal?

Years have passed since Kratom became popular in the West, yet Kratom enthusiasts, especially those in the US, can’t help but ask the daunting question, ‘Is Kratom going to be illegal?’ You can’t blame them either as a vast amount of controversial information exists on Kratom, so no one can Read more…

Is Kratom An Opioid?

The question of ‘Is Kratom an opioid?’ has been troubling Kratom enthusiasts worldwide. Ever since news began to pop up about FDA’s stance to enlist Kratom as Schedule-I, the same category as some of the opioids, various Kratom buyers became unsure about this all-natural botanical herb. For those who don’t Read more…

DEA Kratom Ban

The DEA Kratom ban has the Kratom community worried and rightly so. Millions of people buy Kratom regularly in the US, and the DEA ban on kratom could put a complete stop to the buying and selling of Kratom in the US! But what went wrong for Kratom while rising Read more…

Kratom Dangers

When you enter a store to buy kratom, do you ever wonder where the kratom comes from? If you have a curious mind, you may want to explore the manufacturing process and the possible kratom dangers while harvesting. It Starts From Harvesting Kratom Over the last decade, the demand for Read more…

kratom news

Kratom News

Kratom enthusiasts worldwide will be happy to know that several sources provide Kratom news today. Recently, Kratom has become a hot topic all over the world, and many individuals want to know all about it! Answers to questions like ‘What is Kratom legal status?’ or ‘Kratom stores near me‘ are Read more…


Kratom Bible

Today, researchers and scientists all over the globe are studying Kratom, an all-natural herb obtained from the Mitragyna Speciosa plant. Kratom has indeed gained a wide amount of popularity, particularly due to the restless struggles of kratom advocates. Wanting to learn about kratom? Figuring out where to buy kratom from? Read more…


Kratom Las Vegas

‘Where can I find Kratom in Las Vegas?’ is one of the frequently searched questions on Google by the residents of Las Vegas. Many Kratom admirers prefer to buy Kratom locally as it allows them to inspect the product before making a purchase. For such buyers, knowing about the best Read more…

Kratom Legal status

Kratom Legal Status

One of the most commonly searched questions on Google regarding Kratom is ‘What is Kratom’s legal status in the US?’. The reason so many individuals ask this question is that lately, thousands of Kratom vendors have popped up all over the US and are providing Kratom for sale all around Read more…

DEA Kratom ban update

DEA Kratom Ban Update

If you are an old-time kratom enthusiast, you would know how the DEA has tried its level best to Ban Kratom back in 2016. However, their attempt was not quite successful. If anything, it further increased the popularity of kratom as it became the talk of the town. Since then, Read more…

Kratom Austin

Kratom Austin – All The Best Places

Searching for Kratom in Austin? Search no more! This article will provide you with information on all the top vendors in the city of Austin, Texas. The state of Texas has always favored botanical herbs and supplements, and Texas has been no stranger to the growth of the Kratom industry. Read more…


Kratom Ban Lifted

Kratom has become a hot topic worldwide, and every Kratom enthusiast wants to know the answer to whether the Kratom ban has been lifted or not. The thing is, there is no simple answer to that as Kratom holds different legal statuses in different areas of the world. This is Read more…

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