Kratom, a remarkable herb that is grown in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asian countries is now widely being studied and researched. With that, new kratom strains are being found and invented by experienced manufacturers who employ strong quality-control measures. Among these, ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’ – a leading kratom wholesale importer is doing some notable work.

In this guide, we at ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’ shed light on a new kratom strain invented by our Mitragyna Speciosa experts. Referred to as Canopy Kratom, this strain features the highest quality kratom leaves that are obtained from the very top of the kratom tree.

Excited to learn more about the characteristics of this new kratom strain? Continue reading!

Brief Information of Kratom

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Scientifically known as Mitragyna Speciosa, the Kratom tree is an evergreen plant that is avidly grown in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and surrounding countries/Islands. More than 100 years ago, Kratom was only known to the residents of these countries. 

However, lately, it has grown to become widely popular in many areas of the world. Specifically, in the US, kratom has gained the attention of the masses. Hence, a big chunk of kratom products is routinely imported from these countries directly into the US.
The two main components present in kratom include 7-hydroxymitragynine in a smaller amount, with Mitragynine in a relatively larger amount. Along with these, there are 25 additional alkaloids present in trace amounts. Some kratom products attempt to isolate these components of kratom, resulting in an extract.

What is Canopy Kratom?

Kratom High canopy

Canopy Kratom is a relatively new kratom strain that our experts have discovered. This strain refers to the kratom leaves obtained from the very top of the tree. Since the kratom plant stands quite tall (as long as 82 ft. from ground), the leaves in the top-most section get exposed to max sunlight and oxygen.

Since sunlight and oxygen are the two primary components that plants thrive on, every kratom leaf in this section of the tree turns out to be of the highest quality. Consequently, it is also bound to have a higher alkaloid percentage aka Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

However, picking these leaves from high-up is not the same as picking leaves from the ground-level. It would require quite some effort and kratom experience of farmers to pick the best leaves from this high up. 

These leaves will then be used to manufacture the best kratom capsules¸ which will exclusively be available for purchase at ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’.

All kratom plants undergo three primary color stages that include Green, White, and Red. Sometimes, intermediate forms (relatively rare) are also picked and are referred to as Gold Vein Kratom and Yellow Kratom.

Canopy Kratom would also fall into these major color categories, as it is still a part of the same kratom tree.

The process of manufacturing would be the usual, though. It will begin with experienced farmers handpicking the top-quality leaves and taking them into the drying units. There, depending on the color variety, the leaves will undergo distinct drying processes.

Finally, the dried leaves will be passed into industrial grinders, and the resulting powder will be packaged in air-tight bags. Occasionally though, depending on the demand, the powder may also be encapsulated into all-natural kratom capsules shells before packaging.

Once packaged, these high-quality kratom herb products will be exported to our store, ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’.

Where to Buy Canopy Kratom from?

This is an exclusive strain that will be available at ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’. Now you may be wondering, why haven’t other stores invented this strain before?

Well, ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’ is dedicated to providing unmatched value to customers who want to buy kratom. To meet up with high-standards and demand, our kratom experts are always looking for new possibilities in the world of kratom.

Their struggles include the search for new strains, best manufacturing methods, top-notch quality control, and high production to create the perfect kratom product.

Perhaps, hundreds of other kratom varieties are yet to be discovered. In this regard, scientists and researchers are also actively trying to find new leads.

With that, some kratom stores create unique blends by mixing existing kratom strains in different ratios. While they term these mixtures as a ‘new strain’ – it is simply a blend. After all, a ‘strain’ implies that the kratom is naturally unique and has some distinct characteristics.

While the new Canopy Kratom strain is underway, how about you check out our wide range of another kratom for sale? head to our store, order kratom of your choice, and get it delivered at your doorstep!

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